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Satan has given me my life back

My personal induction with Father Graham

To those inquiring meeting Father Graham or even considering learning more, this was my experience.
I chatted a few times with Father Graham and saw about a conference he was having in his home for Christians that would like to commit. I thought it would be great to take a vacation to Australia, but being self employed, I knew a trip like that would only be a fantasy. I considered taking the free online commitment, but knew a free option would probably not give the best results. Father Graham told me that he and Michael were planning on comming to the USA, and could plan a visit and induct me in my home. That sounded great, and planned on it.
As time came closer, I was a little nervous for several reasons – I live in a very conservative neighborhood and have a very close conservative Christian family – how is this going to work? Also, am I ready to make this commitment? Being self-employed, I had no idea what my work schedule was going to be like; my house was a wreck, trying to do several remodeling projects; I don’t know what Father Graham like as far as food, etc….I met Father Graham and Michael at the train station close to midnight – I only had a couple of hours sleep the night before, and a very stressful day at work. They also had a long train ride to get to me, but the introductions went very well. I had a feeling of comfort.
We prepared a room in my house for my induction. The induction is a very personal experience and can say that it might be different for every person, but it is a very cherished moment in my life.
Father Graham gave me a few gifts. We made several trips to Walmart, but even those were fun; it gave me time to get to know Father Graham and Michael better.
For those considering a visit and personal induction, realize that only are you taking a big step, but also so are Father Graham and Michael. I couldn’t take time off work and bare the expense of a trip but without any questions, Father Graham bared the time and financial commitment to come halfway across the world to spend time with a stranger. I was also so impressed how much that Father Graham and Michael just went with the flow of things. It shows just how deep their commitment is to each other and how much they are committed to get to know and help others.
Would I do anything different, of course, that’s natural when meeting someone for the first time, but am I thankful that I did it, and would I do it again – most definitely, YES