Since I* was a child, I had a gift of seeing into the future. My parents saw that in me but thought it might be childhood fantasy, but later realized there was no fantasy, but still downplayed such a gift. * Father Graham


The worlds population in 1800 was 1B, in 1900 it was 1.7B, when I was born it was 2.8B , now 75 years later it is close to 8B. For planet earth to survive this must not continue and  Satan is going to change this to a much more manageable level.

Satan is planning a spectacular worldwide event and only Satanists will be protected. 

This event is not man made, and it will be seen in every country on planet earth.

This event will show the power and glory that Satan has. It will show that Satan** rules the world. It will show that all religions will be challenged to accept him or suffer at their peril.        **this is stated in the Bible

The Chinese anticipate a war so they can be the worlds most powerful superpower country. Muslims aim to surpass Christianity to be the world’s top religion, so they can rule the world. We all know the world’s population is expanding too fast and is causing climate change and thats going to get way worse than it is now.  Planet earth will survive and nature has to take over and Satan is going to allow this to happen. God also wants it to happen to rid the world of fake Chtistians and those that say they’re Christians when they clearly aren’t and use his name as cover up to their fake religions.
Satan took that gift that i had, and took advantage of it, and he has shown me the future. Satan is planning a spectacular event beyond human comprehension. 

     This event will start in the evening on a clear stary night sky. it will be light show nothing like anything that has happened in the history of the world. This event will be coupled with an event that happened 4200 years ago, but this time it will be in reverse. It will be heard by blind people and seen by deaf people. It will be a spectacular light show and continue the next day with a dramatic daytime show. 

Last week I had a vision and I saw the letters of the alphabet all moving and churning like food in a mixer and but no letters bumped or touched each other. Then I said to Satan, Satan are you going to fuck up the internet? He said “No , but your smart and you will work it out”. then I said ” are you going to mess with languages? he replied and Said” your on the right track”.

Now go look at Wikipedia and search “The tower of Babel” . 4200 years ago all people on earth spoke only one language as Hebrew.

After the flood which included Noah’s ark, the people chose to build a huge big building so that if another flood then they will be high enough to survive the flood.

God was so angry with them that he purged his power on them, and he changed the official Hebrew language to many languages. Only a few people could understand each other, so they went and settled in parts of the world that are now countries. Such as Great Britain, Spain, France, Italy, Russia, China, Japan, and so forth.

So what has all this got to do with the 21st century?. Part of this spectacular event Satan will change all languages to one language,

Now this part I don’t know but it makes sense. As I speak only British English and Satan wants me to preach to the world about him and his love and how he protects us. 
Satan is about to revert all languages to English, or he will have all languages to understand English as their second language. I didnt see Chinese, Japanese of Arabic symbols in the tumbling mix . For this ministry that Satan is about to have me preach, all people to hear my message must understand English. So as this is part of his spectacular event this really will have an impact as you can imagine.

2/ Nov / 2-21

Satan has told me that at his spectacular event that all people on earth will understand and speak English. In today’s news, people are waking up the next day speaking the accent of another country. Satan has also shown me this spectacular event and loud music during the night,. On the TV news people in the far Northern Hemisphere are hearing loud sounds from space like drums and trumpets. On the TV news is the aurora abolus ( Northern Lights) it’s going further south and from the south further north than ever before. Satan ahs shown me that the night sky will be bright and colorful all night in many bright colours of yellow, orange, blue and purple. Natures is getting ready for Satans spectacular event . I know whats coming and its all starting to happen and no one except me knows it. I have written to Richard Attenborough. and other people about this, also that Covid19 is made by Satan and that the vaccines will be useless as he will not let it be of any good. I know people like Attenborough wont take any notice of this man in New Zealand that claims such things as its impossible to know the future. So mote it be.