Recently,Support and pray for Santi from Sevilla Spain.


Santi from Seville, Spain needs your Satanic prayer

His mentally and abusive family Santi’s parents in Seville, Spain need to be punished for other actions against their son of 29 years of age.

Santi is a committed man, living in a family of a strong Catholic family that have brainwashed him that say they are Christians when they clearly are not.

Santi has been mentally and physically abused since it became known he’s Gay.

His parents of Seville Spain”  treat him like a child and not an adult. 

Santi’s parents are proud, strict and dominant people, that have never apologized as no one gets in the way. 

Apparently his parents have been reading our conversations on Skype for weeks. They read how Santi  hates his parents with the result of their abuse, and spying on his bank account. We made a plans to escape them to live with me at the retreat. They read every minor detail.

Also the Father monitors Santi’s bank account, and Santi is watched for every purchase he makes and if its not to the acceptance of the father he’s anrgy and possessive and controlling with Santi’s money.

Recently they locked him in his bedroom for hours.

in May, Santi was forced with Father on one side and brother on the other took him to the car and locked him in, them took him to Mass and sat him up the front, and with them sitting on each side of his to stop him from escaping.

Recently while Santi was at work, Santi’s Father used Santi’s electronic signature and used that signature to block Santi’s bank account. It was discovered later that day when Santi tried to withdraw some money. 

Then both parents took out a court order and claimed that Santi was mentally insane. That courtorder still Stands. 

Santi has been forced by his parents to accept a deal which includes he must be a Catholic priest. 

Santi has been good at saving his money, but now the parents see it as theirs.

These people treat Santi like an under age child,  not as an adult of 29. Hes been supportive of his parents, and stood by them, and they should be proud of such a man that has a responsible employment and position in the comunity.

But they have chosen to destroy their family with such preposterous restrictions on Santi so as to access his bank account of being diligent Saver.   

I now don’t communicate with Santi. 


This is the exact words to Father Graham from Santi’s father, Mr Mateo E. 

Stop talking to our son. Stop saying to him that he is special because Satan choose him. Now he believes all your shits and your lies, but soon he will see how wrong it is. You will never have him. You and the sissy of your boyfriend will never have our son. We will put you a burning stick in the ass and in the cock. I will rip your cock from you and put it on display as the perpetrator of evil. Shame on you and your puffed up Satanist that you think you are, your nothing but fake and lies. 

 Mateo E




This is the mind of Santi’s dominant father and mother, must be punished, and to Santi’s brothers to a less degree.

If any of readers want contact with parents go to skype  “santi yagami”.

I encourage you to inform they are doing wrong to their son that they should be proud, not lying that’s hes insane when he clearly is not

Satanic vision

Today I had an afternoon meditation and short sleep, which I do most days. Today was different. I went to sleep, then I  woke up and closed the curtain.  Then something rarely do, but Satan told me to get the amyl and sniff. Then I prayed and asked Satan to give his parents and their two other sons sexual dreams . Then, the sons mother open her legs and invite the sons to fuck her and the dad encouraging them, then he fucks the sons.  Then Satan will have it that everytime they close their eyes for any reason that they will only see all this incest sex.  

 Then if they work out it might have come from me and ask me to stop, I will just up the anti. I will then send demons to torture them every night.

There is more to this vision that I cannot include it here.

You know I have the power. After each dream, they have the opportunity to remove Santi’s court order and relinquish his rules and give him the passport back.
During this mediation time I heard someone say something, and it said

“It will be done”

 All this was draining on me that then as I lay in complete exhaustion. 


Ask Satan to uphold Santi, give him strength and the power of Satan.