Soon, Satan is purging his power on planet earth, with a spectacular world event

Nature is preparing

Satan doing what he does best.


Soon, planet earth will use Satan and Nature to control climate change and world overpopulation to a new era


Satan is having nature get ready for the future of planet earth.

Satan is about to have a Spectacular world event that will change the way we live and for planet Earth’s survival.


One clear stary night sky, Satan will give a spectacular light and music show. This event will not be known* of before it starts and there will be no warning, and astronomers won’t know or be warned.


Many repeats of history will occur. Noahas ark without the flood or boat, the tower of Babel without the tower. The ten plagues of Egypt but worse. The Black plague but worse. Covid19 but worse. 


This event will start early evening on a clear stary night sky with several planets touching then they will dissipate and cover earths atmosphere with dust in many colours, Yellow with Red and orange blotches, purple with violet and blue blotches. Coloured tapestries will form from space and cover earths atmosphere, they will fold and flow in many colours and purple and blue. All the while, loud music from drums and trumpets will be heard. So the deaf can see the extraordinary even and the blind can hear it, All humans will see this event and no one will miss it.

During this event every human will fall asleep and start the new day in a new era, and be able to speak and understand only one language as English only. 

Also during the day, earths atmosphere will see tapestry like covering earths atmosphere above the clouds.

The clouds will form into circles. (This has already started and its called ” Hole Punch clouds”) 


At some time in the day, Satan will appear from space, and he will hover in the circle in a horizontal position wearing black and gold, and he will speak in English and announce to the world of his plan for planet earths survival.

Satan will tell the world of his appointment of the Antichrist by name.

He has chosen a male for this position. This man has near perfect health with Satanic protection from COVID-19 and sicknesses and future pestilences. He has a welcoming and memorizing character and near perfect history, handsome, well cared for body, well supplied and electrifying manner. 


From now this is new era of planet earth will start.

Then the antichrist will announce Satan’s plan to the world in a spectacular way.

At this point, the antichrist will appear in all his glory, and the world will take notice of his Satans appointment and power.

This announcement will be livestreamed to every country, and it will challenge all religions, Satanists and atheists and those that believe in nothing.    

He will inform of many pestilences, starting with a virus that makes COVID-19 a trial run and playtime. The worlds population will be reduced dramatically and very quickly. 
As the world awaits in anticipation for the antichrist to appear, his location and protection is extreme. The world reporters and TV Stations will look for which country he is in. As this will be the case, he only uses a fictitious name.


This ministry will start immediately before the first pestilence with only one oppotunity for immunity and protection, and that to submit to Satan and relinquish all offer Gods. Those that choose Satan will be given immediate immunity and protection from every pestilence and event. Those that reject Satans protection, then when the next pestilence arrives its too late to go to Satan.

A series of websites have been constructed with a do-it-yourself plan to commit to Satan. When each pestilence or event arrives all websites will be offline.

Also the antichrist will have live meetings to commit millions of people.


Then a series of sermons after each pestilence or world event will occur before the next event. Then in warning of the next event with only one opportunity to escape from the pestilence, except after the last pestilence that no human on earth will escape.


The antichrist and his team of committed men will have tremendous protection, he and his team will NOT fly on public aircraft.  He is protected by Satan and those that try to harm him will feel Satans purge of power.

The antichrist is already in a location of seclusion and privacy and those neighbours around him.  He is in a remote country and in a remote part of that country and has been placed there by Satan. 

*Only the antichrist and those around him will know the time that this event starts, and very few are allowed to be contacted. 


At this point all earth will be in a catastrophic frenzy.

No one will read anything not in English, street signs, road signs, airports, aircraft, Television, Internet, Banking, legal, Trains, world currencies. Train stations, Traffic signals, news as the only language will be English.  This is a repeat in history of the Tower of Babel without the tower but in reverse.

The financial sector will be obliterated. Money values will change dramaticly

Television and news reporters will be looking for the anitchrist. One country will be bombarded by TV stations of the world.

The only airlines that will survive are those without debt. The only humans with no debt will have some sort of lifestyle.

Cities, Houses and vehicles will become desolate.  Nature will win. 

Wealthy people will be worthless and their money will NOT save them. 

Supplies of food and hardware will be severely interrupted. 


Planet earth will be new world, new future. 

As there are will be no religions for non Satanists to punish, there will be a new HELL with a new name. Like Paradise, Freedom. This new location will be the reward from Satan for their good works on earth. The antichrist will be at the top level.  

Soon Satanists will rule the earth. There will be only one offical language as English. Soon there will be only one world leader. that’s appointed by Satan, the antichrist.  Soon the worlds’ population** will be controlled and be reduced by billions. Nature will take over and avoid the Catastrophic direction its heading with no positive results from COP 22 and 23 and all countries. 

  The calendar date will be reset from AD2023 ( the christian era ) to the beginning of this new era ( the satanic era) to start from 1947 to become year 1.  There is no year 0 in this scheme.   


There will be only one government, called the “world order”. There will be NO Christmas but it will be replaced as Satanmas,  and the date will possabily change to 15th March. 

Months will change to new names. 

Sexual Freedom,  Incest, will be normal. 

Crime is punishable with death. No jury, not pleading not guilty when its clear you are 


Marriage will be optional, but obsolete and not required, but any marriage will always be at a Satanic altar. Any marriage will be a satanic ceremony, open and as many husbands or wives you wish. Same sex marriages or relationships must be open and all guests will fuck instead of the traditional wedding breakfast.  

Only one currency, the dollar based on 100 units. All measurement will be metric.

No Christian rules, No Religions, No governments. No Halloween, No Thanksgiving

Royalty will be gone, As the Christian era will be gone so will royality.

Heads of the privileged heads of government, churches will be gone.

Extremely wealthy will be gone and shared with others less fortunate

Satanists will inherit the planet earth.

**as there are 7.8Billion people on earth with religious affiliations, that leaves only 200million. IF those 7,.8Nillion reject Satan then here will only be 200 million humans on earth and all Satanists