Mentoring options

When you go to a doctor for advice you have to pay for it, so why do you expect me to give hours of my time to you for free. And my help is way more rewarding than from a doctor. 

For my mentoring I ask for a donattion as I cant help everyone for free,

or there would need to be 30 hours in a day to allow me to sleep or eat a meal.

Ive laid our four options. Two are free.


As a mentor everything is confidential. I dont share anything from text and photos with other people unless you have given permission. You can ask me anything and if I cant asnwer I will tell you as I dont have all the answers.  

Option no 1


Use this website . Read the editorials and information. No direct comunication with Father Graham.


Option no 2


Twitter. Here you have messaging to be in contact with Father Graham. The disadvantages with this option and that is that you will get lost and forgotten, as I have so many that use this options as its free.  


Twitter incest

Twitter no 2



Option no 3


This is the mid range of mentoring option.

A donation is to cover my time for mentoring. 

Minimum Skype.

The more you donate the more attentiuon you will recieve and higher up my priority que you will be.

I work for satan from 7am till 10pm and often during the night for those that dont reralise that the world is round and that it could be 2 am.

Due to an overwelming responce, this is Not available till December 23




Option no 4


Skype*. For the Skype option. For messaging and the occasional videochatt, but for that I need donation for access. 

The reason for a donation it can be very time consuming.  And at any given time there might be several others online at the same time. The higher the donation the higher you are up the que of priority.   


*I only use skype. I do NOT use Whattsapp, Telegram, Viber, Zoom or any other platform. Its only Skype.