Mentoring options

When you go to a doctor for advice you have to pay for it, so why do you expect me to give hours of my time to you for free. And my help is way more rewarding than from a doctor. 

For my personal mentoring, I ask for a donation as I cant help everyone for free,

or there would need to be 30 hours in a day to allow me to sleep or eat a meal.

Ive laid our four options. Two are free.



As a mentor everything is confidential. I dont share anything from text and photos with other people unless you have given permission. You can ask me anything and if I cant asnwer I will tell you as I dont have all the answers.  

Option no 1


Use this website . Read the editorials and information.


No direct comunication with Father Graham.


opion no 2


Here you have messaging to be in contact with Father Graham.

Direct messaging with Father Graham is limited

The disadvantages with this option and that is that you will get lost and forgotten, as I have so many that use this option as its free. formally twitter


Personal Mentoring membership


Soon there will be new payment system for Skype or Whataspp access.

Replacing the once off fee will be much lower monthly fee, possibly on two levels of membership.

level one will be those that have already membership long term,  

Level two will be new members

Till this new system is operational and if you want immediate access, then do it and it will be the same end result of the monthly fee.  Those that have paid a subscription of $199 will run out in 7 months and those $320 will run out in 12 months. 

optin no 3

Donation of $199

The reason for a donation it can be very time consuming.  And at any given time there might be several others online at the same time. 

Direct connecton with Father Graham. messaging and video.

Daily updates of Satans power


*I only use skype. I do NOT use Whattsapp, Telegram, Viber, Zoom or any other platform. Its only Skype.  




Option  no 3a

Donation of $99

Skype similar option to no 3 but a shorter version 

Limited Text and No video

*I only use skype. I do NOT use Whattsapp, Telegram, Viber, Zoom or any other platform. Its only Skype.


Basic Skype

option no 4

For personal one on one mentoring with Father Graham personaly.

This option is at his retreat in New Zeaand.

He will teach you the ways of Satan , day and night for as long as you want.

Set in a world heratige rain forrest, offering privacy and seclusion in one of the most beautifull countries on the planet.

A lot of Satanic worship and extraordinary supernatural sex