Editorials no 77 to 80



No 77. Daily life as a Satanist 

My bedroom has been constructed for Satan and Satanic worship, so I chose to have only one window for fresh air and let in some light, but that one window is easy to block out all light with heavy curtains.  

The image on the right is the altar in my bedroom. Its basic but effective. The banner above the altar, I have painted the star and one cross with glow in the dark paint. It never subsides. It will glow  24 hours a day. 

I purposely sleep alone, so I can worship Satan without waking up Mike. Mike often visits me.  

Mikes and my daily life as a Satanist is the same as everyone else, except for other important additions. We go shopping, go out to dinner, watch TV, have a BBQ with friends. Do nothing. Do gardening and cleaning the house. Its a perfectly normal lifestyle with one exception, we set time aside for Satanic worship and often with extraordinary Satanic worship and sex.

Every day we are at home and after lunch, I go to my bedroom. This is a time that I meditate. I often just go to sleep, but other times Satan does enter and we might have a conversation. I might masturbate and pray.

However at 9 30- 10.30 pm when I go to bed for the nights sleep, This is my normal routine. I get naked, turn off the light. Knell or stand in front of my bedroom altar. ( Picture shown ). I put one hand on my testacles and the other raised in the Air with the Satanic finger sign.   I Pray for specific prayer requests and some for major issues that I have had during the day.  This might last 5 -10 minutes. Sometimes I lay on the floor or on the bed facing the Satanic altar as I let Satan intervene.

Once when I was praying facing the altar I saw that Star pulse like a heart beat. Last week I felt Satan push my head to the star and I couldn’t help but kiss it repeatedly.  Another time, Satan told me to ejaculate on it.

Then I go to bed.  Sometimes I’m so tired that I fall to sleep. Often I feel my Demon laying at my feet.

About 4 times a week. I watch porn , masturbate and pray. Often my Demon ( * Demon ) comes to my feet and often he lays on my legs and glues my legs and feet together and hes so heavy that I can’t lift my feet.   Then when the time is right I put the porn aside then pray. I then sniff **amyl, then my mind opens to Satans call. This time with Satan is usually intimate, close, and extraordinary and beyond anything humanly possible. Demons always come to my bed and sometimes I think they’re waiting for me . Satan often visits. He shows me visions of the future, often he sends my soul to my followers, he sends my soul to the bedrooms of Christian preachers that I pray for, as I watch them in incestuous acts. More Demons arrive, and they have levitated me above the bed in a horizontal position  so that Satan can massage or make love to me. This might be 10 minutes or 60 minutes while im fully concious of what’s happening, but the time is of no issue. What I have described here might be as I go to bed or if I wake up during the night .

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Read editorial no 81

Then after few hours of these amazing experiences I simply go to sleep.    

Being a Satanist has some or all of these that happen in our lives daily.  Read editorial No 61

*When i committed to Satan I made a specific request to Satan for my personal Demon.

**I only use amyl (poppers) for this purpose, as I never waste in only on sex.

Thankfully Amyl Nitrate is Legal in New Zealand ( and Australia ) but only with a doctor’s certificate or which I have.

Editorial No 61



 No 78. Does Satanic prayer really have success? 

Undoubtably YES.

The founder of “The church of Satan” stated this. Worshiping Satan is a joke. Or Jehovah or Allah or Peter Pan or Santa Claus. 

Now here are some examples of my prayers to Satan.

When I committed to “Satan”, I asked him to help me help other men that searched online to learn about him. I also asked him to help me help this man.

Six months after that commitment, I had a man in London, England. He wanted to commit to Satan, so i gave him the plan that i used and that friday night he committed to Satan. On the Sunday i contacted him to see how he was going and he replied. ” Father Graham, the night that i committed, I had fantastic time with Satan and beyond belief sex. Then I had  phone call at 6am to say my mother had died. My whole world collapsed, I was in such grief as I had to go and identify my mother, then organise the funeral and select a coffin. I’m so heavy with organising it all. Father Graham, can you please pray for me.?

I thought, “How the fuck do I pray to Satan, when all Satan is good for is the bad stuff” . So I knelt at the Satanic altar in my bedroom. I said “Lord Satan, please comfort Tony in London. Place you loving arms around him and lift his grief from his body. “Three days later he sent me an email. He said this. “Father Graham. As I was organising my mothers funeral with the priest, I felt a cloud above me and it sucked all my bad energy from my body and I started to laugh. I thought , what am lauging about as its my mothers funeral. But I started to make jokes about a corpse and other things. Instanly, from then on I felt happy, Even at the funeral i wasnt sad. But happy to meet relatives I forgot i had. And the wake was a fantastic experimece and now ive connected with so many new friends. Thank-you for your prayers to Satan I would never have believed it as possable and with such instant results.

A Christian pastor in Houston Texas contacted me and told me that he now wanted toflollw Satan. Also he had a wofe and been married for 25 years.  He said that before they got married that she would rather live as lesbian but thats totally forbiden in a Christian church and seinbce then iots gone and forgotton. Then he asked me to ask Satan in prayer to give her dreams of a lesbian relationship so he could pursue his direction of being Gay.  He gave me the first name of his wife and then In prayer I asked Satan to give her Sexual lesbian dreams. A few weeks later,  I had an email from him. “Father Graham. last night my wife woke up at around 2am and she said. Ive just had the craziest dream. Normal dreams are silly and dont make sence, but this was as if it was real. Ive been dreaming of having sex with other women. It was a full on Sexual reationship with more than one women and I loved it, But after all these years its come back to gain and tempt me.   

In Houston airport in mid March 2020. The Austrailan goverment announed that all Australians must return home immedatly. Countries were closing down and aircraft stoped flying. Mike ands i were on an extended wporld trip for three months biut after 4 weeks we had to change plans to come home. we had to change flights etc. All the flights were booked out and we contaced the airline and we had to wit 72 hours for call back. so we dicided to go to the airport in the hope we got cancelation seats. We went to Houston airport and our airline said that although online portal said that one flight is full there are some seats available. Thjis meant changing flight to this one. the checkin desk had to reschedual us to that flight that night. The ticketing clerk couldnt get our bookings to change, she tired everyting she knew, she gave us phone ]nos to sall but they didnt answer. by now i got the skakes and had to sit away from the counter, Then they tried with no result, then they called  special number and that didnt connect, they treid tfor two hours to get outr bookings changed. They were so frustrated taht seats were avaiable but they coundt get us inm them it seems hopeless. Then i closed my eyes and prayed to Satan. I said. “Lord Satan, you know we have to get this flight tonight. do what you must to release us to get this flight. do it right now”     Wheni opened my euyes Mike came running to me and said that the seats suddeny becoame availabel and wewre flying in less than an hour. they ticked su and closed the counter .

Ive been mentoringa  A Christian preacher in Kentucky USA for four years, and at that time I told him I will always pray for him. .Wwe intended to meet him in Cincinatti in 2020 but he felt guilty and decided to not meet. i kept praying for Satan to keep tabs on him and give him and his wife dreams of serving Satan. Nearly three years have now passed. I used to pray for him about once a month as i knew Satan would bring him back to me so i could then encourage him to fall in love with Satan and that he couldn’t resist. This man came to me 3 weeks ago and shared his story. Cut along story short he said that after he decided to not meet that he felt Satans pull. He experienced the more he tried to be that Chrsitian the harder the draw to love Satan got. Now he feels so string to loive the Satanic lkifstyle as a a Gay man that hres now in the process of divorcing his wife to live for Satan. Hes now going to come to the rterat to give his body and soul to Satan and live 100% for Satan and let Satan direct him and take over his life. HE said that he felt this strong urge to sin, even though as a Christian preacher hes not allowed to give in and not want to repent. He now finds that he cant repent honestly so its no use even trying. Hes hooked on Gay porn and waits till Sunday morning to download a sermon online and read that at the church service, he also has a cock photo of mine and hes glued that into his bible so when hes on the pulpit the congergation think hes reading the bible but hes perving on Father Crahams cock. 

 .I had the flue as most of us get 

Over the weeks, it got worse and even though I stuffed my mouth with cough syrup and lozenges. Then Mike got the flu and started to cough, but his cold wasn’t as heavy as mine was. Yesterday it got more intense and I coughed so hard that I lost breath and nearly passed out and my body was sore. At 9 pm Mike and I went to bed exhausted, then Mike went to his bed as in mine he wasn’t going to get to sleep for my intense coughing.

At 10.30 I said to Satan, “This is ridiculous, Lord Satan I have asked you to do some amazing things for guys and many have had Amazing results, now it’s my turn. Lord Satan, stop this fucking cough, get into my throat and so something with it to give me relief right now, as I am I cant worship or pray to you and I cant work on my sermon which is all to your glory”.

Instantly my coughing stopped. laying there in awe of Satan’s power and in relief, then he told me to suck a lozenge and just relax and suck on the lozenge. I was waiting for my throat to go back to coughing but it didn’t happen. Then I said to Satan, now get me to go to sleep. At 2 am I woke again and coughing but not as intense as before, so I said: “Satan get working on my throat and stop the coughing completely and have me go back to sleep”. Then I woke up at 4.30 when Mike visited me, so I shared what had happened and he as well is in awe of Satan’s power and love and concern. For the full day, that bad cough hasn’t come back and slowly my energy is coming back to normal. Now ten days later my cough persisted so I said to Satan. “Satan I cannot worship and work for you so stop this persistent cough, two days later its gone. 

Mike and I went to a  gay sauna. It was a busy place and my favourite room is the dark room with big bed in the middle. I love to Kiss , touch and feel chests and cocks and suck cocks in the darkness. Mike came in and he fucked few holes (I love to see him fucking other men). But this time the holes he fucked I went to fuck and they moved on. So I went to a private room and knelt to Satan, I prayed to him andi said, “Lord Satan, its my turn to have some fun here. Mikes had his now its my turn to fuck , so bless me with somethig extraordinary”. I went back to the darkroom and no one was there, then two men came in and three more then Mike came in. (Something Mike never wants is to get fucked ) Mike got on the bed in a position to be fucked, one man fucked him and I was so horned up with him being fucked that i knew it was my turn to fuck the man I love. My cock entered him (when I fuck I fuck rough and hard). I was fucking him hard and suddenly I felt bolt of electricity go from my head to my feet and through my cock. My balls swelled bigger and my cock become longer. As I fucked him I shouted out really loud “Hail Satan”. Then my cum shot into him and I collapsed on the bed, then I stagered out to a private room to recover.

We had gay guest at the retreat thats not a Satanist. Mike was fucking him, whle I sucked his cock. I stoped and asked him to suck my cock. Then I knelt on the bed and prayed to Satan,. I said Lord Satan bless us all with something extraordinary. Satan to get into Peters body and every thrust that Mikes cock goes in, suck it in deeper and give Mike an extra poweer to fuck harder. Sudenly Mike fucked harder and he started to laugh uncontriled , the more he laughed that harder he fucked, then he exploded into Peter but this time he kept fucking for a few minutes more then he pulled out and i saw his swelled massive cock and balls so iwas so mesmerized wit it i stucked in it for more ( when mike cums he wont leta anyone suck it). his cock and balls were way bigger.

I was on a train and they had hard pillows. I was in bed to go to sleep and the pillow was too hard. It was so hard that i couldn’t go to sleep. So i told Satan that I Desperatly needed to go to sleep  but the pillow was too hard. i dozed of for few minute and Instantly the pillow went soft and i felt my head surrounded by softness. I felt that my head was resting on clouds and I fell into a restfull sleep.

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No 79.  Is Satanism a cult?.



Cult is a term, considered pejorative by some, for a *relatively small group which is typically led by a charismatic and self-appointed leader, who *excessively controls its members, requiring unwavering devotion to a set of acts and practices which are considered deviant (outside the norms of society).[1] This term is also used for a new religious movement or other social group which is defined by its unusual religiousspiritual, or philosophical beliefs and rituals,[2] or its common interest in a particular personality, object, or goal. This sense of the term is weakly defined – having divergent definitions both in popular culture and academia – and has also been an ongoing source of contention among scholars across several fields of study..

Father Graham does not control his followers at all, Father Graham guide and advises his followers to Satansim, is worldwide and not small group. Father Grahams Satanic ministries does not have list of peoples names of membership base. At any time a folower of Father Graham can go their own path. 



Satanism has been here since the Adam and Eve and the beginning of time.

Satanism in many countries around the world.

Satanism is a religion equal to Catholics, Christinaty, Islam and thousands more.

Satanism is practiced by millions around the world, and dont meet in one location.  

Below is  graph of reconsed Relegions in New Zealand.

I know that Satan does exist, and hes way more powerfull than any other religion. 


  • Satanism in New Zealand is equal to Christianity, Catholicism, Hindooism and Isalm/Muslim. 
  • Acording to Wikipedia, Satanism IS a religion, and there is no way it would be classed as a religion in New Zealand, if there was the slightest hint that it is a cult. 
  2. As you can see there are 300% more Satanists than “Church of Scientology”
  3. There are fake Satanists, that are cults that do form into small groups and they dont even believe that Satan exist. 

 No 80. Beyond human .

This is the power of Satan.

Santi was given from the Catholic demon blackouts to deter his contact with me “Father graham”. The first one in October that was deliverd wasnt serious. but Satan took advantange of them so he programmed the next one to bleed and die to that he could remove the bad things from his life. Since then hes been getting them frequently and been in and out of hospital and each time Satan tweeked his memory, he went back in 2 weeks ago as he got them more frequently. I asked Satan and Brian whats happening now. Brian said that Satan has abandonded Santi as hes been to much effort and its still going. Then Brian asked me if im still talking to him and i said Yes he asked me why, so i told him that Santi is a good man and deserves good life and that weve been chatting for 5 years and i know he will get to the retreat when the bleeding and blackouts stop. Then Brain went back to Satan and put my case to him. As i was talking to Santi in his hospital bed he said hes feels hes going into a trance. I said to him no dont do that as your in the hospital , but he then slipped into the trance and saw the walls made of rocks and big cloud in the room. so i said to him tell Satan you want to have the blackouts and bleeding to STOP, then he wen to sleep . Then Brian contacted me to tell me that Satan changed his mind to help Santi one last time. Brian told it to me. He will stop the blackouts and bleeding on his brain. Satan will remove from Santi’s brain any knowledge of blackouts and bleeding and even being in hospital. Also Satan will remove all medical records of the hospital computers and programe the brains of all the medical staff, including his family and work cologues. there will be no record of Santi ever been in hospital. Brain tol me that thje next time Santo comuncated with me that he will be home in bed.

21 hours later Santi sent me a message and i asked him where he was, Santi said ” im in bed at home”. then i asked Santi what his family said . He said that “last week he was ill all week and that hes going to be very tired” . Then i asked him about the workers he works with and he said “they all said the same thing”.

I said to him didnt they say anything about Blackouts and he replied “What blackouts”. Then Brian put Santi to sleep and Bran told me that Santi must NEVER know about the blackouts , or being in hospital.

But think about all this.

1, I (Father Graham) had such influence on Satan that he changed his mind because of my confidence, compasion and perseverance for Santi.

2. Satan removed all knowlege of the blackouts in Santis brain, his family, workers, doctors and nurses, about 50 people.

3. Satan removed all medical records at the hospital , Ambulance , Doctors computers that Santi had blackouts and was even in hospital. 

4. Satan really can do anything . 

Now 4 weeks later, Santi has confrmed that the hospital has no records of any other Blackouts or even been in hopital, his doctor and family and co workers dont know of any blackouts.