Father Graham. Who is he?

Yes Father Graham lives in New Zealand with his long time partner Michael since 2003*.

Father Graham


Graham R Hattche

Born in New Zealand in 1947.

Lived on a farm in a Chrstian household in New Zealand then moved to Australia for 49 years. Got married for 28 years and has twin daughters.

Tried to live as a Christian for 65 years and most of it was an act, concealed by guilt and craving for an alternative.

In 2015 now lives and loves the Satanic lifestyle.

Now living the dream in a World Heratige rain forest, untouched or spoilt by humans in a very remote and secluded location.

You can visit Father Graham at his retreat. Worship Satan with him at his Altar, sleep with him and experience supernatural experiences.

*Never had a serious argument

Bedroom at retreat


An unedited report from a follower

of Father Graham

We are your followers and loyal to you. You showed us the way to Satan, to freedom and to fantastic sexual lust and freedom. We praise Satan and worship him.

I praise Satan, but I also praise you. you are Satan’s spokesman on earth.

You are a very sexy and attractive man and I am so excited to kneel in front of Sir and receive your cock, your seed is permeated with satan’s power.

I love you and will always serve at your feet. I hope Satan accepts me as his servant and especially as your servant on earth and will one day fuck me too or one of his demons will fuck me. but with a human I will only have Satanic sex with you, although you are not human. you are so much more.

No normal person can endure the strength and powers that Satan gives you. you are superhuman and closer to satan than anyone else.

I love the prayers to satan and I need them. I need you father because I’m addicted to you and that you control me. I’m addicted to your voice. And I know once you fuck me I will be addicted to your cock and your sperm. I think when I’m with you you can shape and control me the way you want.

 I thank Satan for you father, but you also have to be thanked.

It is you who announces the word of Satan to us here on earth and helps us to praise Satan and lead the Satanic way of life. This requires inhuman strength and time.

Satan is above everything, but after that you are almighty because we have to pay homage and praise.

Father Graham I love you and kneel humbly before you, please accept me as your servant.

Patrick G,  Germany


Observation of Father Graham



Report from New England, USA

Father Graham has helped me deeply since I first met him online a few years ago.

Father Graham has always been kind with his time and shares so much of his knowledge and power. Through Father Graham I have been led to Satan and I now kneel before our great Lord.

Through Father Graham I have not only embraced perversion but gone to depths I never could have imagined and only want and frankly need to go further.

Father Graham helped lead me further to service and to one day help serve beside.

I thank you Father Graham and I wish you all all your followers HAIL SATAN

Joe W,  Maine, USA

Photos below shows you who Father Graham is, his interests and balance of lifestyle.