Father grahams retreat

 No 53. Satans protection.

Satan loves us this much we will protect us from harm


Recently Mike and I went for a drive in the car. I was driving, and we passed one person on a pushbike. There were more ahead of her and they were about to turn around the same corner as me, They shouldnt have, but they were riding several abreast and took up too much of the road.

Satan said ” drive straight ahead and take the next corner”. I took no notice and went around the same corner as the Cyclists. As I turned the same corner I nearly ran over two cyclists, and they could have been killed. There were a lot of angry cyclists, even though they were in the wrong.

Satan told me to drive straight ahead as he knew what was about to happen, and he wanted us to be safe. 


Hail Satan. Father Graham
Father Graham





 No 54. This is what happens at an induction

This is what happens at the induction.

Proceeding the induction, I will evaluate if the person is ready for an induction. When I perform a ritual of induction, its the real thing as I don’t act. When I do a ritual of induction, its between Satan and you.

The person being inducted will have choices in the church ambiance. Candles, subdued red lighting, Ultraviolet light, background music, incense. 

You must be naked, but you might like to wear a leather harness or a favorite jacket that you feel is a great presentation of yourself to Satan or even Satanic star banner. The ritual of induction is divided into 3 Parts. In the 3rd part, I will suggest that the recipient has the option to add their personal commitment to Satan. The person being inducted will practice the words exactly as I have written on a sheet of paper or on the smartphone.

The altar is divided into two parts. The front is the altar and the back is narrow mattress.

The person being inducted will choose if its a private ( Father Graham, them and Mike only ) or with guests and they will all be naked or wearing leather of their choice.

The church will be dark.

On the floor as per photo, will be a satanic star with glow in the dark paint and you will kneel in the middle of the star facing the altar. Above you will be another Star in glow in the dark paint and if you so choose to have ultraviolet light,  it will shine down on both stars, and they might appear alive, they might even pulse like heart beat.

I will walk to the altar on the red carpet wearing a red robe and pendants and naked, and I will stand behind the recipient. I will have a torch or smartphone with the words and the recipient will read them exactly what I wrote. All the time I am there to guide you, Satan will guide me. I might put my hand on your head or shoulder or as I am guided by Satan 

Then half way through the ritual I will present you with a pendant or Butt plug that’s been satanically infused with Satans power.

We stand in silence to feel Satan’s presence for about 1 minute or longer. ( this can be a very powerful moment ).  

Then I will have previously told the recipient that they can choose their own words or use mine in prayer. At this point, many people are almost winded of breath, and they can’t speak.

Then I will stand in front of the recipient with my back to the altar. The Recipient will be invited to suck my penis as I pray to Satan. This is the time that Satans power is generated through me and enters the recipient.

When the first part of the commitment is over, I will have the recipient lay on their back on the altar mattress and get fucked by me first, then Mike, then any of the guests that are committed Satanists. As this is in motion I will pray to Satan while you might be still sucking my penis. You might even feel that your flying around the room. 

Then we will all go to the dungeon under the church for full on Orgy.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                               In the dungeon its Fuck who anyone wants to fuck or be fucked. No illegal drugs, but Amyl is welcome, and we supply quality lube for lasting fun.


Many times Satans power has gone from my hands, but my penis has been the most powerful experience for the recipient. Once in the second part of the induction, a recipient leaned forward on his hands and knees as he prayed, and Satan told me to rub my buttocks, cock/balls on his back as if I was riding him.

During an induction Satan instructs me and I do what he says because he knows best.

He wants the recipient to have the best induction ever. Usually, after the induction prayer, the recipient is so full of lust that they cant help themselves to kiss, fuck or be fucked and that’s why they lay on the altar, then to the dungeon to continue in a more comfortable place.

During the whole experience, Satan guides me.

With the new venue, Satan is inspiring me, he’s helping me with ideas for the church and dungeon.  They are both are joined for great satanic worship. Only Committed Satanists are allowed in the dungeon. The new Church and dungeon will be extraordinary. The dungeon will be dark,  sleazy, and very insulated for loud Satanic worshiping. The Church and dungeon will be fully cooled in summer and heated in winter.


This celebration orgy might last for hours as Satan might give us all multiple orgasms. 






No 55. Is Satan really this personal?


Back in September, we put the house on the market for sale. Mike and I got naked and knelt at Satan’s altar. We dedicated the sale of the house and the direction where he wants us to go told him of the house and that we will go wherever he commands. However, as New Zealand is the only country that we could immigrate to with no formalities that’s where we were heading for.

ten weeks later

The house has had hundreds of people through. Many have said they love the house, the views, and the leased land next to the house but no one gave us an offer.

Our land agent couldn’t understand why it did sell in September.

I said to Mike that it hasn’t been sold because Satan has delayed it and that Satan has delayed the house selling to coincide with the next property that we will purchase in New Zealand

I have asked Satan ” why it hasn’t sold.?

Satan said. “Don’t worry about your house took so long to sell, I had to delay the house from selling as I didn’t want you to purchase the wrong piece of Land that I showed you a small part and what Casper saw in great detail. It’s all been delayed as your land is not ready to be sold as I have reserved it for you”. 

Then I said, is my mind playing tricks on me and Satan Said “No. you heard it from me, Satan, ruler of the world”:.

Two weeks ago Mike said that the house will be sold by Xmas day. On Boxing day we had a phone call from the agent to inform us that an offer had come on XSmas eve with good options that the day of confirmation will be the 12th of January


Jan 10th

  Today I heard Satan say to someone of Authority.  “Don’t be concerned, I have appointed my human representative and you will soon hear of him”.

That week I saw Rats, the world will have a plague of Rats, millions of Rats

This week is the final day for settlement confirmation for the sale of our house. We planned to fly to New Zealand on the the17th of February, but this week I found that with Covid 19 restrictions they have so strict rules to enter that its impossible. But Australia and New Zealand are anticipating to open borders in late March-early April. We planned settlement to be middle of February

Then I asked Satan to do something impossible and to do a miracle tomorrow which was settlement confirmation, and we needed settlement to be near the end of March. The next morning I woke up on the morning and thought considering that we cannot fly to Auckland this month we need a new settlement date to the end of March but as it’s all handled by the bank I can’t do anything.

The next at 4pm ( 1 hour before the deadline )  we had a phone call saying that the bank cannot process the finance for the purchases till early February, which means that the settlement date will be end of March early April. 

See how Satan has worked this. He got the bank to delay that settlement date for 8 weeks which is unheard of, but Satan changed it to suit us. We know Satan has a lot more yet to happen for us.


January 15th 

I felt the flu coming on,. Headache, listless, sneezing, so I told Mike. I went to bed early because of it. Overnight Satan purged his power through my breathing and released the strong odor from my nose and the next day it was gone and not come back. Thats power


January 18th

We bought a big tent to go camping. After we erected the tent we didn’t like it, so we wanted our money back but on that basis, we wouldn’t get our money back.  Then I tried to zip up the door and it didn’t zip up correctly. I saw that the sewing was crooked and the zip would not work correctly.  There were 8 zips in the tent and the one that I unzipped was the faulty one. Then we took it back to the store for a refund. He gave me the receipt than when we got home I lost the receipt. We needed that receipt urgently.

Today we were driving the car with the windows open. Papers blew around on the back seat and some blew out of the window like they do never to be seen again.  One piece of paper flew against the wind over my shoulder and it landed in my hand, and it was that very receipt. It landed on my hand the right way up,  It was as if someone picked up the receipt and gave it to me. It was like the receipt was handed to me by an invisible hand.

Satans hand gave it to me. Bizarre but true.  



Father Grahams dungeon


 No 56. How and why did Father Graham


To be written

This is how and why I became a Satanist

I had tried to be Christian from childhood. living on a farm I was mesmerized by the animal’s big cocks and I took every opportunity to see my brothers. I was fed that heaven is a beautiful place and I looked forward to that. Then I found that when a person dies and if they have the desire for sin in their heart they will be denied entry to heaven. This I knew as I loved Cock and was mesmerized with them that deep in my heart that’s what I desired. Yet as a Christian, i had to suppress those feelings. Back in the 50s it was a crime to have sex with another man and automatically go to prison, so my internal feelings had to be suppressed at all costs. So to get away from my strong Christian siblings and parents I moved to Australia to try and live the life I so longed for.  
Then i got married to a female all the time suppressing my internal feelings. Then in the middle 70s laws changed and sex between same-sex was legal and a Gay sauna opened in the city. Then i had identical twin daughters but my internal feelings were still there. I used to watch the men in the Church that we attended. Looking down at their crouch and every opportunity to go to Christian weekend camps to see men naked in the bathrooms and getting into bed.
Then to get to the Gay sauna i found a newly formed hobby that I loved and they met in the city on Friday nights at the same time the new sauna opened. This meant that i could go to the hobby clubrooms but leave early and go to the sauna. and still be home later that night. My wife said “did you have  good time tonight?” so of course I replied yes it was fun ” what she didn’t know the fun part was at the sauna and i didn’t tell her any lies . Then i tried to just go to the sauna and not the hobby club rooms and that worked well. One night was  special night and i got home at 2.30am and she was asleep thankfully. 
This went on for many years. Then with my business, I had to travel internationally often and fell in love with a man in San Francisco called Mike. On my return to Australia my wife suspecyted something was wrong., so i blurted out  Ï fell in love with Mike and I am gay and always have been since i was a child. That obviously ended the marriage of 28 years. My secret was out. 
6 months later I met Mike online.
We lived a gay lifestyle, but I missed the social comradery of adults. So we decided to go to Church. We joined Church that treated us as equals, so we tried to abstain from a sexual relationship.  Over time that didn’t work. After nearly 2 years in the Church, we saw cracks to appear with the friendships we made and small issues that for Christians they shouldn’t occur.  Very slowly we got pushed out of the church till we stopped going.
Then a man I had been communicating with, I noticed in his profile it said he’s also into 666. I knew what that meant so I searched for more information from him.
The more I searched the more I wanted to know. The more I tried the less I found. There was web site that’s now gone and the men were extremely helpful but there was really nothing to help answer my questions about Satan.
I felt the need to commit to Satan totally. In my committal prayer, I included several things that I felt were needed. I asked Satan to help me help other men in the same situation as me. Especially Christian men and Christian preachers as they didn’t have anyone to go to for help of this subject.
What Satan did was give me some gifts to help me achieve my desire. Satan watched and guided me, but it was 6 months before he tested me and I tested him with prayer, Then he watched me and as time passed he was pleased and gave me more gifts. I also learnt that being a satanist was more than just great sex, Satan has shown me that its way more than that. 
He saw that I used his gifts for his gain and not mine. He saw I used them for his glory and not mine. Male and Female. He inspired me to write Ebooks as well as this website and he continues to inspire me.
So the lesson here is to search for him using the principles I have laid out, read the editorials as theyre all from personal experience. Father Graham
Father graham



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