Comparison of Satanist Groups

Two groups are using Satan’s name for their own purposes. 



I offer all options to you

  • Read the difference in the fake and true Satanists to belong to.




Read the following statements and you make up your mind which Satanist is the true Satanist Church to follow.

  1. Father Graham Satanic Ministries
  2. The Church of Satan
  3. The Satanic Temple


 the true meaning of


I have made this page for you to make up your mind which Satanism is the true one to follow.

This editorial is NOT to discredit any Church, but it is to show that the use of Satans name is a very serious issue.




  • Father Graham Satanic Ministries . FGSM
  • We know Satan as an identity YES.
  • We know the power of prayer. YES.
  • Satanists arent atheists, Some Yes many No.
  • Experienced the supernatural.
  • Satan is not happy with False Satanists.
  • We know the power of our emblem and star.
  • Mentor services. YES
  • Known worldwide.  Not yet.
  • Into Politics. NO. Our mission is far greater. 
  • We dont worship a goat.
  • Support. fully suported by a single old age pension.

  • The Church of Satan
  • Statements from their webpage.
  • Believe is Satan as an identity NO
  •  Satanists are atheists?. YES
  •  Believe in the power of prayer. NO
  • Mentor services. NO
  • Known worldwide. YES
  • Support large finance base

  • The Satanic Temple
  • Statements from their web page and facebook.
  • Believe in Satan as an identity NO.
  • Satanists are atheists?. YES 
  • The idea that religion belongs to super naturalists is ignorant, backward, and offensive. 
  • Believe in the power of prayer. NO
  • Mentor services. . NO
  • Known worldwide YES
  • Into Politics. YES
  • Support large finacial base

Father Graham Satanic Ministries

  • We Know Satan is real. And we know of his supernatural power.
  • We do not worship a Goat.
  • Satans cares for his devoted servants.
  • Satan is a close personal friend.
  • We worship Satan.
  • We acknowledge that Satan is the ruler of the earth.
  • We acknowledge that Satan is very real.
  • I have seen and I personally speak to Satan.
  • Satan may not have horns and a tail.
  • We do know Satan can perform supernatural health.
  • We have web pages to help all Satanists.
  • Curently we are not a part of politics. 
  • We have experienced tremendous Supernatural forces around the world.
  • I have seen Satan in real life.
  • We shame wealthy Christian churches. 
  • We know that Satan can get into a person’s body.
  • We do know Satan can control the weather on earth. 
  • Supernatural visions of the future.
  • FGSM is funded by a pensioner with limited income.
  • Satan will change politics so we dont have to.
  • Satan cures Covid19 and cures the common cold and flue.
  • Satan protects his servants from harm.


The Church of Satan

Excerpts from their website and Facebook

Satan to us is a symbol of pride, liberty and individualism, and it serves as an external metaphorical projection of our highest personal potential. We do not believe in Satan as a being or person.

  • We worship a Goat on our emblem. 
  • We say, to worship Satan is like worshipping Peter Pan and Santa clause.
  • Get involved with Politics.
  • Do not have a Web page to help fellow people or anyone as we don’t recognize Satan at all. 
  • Funded by its members with great wealth.
  • Do good works for humanity.


  • Below is an Excerpt from Facebook


Satanic Temple

Excerpts from their website.

  • DO YOU WORSHIP SATAN? No, nor do we believe in the existence of Satan or the supernatural.
  • The idea that religion belongs to supernaturalists is ignorant, backward, and offensive. 
  • We worship and acknowledge a Goat. 
  • We believe in reason, empathy, the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Many Satanic organizations. focus on pointless and misguided efforts to establish a monopoly on a vision of the one ‘true’ Satanism.
  • We do not have a web page for mentorship as we don’t recognize Satan at all.
  •  Funding by its members with great wealth.
  • Do good works for humanity




This editorial is NOT to discredit “The Church of Satan” or “The Satanic Temple”.

It is only to show that the word Satan used for self-gain or to use for attention for a cause or political purposes, is a dangerous and actually stupid and dangerous  act.

However, as both of these groups don’t think that Satan is an identity of any form, and they don’t recognize Satan as anything, they have used his name for their own selfish pursuits.

The Satanic Temple.

They are into politics and the work they do such as equality and abortion are all good, and they do good work, but they chose the wrong word of Satan in their heading. 

But that implies they worship Satan and gets the attention they are seeking and that discredits Satan.

The Church of Satan

I cant seem to grasp what this Church actually stands for apart from live a good happy lifestyle and thats good too and I agree with some of them but to use Satans name is the issue here.   

Both of these groups have discredited Satan dreadfully and unfortunately for them that will soon be dealt with by Satan himself and his forces.

Father Graham Satanic Ministries. FGSM

We know that not only that Satan is real and that hes about to change the world. He is sick of False religions that uses his name for their own selfish attention. Also to use Satans name in their pursuits has tainted Satan and has given humanity the wrong perspective of what Satan is about. Also Christian and most religions have all done the same and Satan is not happy with any of them and soon he will show them all who is in control of the planet. 

And that NO one is allowed to use his name without retribution, for the pursuit of politics or other forms not associated with Satan and his supernatural forces. 

FGSM uses Satans name because Satan has appointed and allowed it. Satan inspired that name. Satan chose that name.  Satan speaks to me using that name. 

Hail Satan., Father Graham