No 49. Is sin connected to Satan?

  • Fuck YES, and I am so glad Satan invented Sin?
  • Satan is sin.
  • Satanic sin is pleasure
  • Indulge into Sin and the deeper you’ll go
  • The deeper you go the more you want, you will never be satisfied and your thirst might control you for more and more
  • Ask Satan to guide you for your thirst for more and get closer to him.
  • Sin is for Satan to keep you from Jesus Christ.
  • Temptation is to test your resilience for your commitment to Jesus Christ.
  • The Bible clearly states there is a lot of satisfaction and pleasure to falling into Sin. 
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  • Father Graham


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Commit with Father Graham


 No 50. Trust Satans guidance


This of this scenario. Would you do it?
Mike and I have put our house on the market to Sell. We told him that for us to build a retreat for Satanists we need the money and have to sell this house
The day we put it up for sale we got naked and knelt at Satan’s altar, We committed the sale of the house to him and in his timing. We said to him that we will go wherever he wants us to go and we put our trust in him. The house was put on sale.
Many people have looked at it. Many have said its perfect for their needs. Yet no suitable offers have come in. Our real estate agent cant understand why it’s still for sale as it should have sold months ago and now its nearly 3 months. What she don’t know is that Satan is in control of it.
We know that Satan wants us to build this new retreat. We know that Satan has shown the new retreat to a follower of ours in Brussels in a clear vision. We know Satan has property picked out for us and we believe its in New Zealand as for us to immigrate in New Zealand it is easy and simple. We know that the property Satan has selected for us is not yet ready to sell so hes delaying this house to be sold as he doesn’t want us to buy the wrong property.
As humans, we are frustrated, but we must remember how we gave it to Satan, and it’s all in his control.
Father Graham




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No 51.  Blaspheme.


To blaspheme is an unforgivable sin 

When I became a Satanist for many years a Christian, I felt the need to remove my bibles from my house. Then I felt that I had to destroy them and to use them for Blaspheme for Satan.

I found a brand new one given to me for the previous Xmas by a well-meaning Christian friend. It was a red leather cover and gold trim. I felt that this might be overpowering and as there is only ever one first time i got a camera to record this event. I put it on video. I started to urinate on the cover as I called out to Satan. The more that I called to Satan the desire to turn the pages got so strong. Then as I had to urinate I drank lots of water till be couldn’t hold on anymore and the flow on that bible gave me tremendous feelings of relief and I knew it was blaspheming but in Satans eyes it pleased him.

A Christian preacher I mentor got to the stage he felt he had to commit his life to Satan. Then his first thing he wanted to do for Satan was tamper with the Bibles in his church. He got them and ejaculated in them and closed the bible so the cum will dry, one after another, and put them back into his church. Then members of the congregation came to him and told him that the pages of the Bibles seem to be stuck together,  of which he implied that he didnt know why but inside his body his heart was racing at the thought his church members had his satanic cum in their fingers. 

Another Ex Christian printed Satanic stars on the computer, then he dedicated them to Satan. Then he distributed them through out the church in hidden places so the satanic influence was in the church. Under carpet,  under seats, in bookshelves and storage cabinets.

Another Ex Christian who loves to sin for Satan, has constructed Bible verses twisted to suit Satan by removing any reference to Jesus.  He loves doing them and finds it very liberating as its for Satans glory.

Is There A Sin God Does not forgive?

Matthew 12:31-32 is often pointed to as proof that we can lose our salvation. The sin mentioned in this passage is often referred to as the unpardonable sin or unforgivable sin. It is said that if you commit this sin, then no matter how good of a Christian you have been up to that point and no matter how much you repent or confess afterward, you will not make it to heaven.  

Matthew 12:31. Therefore, I say to you, every sin will be forgiven, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.

So to all my fellow Satanists that try to be Christians and ask for forgiveness for your Blasphemy, that verse says it all.

Don’t bother to even try to repent as you will NOT be forgiven. So go forward as whats done cant be withdrawn, so accept it and indulge into Satanism for your own enjoyment.


Hail Satan. Father Graham. I found



 No 52. A similar event will happen again soon.

This event will happen soon along with another event that happend 4200 years ago, and is about to happen soon but different circumsatances.



I have visions often but two weeks ago I had a new vision. I was fully awake. Satan is soon going to have a spectacular event worldwide. It will last at least 24 hours possablily 72 hours.

One evening at the beginning of a new day Satan is planning a spectacular event worldwide. 

Then he gave me a vision and it was the clouds in a circle and Satan appeared from the blue sky and hovered above the clouds and in the middle of the circle and he said this. 

Satan appeared from space and he hovered above the clouds in the blue sky

“I am Satan, the ruler of this world, There is another wave of Virus and it is many more Contagious and there are no survivors. It will be 10-20 times more contagious than Covid19. The only way you can be immune to this virus is to bow down to me and accept me** as lord of the earth.

Also he said that he will appear above every city and country and speak the same message in its own language and the spectacular even will last 24 hours. 

Then he said to me that this will be seen in every country in the world and be spoken in the language of that country. Then he said while this happens in the daylight part of the world, the part of the world in night time will see the spectacular event in the stary sky. 

Last week I had a vision and I saw the letters of the alphabet all moving and churning like food in a mixer and but no letters bumped or touched each other. Then I said to Satan, Satan are you going to fuck up the internet? He said “No , but your smart and you will work it out”. then I said ” are you going to mess with languages? he replied and Said” your on the right track”.

Now go look at Wikipedia and search “The tower of Babel” . 4200 years ago all people on earth spoke only one language as Hebrew.

After the flood which included Noahas ark, the people chose to build a huge big building so that if another flood then they will be high enough to survive the flood.

God was so angry with them that he purged his power on them and he changed the official Hebrew language to many languages. Only a few people could understand each other, so they went and settled in parts of the world that are now countries. Such as Great Britain, Spain, France, Italy, Russia, China, Japan and so forth.

So what has all this got to do with the 21st century?. Part of this spectacular event Satan will change all languages to one language or all languages will speak and understand the Engliush langauge as their second language.

Now this part I don’t know but it makes sence. As I speak only British English and Satan wants me to preach to the world about him and his love and how he protects us. 
Satan is about to revert all languages to English, or he will have all languages to understand English as their second language. I didnt see Chinese, Japanese of Arabic symbols in the tumbling mix . For this ministry that Satan is about to have me preach all people to hear my message must understand English. So as this is part of his spectacular event this really will have impact as you can imagine.

Imagine a train driver going to work and not able to understand the train signage and instructions. This will cause a catastrophic impact and My name as Father Graham will be the most important man on earth. 

The worlds population in the year 1 was 200 million, in 1800 it was 1B. in 1900 it was 1.7B, When i was born it was 2.7B now only 70 years later is nearly 8B

Planet earth is being killed by over population. In a report today (8/9/21) on an officel website this is stated.

The human population is dependent on the Earth’s ecosystems to survive. But the relationship between man and nature has been thrown out of balance – quite a lot actually. Humanity now exceeds ecosystems’ capacity to support our way of life by 75 percent. Such a situation cannot go on. The world population is basically “taking a loan in nature” – a loan that future generations will have to repay.

Of course, It is not simply the number of people that determines the impact of the planet. It is how much we consume and how much waste we produce.   

Something must change

If we don’t start radically changing the way we consume the planet, we will be heading for a complete collapse of our consumer society. At current trends, the planet cannot sustain 10 billion people and a world economy many times larger than today.

A new industrial revolution

There is a need for a new industrial revolution where economic wealth goes hand-in-hand with environmental and social sustainability. And fast. We are reaching critical tipping points beyond which it will be too late to reverse negative trends. Not just for the human population but for the sake of all life on Earth.

Back to Satans plan.

God is sick of the many relegions that call themselves Chrsitian, when they learly are not. Muslims. Catholics, Mormans, Jehover Wittness and so forth. Then there are all the Protistant denominations. such as Baptists, Apiscipalians. Churchs of Christ, Assemblys of God, Penticostal, Presperterians, Lutheran, Seventh Day Adventists, and so forth, then the breakaways from one denomination such as Faith, Enjoy, Shilo, Children of God and so forth. 

Then Satan is sick of the fake religions that use his name fort their own selfish purposes . 

The Temple of Satan, The Church of satan, the Wickana and leviethans and so forth.

This event of Satan will bring all relegions and athiests to its knees, the human race will be reduced to a much more suitable for planet earth to survive.           

Only Satansts will survive. 


Hail Satan. Father Graham
Father Graham




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