Member reports of personal experiences


My parnter

My son, my lover. 

My lesbian daughter.

I learned about Satan at church.

My married son.                                                                                     

This Satanic cock is one of our followers and had it not been for Covid19 , Mike and I would have worshiped Satan with him. 

My new life with my sons.

Bonding with my family.

Christian preacher and his perfect family’s transformation, click the link below.





Christian preacher

Brother Mike. partner of Father Graham

All our sexual life Mike has never been a cock sucker and when I did ask him to suck my cock it would be 2 minutes of less.

Now he’s a Satanist his sexual desires are changing too. When I pray with him I get him to suck my cock as if its Satans power through my cock

Yesterday we went to play in bed so I asked him to suck my cock. He started with such lust he didn’t want to stop, he kept sucking for about 20 minutes then pulled off for a break and then he was back there sucking for all he’s worth then I called out to satan, then he felt his black and red cock ring heat up and I suggested he take it off and he said: “No, That’s Satan working in me”.

In the past he always complained that my cock was too thick but now that hes a satanist, Satan opened his throat wider so as he could take my cock fully inside him

Now today he’s suggesting we go to bed and go in a 69 to suck cocks together. Mike has never wanted anyones cum so my prayer is that he’s so much into sucking my cock that he insists to receive my Satanic gift.

Father Graham



My son my lover

Father Graham

I am bursting with excitement to tell you what happened a week after you helped me to commit to Satan. My married son (Todd) called me to tell me he’s coming to stay with me for a while as his wife found out he’s gay. 

I was excited to think he will be here in my Satanic charged house.

When he got here we went out for dinner and we talked about his life growing up, and how he used to spy on me in the bathroom and when I fucked his mother. That made my cock rise really fast knowing that he was spying on me. 

Then he got married and had his 3 kids yet he still longed for the days when he spied on me. Then I shared the real reason why I left his mother and that was that she found stash or Gay porn in a drawer, so she confronted me and I admitted that yes I am gay. 

Then we drove home and I told Todd that the rule is when one walks into the front door the clothes come off and its all naked and that I removed all the doors in the house so there are no secrets, and yes even the bathroom.  He said that’s cool. We got home and got naked and he kept his underwear on and I suggested we get into the jacuzzi. We continued to talk as we did in the restaurant and I put my hand on his foot and gently massaged it. slowly going up his leg, then he stood up and shoved his cock in my mouth. Then he sat down again and we kissed, Dad/son in a perfect binding experience. I suggested we go to the bedroom and on the way there I hugged him and he said “Dad I have wanted this for so long and its been my fantasy for 20 odd years”. we kissed with our hard cocks touching. we went to bed and the connection was extreme, I shouted out to Satan to bless us both, off and on all night we fucked. sucked cock. Took turns fucking each other, me calling out to Satan. We both ate each other’s cum to make up for the lost time. We were bonded perfectly. The next morning he didn’t put on underwear after that, it was all-natural, Dad and Son in harmony. Fuck I love Satan as he has given me a gift as now I dot go home to an empty house.

I thank Satan for directing me to you Father Graham. Satan has made my life complete and now I know Todd will never go back and try to fix the marriage. Hail satan



Heard about Satan at church

I gave myself Satan when I was ten.  I remember the day well.  My parents were staunch Christians and so, not surprisingly, we attended church every Sunday.  This Sunday would be no different, or so I thought.  After a quick breakfast we headed out the door, climbed into the station wagon and drove off.  We were only a block away from the church when we came to a sudden stop.  A police officer approached with his hand outstretched and informed us that there had been a bad accident ahead and that we would have to take an alternate route.  I unbuckled my seat belt and peered out the backseat window to see if I could get a better look but to no avail.

“Hey there young fella, you better buckle that back up” he said with a wink and a smile.  “Here, let me help you.”  And with that he reached in, fastened the clasp and gave the belt a sharp tug.  He then patted my leg with one hand and tipped his cap with the other.

We arrived at the church with only moments to spare.  It was a hot summer’s day and the air was heavy with the usual mix of cheap perfume and furniture polish.  We settled into our regular pew and I sat there trying not to look overly bored as the service began.  Every few minutes, I would discretely glance at my watch and mentally calculate how much longer it would be before we could leave. 
And then came the sermon.  The minister opened his notes at the lectern, cleared his throat and began his talk.  This one would prove different from all the others.  He spoke of the power of Satan and how HE had the ability to corrupt good men.   And how there are those amongst us who we assume to be good, god-fearing christians but have committed themselves to Satan and are actively doing HIS work.  The Devil knows our inner most thoughts and failings, he went on to say, and HE will use trickery and deceit to steal us away from god.  In the battle between good and evil, many good men will fall.  I looked up at the minister and could swear he was staring directly at me.

So many questions filled my mind.  “How does HE know what I’m thinking.”  “How would HE corrupt me?”  All the while I could feel my boyhood stirring.  “What things do people do to serve HIM, and what could HE possibly expect of me?”  “Would HE use me to corrupt others?”   “Would I become a member of some secret society?”


My thoughts were quickly becoming increasingly darker and more perverse.  “Would HE let me play with myself free of all guilt?”  “The minister would say that’s a sin, but I enjoy it so much.”  “If Jesus thinks it’s wrong but Satan says it’s OK and that I should embrace my true desires, am I already under HIS spell?”  I kept thinking of how much I love rubbing myself, seeking out every opportunity to do so whenever the situation permits.  “It feels so good.  So much pleasure, all the more so because it’s my dirty little secret.”  “Could Satan be the true God of all Pleasure?”

I desperately wanted to reach down and touch myself as I thought of all the men and boys who had answered HIS call.  “Could it be true?”  “Did I want to join them in their fight against God?”  “Did I want to undo all that is holy?”  “To turn good into evil, and to help bring others into HIS fold?”  “To destroy the church and all that it stood for?” “Hell, yes” I replied.

The remaining minutes were pure agony.  I couldn’t wait to get home to formally and willingly give myself to HIM.  After we pulled into the driveway my parents went next door to visit our elderly neighbour and I ran upstairs to change.  I quickly stripped out of my Sunday best and stood in front of the mirror in only my briefs.  My little cocklet was rock hard and pushing against the fabric, begging for attention, as an evil smirk came over my face.


As if guided by The Dark Lord Himself, I asked myself the following questions: “Do you renounce God?” “YES” I replied.  I then licked a finger and slowly guided it up and down the full length of my entrapped boy shaft.  It twitched and stretched the fabric further.  “Do you renounce the son of God?” “YES” I said, as I repeated this again.  “Do you renounce the holy spirit?”  “YES.”  “Do you accept Satan as your one true Lord and Master?”  “YES.”  Will you honour and obey HIM always?”  “YES.”  “Will you corrupt the innocent and bring others into HIS fold?”  “YES.”  “Will you do whatever is in your power to destroy the christian faith?”  “FUCK YES!”
“Good” said the inner voice that would forever more guide my life.  “Now free yourself of christ once and for all and show Satan how much you love HIM.”  Inch by inch, I worked my tighty-whites down to my knees.  The left side first, then the right, and when they finally fell to the floor I kicked them off to the side.  I just stood there staring at my cock thinking of how I had secretly longed for this day.  I then grabbed a red marker and drew a pitchfork on my dick as a sign of my allegiance.  The pact was done.  My fate was sealed.  And no one would know that this outwardly sweet, innocent young boy was on a mission to thwart christ’s work on earth except for me and our Infernal Majesty.  “I love you, Satan” I cried.  Stroke, stroke, stroke.  “I worship and adore you.”  Stroke, stroke, stroke.  “I give thanks to thee, Lord God Almighty.”  Stroke, stroke, stroke.  “Accept me as one of your own.”  Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke.

That day I had experienced my most intense dry orgasm ever, and would soon go on to discover that the cop I had met that morning would serve as my guide to eternal damnation.

The next day was sunny and warm, and I was eager to explore all that the world had to offer now that Satan had opened my eyes.  My little boy stick grew hard thinking of all the bad boys I might meet along the way and all the evil things that we could do together.  More than anything, I wanted to show my contempt for the bastard son of god.  I was on a mission – a mission to destroy christ’s grip on man so that Satan could take HIS rightful place as ruler of this earth.

I decided to head out to the ball park next to the high school.  I had avoided it in the past as the boys were much older than me and some of them looked mean.  Now, I wanted to check it out in the hope that I might connect with other nasty boys like me.  As I made my way there a police car pulled up behind me and the officer rolled down the passenger window.  To my surprise, it was the same officer I had met the day before.

“Hey big guy” he said with a smile.  “Fancy meeting you again.”  “Where are you off to?” he asked.  “I’m on my way to the ball park” I replied.  “Oh, that’s too bad.  I thought you might like to take a ride with me in my police car.”

“Really?”, I exclaimed, trying to hide my enthusiasm but without success.  “Sure, why not?  I think you’ll enjoy it.”  He pushed open the door and I quickly hopped in.

Pulling away from the curb he tussled my hair and asked, “So, how was church?”  “OK, I guess”, replying rather meekly.  “Doesn’t sound like you enjoy it very much.”  He looked at me and added, “Maybe it’s not the right one for you, and that’s OK because we don’t all worship the same god.  Some of us bat for the opposing team.  You want to join that other team, don’t you?”  I knew exactly what he meant.  “Yes”, I replied.

I threw an instant little boy bonner and there was no way to hide it.  “I know our Lord has great plans for you and that you will serve HIM well”, he added, “and I’m here to help.”  With that, he reached over and began softly caressing my crotch.  “It feels good to be bad, doesn’t it?”  I simply smiled and spread my legs further apart.  “By the way, my name is Mike.  Why don’t we continue this conversation at my home?”  I nodded and reached over to touch his massive bulge.

We drove across the city to Mike’s home.  I’m guessing Mike is in his late fifties.  Thinning grey hair, a pencil thin goatee, angular face and a muscular tan body that you might expect to find on a man half his age.

We got out of his cruiser and made our way up the front steps.  He opened the door, punched in the code to turn-off the alarm and closed it behind me.  He then wrapped his arms around my chest, resting his chin on my head.  “Let’s go upstairs” he whispered.  “I want to show you something.” He took my hand and we proceeded up the staircase and down the far end of the hall.  “This is my special room.  This is where I worship our Lord.”

He opened the door and turned on the lights.  The walls were painted black and there was a large red pentagram painted above an altar.  The altar held a silver chalice, a goat’s head, ceremonial dagger, and was flanked by black candles.  The walls were adorned with inverted crosses and pictures of heavy metal bands and other worshippers of the Dark Lord.  On the wall opposite the alter hung a life-size crucifix of jesus and his crown of thorns.  Mike walked me over to it.  “This is our enemy.  You hate christ, don’t you?”  “Yes” I replied.  “Then why don’t you spit in his worthless face?”  He lifted me up so that jesus and I were face to face and I did just that.  Mike smiled as we both watched it ooze down his cheek.  Mike kissed me on the lips.  “That’s my boy,” he cooed.

“I want you to get undressed and put these on,” as he handed me a pair of black speedos.  On the crotch was a red pentagram matching the one above the alter.  I quickly slipped them on as he fired-up a computer monitor.  A steady stream of satanic images and boys my age and younger began flashing across the screen.  He then reached for a small brown bottle and said “Here, take a deep whiff of this”.  I did as I was told and my head began to spin.  “Look at those pictures.  Look at them closely and play with yourself.”  The speedos were tight but I loved the feel of the fabric rubbing against my uncut dicklet as it fought for its freedom.

As I stood there totally mesmerized, Mike reached over for a bottle of lube, pulled open the top of my speedos and poured some in.  He put the bottle back down and grabbed a vibrator.  He turned it on and lightly touched it against my cock.  A jolt of intense pleasure shot through my body.  He then crouched down behind me, held the vibrator an inch or so away from my boy prize in one arm and wrapped the other around my chest and began playing with my left nipple.  Kissing the side of my neck, he whispered: “I want you to press your dick against this whenever I say ‘Hail Satan’, hold it for a second, back off and grind your ass into my chest.  Keep doing this until we’re done.”  I turned to face him and kissed him on the lips, my small arms reaching out to touch the top of his head.

“Now look at those pictures…. Hail Satan.”  **JOLT**  A moment later I hear him say “Hail Satan.”  **JOLT** We did this a dozen or more times until my body began to convulse and I blew a massive dry load.  I collapsed in Mike’s arms, smiled and closed my eyes.  He hugged me tight and rubbed my ass. “That’s my boy.  You rest up.  We have a lot more fun ahead of us.”

My married son 

Satan said to me one night, find father graham as he will help you.

As you know after extensive searching, I found you, then with you as my mentor Father Graham you guided me to Satan which has been a great success for me. With your help and guidance, my life perspective is coming clear.

My married son and his son came around to visit me recently and that weekend we had a snowstorm and it was so heavy he decided to stay with me instead of the dangerous road condition, so he rang his wife to say they’re snowbound.  

I thought its time I told my son that I am now a Satanist and what surprised me was that he said that he and his wife is too. He discussed how Satan had changed the dynamics of his family household in that they now don’t wear clothes at home. They let their kids see them fuck, nothing is hidden from view and even in the bathroom its all on show. So, of course, I was in perfect Hell with my son and Grandson. So I suggested from now on off come all the clothes in my household.

Me and my son and *G son naked and talking about the Satanic lifestyle was very erotic. I suggested we get into the hot tub, so we all got in there and cuddled, played and massaged each other and it was so powerful to have my G son sitting on my lap with my cock between his legs and my son’s cock in his mouth.

After a while, we decided to go to my bedroom. The three of us got into my bed with my *G son in the middle. I got the amyl and started to sniff and they joined in and playing with him and my son was beyond anything I had ever imagined and seeing him and my son suck cocks and fuck was tremendously powerfull as we called out to Satan. 

The more we called out to Satan the more the orgy was powered and our cocks and balls swelled and seeing my *G son fuck his dad was beyond my wildest dreams as I knew they’ve fucked many times before.

They now visit me often, they stay overnight usually.

Hail Satan, I Can’t thank Satan enough for sending you to me.

Hail Satan

*.  above legal age and in a legal country



My new life with my sons 

Father Graham

I saw your post on incest. I will tell your father that there is nothing more powerful or seductive. Thankfully I live in New Jersey. USA

I was in an incest relationship with my uncle when I was young and I have maintained it through adulthood. I now share my two adult sons with him as a sexual and mental guide.

They are happy, content and sexually free. We have shared our beliefs and reverence for our Lord Satan, and its the most beautiful thing to watch them join us in worship, ritual sex, and meditation. Their eyes have been opened to the power and beauty of their bodies and have changed them for the better.

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I knew you, of all people, would embrace my life of incest with my uncle and sons.

Nothing was a greater pleasure than offering my sons to the man who opened the door to me for sodomy and Satan. 

The power we share through lust for each other’s cum is amazing. I watched my teenage sons grow into men and know that the beauty of their blossoming bodies is driven by my seed within them and the lust that I have shared with them.

If  I could be so bold, I should tell you, my cock got rock hard when I read your notes on incest.

It is amazing to know you share the beauty of Satanic sodomy and incest/ I can tell you. when I take my boys and share my cock with them and I plant my Satanic seed in his arse, I shudder with pleasure and Joy. Our bonding and worship to Satan together have grounded them both to solid men. 

Its matured them both and he knows the power of his cock and i cant wait to conquest another boy of his age to share the Satanic lust. And that’s the beauty of Satanic sodomy…the power it gives, shares and transforms. I think it’s so fucking hot that with my Satanic powers I have influenced these boys to be men. 

Hail Satan

Chuck, LI




Bonding with my family 

Now all my family are Satanic because Satan sent me to you

This is my story of this last year

We are a household of nakedness and my relatives and some friends of the family. My parents go away often on the weekends with other families but never invited their kids as we were all underage.   

I now live in a different city and still felt I needed something more and that’s when satan said to me to contact you. You guided me to serve Satan of which I am eternally grateful.

Last weekend I visited mum and dad, and while I was there seeing them naked and now that I am a satanist my internal feelings are different from before.  I have never ever wanted to but now I really want to fuck my mother. I want to fuck her with my dad fucking her too, and I recognize that’s the Satanic forces now in me.

I thank Satan for bringing my feelings buried inside me to the forefront. When we were in the spa tub we were talking about things and I shared that I am now  a Satanist and they said ” We thank Satan for that as we have been for many years and we have asked Satan to get you committed to being with us and now your an adult your welcome to go for the weekends away”. They said the others are also Satanists also and I will have a fantastic time away, they said they go away once a month and the next time is in two weeks, and there are no rules, anyone can fuck anyone. Men to men, women to women and men to women, so if you want you can fuck your mother. My cock got hard when he said that and those two weeks couldn’t go fast enough.

I met with them and before we left, I hugged then both and mum put my hand on her cunt and a light fingering and she responded with her hand on my crouch and dad seeing this he did the same , then we drove there together.   

When we got there we were the first there, so we went into a bedroom and on the bed. My mum opened her legs wide for her two men. We both licked her cunt and Dad told me to fuck her. As I went into her we all shouted to Satan and dad got behind me and rubbed his cock on me and entered me in a lustful raging fuck. There we were me fucking my mother and dad fucking me.

Some others of the group arrived and quickly joined the orgy all calling out to Satan for his lustful pleasures. My uncle and aunt, Dad’s sister arrived and he went to fuck his sister while my uncle came to me and fucked me in the glory I was fucking my mother.

That weekend was amazing as Satan gives us this inner strength to keep going way longer than when we do cum we keep fucking with even more pleasure. 

Father Graham, Satan really does work in you

Hail Satan. Now I have a real family