Understand,Father Graham needs a husband 

Satan wants me to have a husband. A committed man or one that will be inducted by Father Graham

Skin colour is no issue

A man committed to this ministry

A man that’s able to come to the retreat with a firm commitment.

No hot air today and cold tomorrow

Honest and reliable, do what you say you will do. 

Understand Satan has appointed me to be the head husband. 


This is not a marriage that will be living away secluded from life

international passport ready

Requirements below


Committed Satanist

Loves to worship Satan day and night

Eats Heatlhy food 

Antends to the treat

Mental and physical support

Smartly dressed

Ready and prepared for the ministry

Healthy and physically fit

Financaily secure

No baggage

No smoking

Able to drive a car 

Sexaul active

Computer savy, build websites, construct ebooks. 

Understanding of his tremendous work load

Able to come to the retreat now for a trial of two months with full commitments in place, then full commitment

Passport ready for international travel

Travel extensivly

No illegal drugs

Work hard in the retreat with Father Graham as he starts at 7am and often  off and on till 10 pm at night and answers messages often at 2am.

Live in a rainforest with his Satanic husbands 

Contact fgsm666gmail.com