Commit to Satan


No 61. Always one space


Mike and I are noticing a pattern happening


Something we are finding is forming a repeated pattern. When Mike and I go to a crowded shopping center food court, it will be full of people waiting for a table. There will be one table with no one at. Satan saved that table for us.
When we go to a carpark that’s full of people waiting for a car space. As we drive looking for a space a car will pull out at the exact time we are looking and we find the only empty car space.
Or if we make a doctors’ appointment, the bookings are full, but there is only one open.
Recently, late at night we drove hundreds of kilometers and found only one motel open. That motel had only one room available This often happens and we now realize Satan saves these spaces for us.
I am 188mm tall. ( 6ft 2). I have a large body frame* and sized 13 feet. I rarely find shoes to fit my feet.  Recently we notice that the shoe store has one in my size.
I went to purchase a shirt and found only one in my size.
We went to a store to purchase a new TV, there were none left on display so they went to the store room and found only one there.
Mike and I have been looking for a new house. Every house we looked at had several other offers and we had to join the queue. We found one house and liked it. Then we found no one wanted it because it needed some maintenance. We put an offer on it and there was only one offer that had collapsed. We bought it with no other offers. It was fast and easy and settlement in 10 days. Usually settlement is on 4-6weeks.   This property has an old rusty shed that Mike suggested we use as a Church so we can install an altar and worship Satan.
We wanted to purchase a vehicle. All the second hand vehicles had low mileage had high prices and the ones with high mileage had lower prices. But there was just one in our budget, low mileage with low price. It has the luxury interior. Satan saved that vehicle for us.
Every hotel, motel, cabin and campsite we have been to weve had the best views. Many times in large hotels with a very limited rooms that have had the best views we have had them. Several hotels recently where only a few rooms have the best views Satan has given us one of them. Its quite extraordinary and its obvious not a coincidence  
Satan is good. Satan is extraordinary, Satan rewards is beyond comprehension.  
Father Graham 
*Large body frame, large hands, large feet (size 13), adds up to often mean large other body parts.  


Commit to Satan with Father Graham


 No 62. One night in worship 

Experience Satan with Father Graham

Mike went to his bed, and I was awake, so I sniffed amyl (Poppers). Satan told me to get a new bottle.

I sniffed and saw Satan looking at me. Then I masturbated and told him that I like it that he’s watching me and to remove Christian thoughts from my mind.

Then I told him I need to watch some incest porn. So I did that and watched Dads fuck their own adult children. 

Then he gave me another vision, and it was him again and this time I saw him longer and saw him blink twice. ( interesting that he did blink as humans do).

Then I watched more incest porn, then I saw another vision and it was a family and they were all fucking, then I saw another family with a dad fucking his grown up kids. Then I said to Satan who are all these people and Satan said, These are the Christian preachers families you have asked for me to have them commit sin among themselves without of control lust. When they get caught out the Christian family will be broken and the church will also be destroyed knowing that their preacher’s family fuck who they want.

Incest is rife all around the world because of you as my human representative.  Then he allowed me to see in the dark and I saw demons at my feet and I asked Satan why are they at my feet and Satan replied and said, because I am happy with you and your special to me that you’re doing the good works for me, and they are worshiping me in you.

I said to him, am I just imagining what you’re saying, and he replied No. your imagination isn’t this good. It’s me telling you.  Then I told him I must go to my computer to write this all down, as I might forget**.

Then I went back to my bedroom. I stood next to my bed, cock in one hand, other in the air and prayed to Satan to shower his power on pastor Steve in Vienna.  Then I got into bed and sniffed amyl. 

 Then he showed me more families fucking and calling out Satan’s name.

Then I saw Satans eyes (I have seen his eyes several times before), then his hairy face and open mouth and tongue. Then he sucked a big cock. I said to him it’s time he sucked my cock. Then I said its time that when he sucked my cock that his power and energy should penetrate my cock and balls to grow bigger permanently and that view lasted a few minutes and it was very intense to watch him sucking a big cock.

I can still see in the darkness.  Then I had to write all this down and I sat up and went dizzy and couldn’t stand up, I tried again and couldn’t walk, so I lay in my bed and write it and sent me this mail from my phone.

Then I initiated another prayer. I asked that he not only give my two brothers ( both Christians) sexual dreams, but actually arrange their time to be in bed with their daughters and commit sexual sin with them. Then I asked that he give Kathleen ( another Christian ) of Taragindi dreams she can’t control as she stole $685 of our money. Then I asked him to give Pastor Shane Baxter* of Sunshine to give him dreams of fucking his daughters and arrange a time that hes in bed with them both and he also commits the sin of fucking them and the more he fucks them the more he wants.

Then as I masturbated the lube feel on the floor, so I turned on the light I masturbated and calling out his name loudly.  Then I saw my enlarged cock but was so in lust that I didn’t take a photo as my cock was more like 12 inches long. It was huge, as Satan had made it swell. Then the light off I ejaculated and was in an uncontrolled shaking, and I was exhausted after this two hours experience, so I asked Satan to put me to sleep, and I slept solid for four hours.

Many years ago, Mike and I have heard Pastor Shane Baxter preach many times. But we couldn’t concentrate as he’s got such a big bulge in his pants.

** later I did forget the finer details, but I wrote it down so its not forgotten. 






Father Grahams dungeon


No 63. A benefit of being a Satanist


I mentored  man who recently committed his life to Satan. His girlfriend complained that his enlarged cock hurt her as he fucked her. Then he convinced her to pray and commit to Satan. With the change when they had sex they both prayed to Satan asking for great sex. As he fucked her with his enlarged cock, she noticed that Satan opened up her vagina wider to accommodate his bigger cock. He also experienced and felt Satan push his buttocks to push his cock into her deeper with every thrust. They both experienced Satan’s powerful forces built into their bodies. They also noticed they could fuck for longer without him cumming. They could see that Satan wants them to pleasure themselves for longer. Their sex life has obviously changed to more powerful and stronger lusts with and more often because sex is now exciting, fun and satisfying 

When your family commits to Satan you will find that they all want more sex more often and that their desires to get fucked will have less barriers as they want Cock. You might find they want cock more often and it can get to a stage that they will take cock from anyone or anything. Their thirst for cock is like not enough water to drink in the desert. 
All this openness and temptation to sin is clean, normal and wonderful, as there are no secrets you should experience being closer as you can talk about anything, whereas the Christian way its keep secrets to yourself. Suppress sexual thoughts and Hide genitals, hide going to the toilet. Bottle up your thoughts and fantasies. And kill communication for all your lives and be private in the bedroom and the kids learn about sex from other kids at school
Welcome to the most normal way that many families live   
Teach them the ways of Satan, be free and open. Satan really is the way to satisfaction
Father Graham 




Commit to Satan with Father Graham


 No 64. Seems far fetched

Some editorials seem far fetched ?

A reader said to me my editorials seem to far fetched to be possible.
That I agree with, however all that I have written is from personal experience.
Satan is with me 24/7.
Satan protects me from harm.
Satan removes flue and Covid19 within a few hours.
Satan has reversed my body back many years.
Satan has changed my skin like it was 20 years ago.
Satan has given me and extraordinary sex drive.
Satan has given me extraordinary supernatural powers.
Satan allows me to give dreams to people that they cant control.
Satan does acupuncture on my body.
Satan gives me visions of the future when I am fully awake.
Satan gives me XRay vision to see in total darkness.
Satan levitates my body above the bed.
Satan communicates with me in actuall conversation.
Satan allowed me to touch his penis.
Satan touched my penis.
Satan kissed me on the lips. 
Satan lets me experience lights and orbs. 
Satan warns me of upcoming events.
Satan showed me the faces of three men then he sent them to my bed to play in my bedroom while I am fully awake.
Satan protects Mike and I from car accidents.
Satan stops me from entering places where I will be harmed. 
Satan reserves parking spaces in full carparks.
Satan upgrades us to better hotel rooms with fantastic views.
Satan prepares the way daily.
Satan reserves goods for us in shops.
Satan gets us doctors appointments ahead of the que. 
Satan gives us fantastic sex. 
Satan has given me feelings in my penis that the male organ dont get.
Satan swells my penis and scrotum 100% bigger.
Satan produces more Sperm so when I ejaculate its way more powerful.
Satan has given my more energy.
Satan sends Demons to watch over me.
Satan sends Demons to comfort me in bed at night.
Does this sound to be far fetched?, yes of course it does but, its what Satan does for me and maybe you.