Masturbation methods

Masturbate slow.
Or slow slow stop, Slow slow stop, slow slow stop, Slow slow stop, and focus on the dark

When im further into the trance I masturbate very slow

Method one

I’ve learnt several methods
When I start a new session with Satan this us what I do.
I take 3 really deep sniffs in each nostril then keep sniffing soft but continuous sniffing and keep short sniffs to keep up the momentum.

Focus on the dark. Consentrate on any light you see and try to look into it.  

Method two

Breathing method An extension I do the same procedure But i then take a deep sniff and hold it inside my lungs for as lomg as a can amd concentrate on Satan
Each time I slowly masturbate. 
Both methods Ive have had incredable experiences. Often Demons Satan Levitate my body in a horozntal position,  and even transported to a planet not of earth
And always lay on my back
This is the time that i get produts satanicly infused 

Satanic infusion