No 77. Satanic music.

Other Satanic music

We all know of Satanic rock bands, and there is no need to question them and their aim. But Satan changes according to the environment we live in, and if he finds another way to bring down Christians and all Religious people he will. And as this music is part of his plan it will achieve  the results. 

All my life, I’ve listened to weird music. Once I had an insurance representative visit my house and he said “Whats that weird music”?

I never listen to lyrics.

The music I listen to has always been outer space orientated. Heavenly, grand orchestrical music. 

Satans grand spectacular world event will include this type of music.

Recently Satan said to me . Father Graham, your now ready for the”Celestial Realm”.

I asked him what that meant and implied but he did not answer.

I was on “Spotify” and searched for music of the “Celestial Realm” and its exactly what I’ve been listening to for 70 years.



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