Are you concerned about the security of our site?

Are you concerned if this is a fake site ?

Are you unsure if this is a safe site to deal with?

In the address bar is https:// the “S” is short for SSL means this site is safe and genuine.

Also, there will either be an icon of a closed padlock on the left-hand side of the address bar assures this website is secure and safe.

On the adress bar, If the lock is open it is not secure.

Any legitimate online business will have a registered address and email address easily available on their website, so you can contact them if you’re nervous about entering your details online.

Also in Australia/New Zealand, there are very strict regulations that many countries don’t have.

If you purchase a product an Australian product and it’s faulty or does not perform as it should within a reasonable time we must replace it and cover all shipping both ways.

Last year I bought a glass cellphone cover in the USA with a lifetime warranty. When we got home it fell off and broke,  and they offered to replace it but charged us $28 for shipping, plus us paying from shipping from here which was more than the product was worth. 

We can be relied on for good service before and after the sale. 

Mr Graham Hattche


fathergrahamsatanicministries is owned by grahams sutank missionries 


All internet users need to be security savvy.

Recently I looked at a Canadian site and found their business address was a McDonald’s store in New Zealand.

By pure coincodence, my sister lives in the same street.