Father Grahams dungeon


No 9. Whats in it for me   

You support me and I will support you.

When I committed to Satan I told him as I was looking for help there was virtually nothing available, so I wanted to help men to discover him and learn and to get deeper with our lord Satan. Satan gave me the tools to do that often with spectacular results.

As a mentor at any given time, I might be mentoring 20 people and often a lot more. I used to write them in a book with basic details of each of them till that got ridiculous.

This week I asked a guy something and he said “I told you a long time ago about that issue”. So then i told him that i cant remember the finer details of thousands of people and to NEVER tell me off. 

Often I have to scroll back to look for past details to see who I am talking to, also I often get an email and all it says is this, “Father Graham this is the image I said I would send to you”. And another, ” I live in Chicago.”, and another “you didn’t get back to me”,  Then I had a message from a nickname I didn’t recognize “, then the guy said I sent you a message, it turned out that he changed his nickname without telling me.

( how the fuck am I to know who you are if you dont tell me). I have been communicating with a guy in a country that cant have his past messages online so he gets me to delete them. Now I have forgotten who he is.

As a mentor, I started by emailing the guys one at a time. That got too busy, so I used my Tumblr web sites to work for me, till late 2018 Tumblr deleted my accounts. Now I have written three EBooks and five websites. If you want me to mentor you, I want something in return for my efforts. Would you spend hours of your time for a guy somewhere around the world that wants to bleed you of your knowledge and personal prayers for free ?. Do you work for your employer for free?

Buy my EBooks or read my websites and if you want more personal help one on one come to my retreat for a few weeks, If you wish to not do those things , then do what i did and that  floundering the internet looking for Satan. Or come to me and get the best on the net for a small cost.

My EBooks are my employees with many answers and a wealth of help, and if you want help you have to pay for it for a measly $9.99.

So many men see that I charge for some of my services and they run away and look for some help and dont find it. You get what you pay for. 

If you want advice from a doctor you have to pay for it. If you want a coffee at a Caffee you have to pay for it, If you want help to possibly change your sexual life you have to pay for it * 

If you don’t buy my books and support me why should I help and support you? 

                        * Christian preachers exempt ___________________

Father Graham


 No 10. I’m poor I have no money

Father Graham, I am poor and I can’t afford to buy on Ebook.

Only the poorest of 3rd world countries don’t have enough money for food.

We all have money to some degree and level. Its what we do with our money is the key.

Recently I gave someone my EBooks because he couldn’t afford them, a few months later he said he’s having a vacation in Japan, his priorities were for pleasure and not for life-changing possibilities that Satans Ebooks give and he used lies about his money.

If we can buy food, cigarettes, beer and lotto tickets, we can afford an EBook that has far-reaching effects than a fucking beer.

that’s my tuppence worth



Commit to Satan


No 11. Amyl poppers, is it legal and safe?   

 The most common type of poppers inhalant is amyl nitrite. There are other chemicals used that form different smells and effects

One brand might suits you and will not others. Poppers are also known as liquid gold, butyl nitrite, heart medicine, and room deodorizer. A friend of mine loves the brand “BlueBoy”, for me it had no effect at all. 

The term poppers first began being used for these drugs in the 1960s, when amyl nitrite, which was then used as a heart medicine, was sold in capsules that were cracked, or “popped,” to release the chemical. Being an American term its not commonly know as poppers everywhere. 

Check with your doctor before use.

Amyl is a safe, cheap, and easy buzz, with its ease of access and short-term effects.

Enhance your worship to Satan using poppers.

Inhale it when you pray to Satan and close your eyes and open your mind to Satan, if its a completely dark room open your eyes and you might see supernatural things.

Amyl is not addictive like illegal drugs.

Some countries are banning this product however as per “The Guardian” 10-20-2019. Australia and New Zealand’s decision not to ban “Ämyl” is a win for sensible drug policy and Amyl now legal to sell at a pharmacy in Australia.

I purchase mine online from France from https://www.poppers-aromas.eu/

This product seems to be manufactured in several countries, including China. The Chinese product is less effective than the German or French or British product, because the Chinese don’t have the quality control and appear to be watered down. 

p Father Grahams dungeon 


 No 12. Worship Satan with Amyl


My followers use amyl for Satanic worship

I use amyl to open my mind and use it for Satanic stimulation

When I am in my bed, I get the lube and amyl (Poppers).  I take a few deep breaths and call out to Satan. “Hail Satan, Hail Satan, Hail Satan”. then I pray to Satan.

I ask Satan to open my mind to his presence, I focus on him and his supernatural power.

When Satan is ready he might send you visions, He might send you small Satanic visions like film strip of images from people’s faces, supernatural artwork, coloured orbs, and Satans eye looking at me, bright-coloured Satanic images.

While under this poppers induced state of mind, Satan might talk to me and my masturbation is usually very strong and powerful and as my brain is in a satanic trance. My ejaculation is usually delayed, which means more enjoyment for a longer period. On average, I use this method of Satanic worship 3-4 times a week for a few hours at a time or several times a night.

I am addicted to using amyl, so I entrust Mike with them and ask him for a new bottle every week. Before I entrusted them to Mike I would go through 3 bottles a week and often two in a night, then I developed a bad cough and I even got sore on my nose from sniffing. So with the new system I now don’t get that sore of cough, yet i worship Satan, and he opens my mind for him to enter 


I never use Amyl for sexual stimulation as this is way more powerful and stimulating.