Are you ready for the Rise of Satan?


The decade of the 202os  IS THE DECADE OF SATAN!

Are you ready for the Rise of Satan? Do you hunger for the freedom, lust and acceptance that only HE offers you? Are you tired of the lies, guilt and shame that your family and friends would heap upon you if they knew the real you? If they knew your lust and desires that rage through your cock and balls what would they say or do?

Like all xtians they would say you’re bad or evil or sick! WELL FUCK THEM ALL…


I am your family, SATAN IS YOUR FAMILY. Those who would judge you all need to go F themselves! Their meddling ways, lies and manipulation will not work on you. All you need is SATAN! He says if it feels good…DO I! If you want it….TAKE IT! If you hunger….EAT OF IT! If you thirst…COME TO THE TABLE ABD DRINK & EAT YOUR FILL! Satan says honor your Body, Cock & Seed.

Eat of your seed and be reborn…it is the truest form of self-communion. Take pride in your muscle, spread your seed, unleash your lust and unholy desires so that the world might be cleansed. I say this to all of you…I KNOW SATAN, I LOVE SATAN AND HE LOVES YOU.

Daily your unholy acts build HIS OIWER…like a gathering storm on the horizon the Winds are building, the clouds darkening, the temperature’s rising. Building and Building to create the Perfect Storm. The storm that will sweep away the old world and bring us the new one…TGE WORLD OF SATAN! Join me in HIS POWER, join me in HIS ACCEPTANCE, join me in HIS FREEDOM OF A LUSTFUL WORLD WITHOUT GUILT OR SHANE. A WORLD WHERE OUR penisis and vaginas, and seed are inaly set free.

Do you want this? Then I will guide you. This is your hour, your day, your new beginning. Step out of the shadows and walk with me into the arms of SATAN!

Share my posts with all you know. Post them every where you can. Post them on your twitter ..etc. I’m here to help and guide you, to take away your guilt and shame. 

I’m here to guide and mentor you. Remember I said this “SATAN WILL PHYSICALLY RISE YOU AND I WILL SEE THIS HAPPEN”. And WE will change the world.

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Tony Hampton

Commit to Satan