No 5.

Being Committed to a cause

Four days a week I start at 5.30am to work for Satan. I go to my altar naked and pray. I ask Satan to prepare me for the week. Guide me and inspire me in my work for him.

I am retired and Mike goes to work at 5.30am so it’s easy for me to do this.
I now have a purpose, I am not saying that you all should do the same, as you might have employment and family commitments, but for Satan to see you are trying is the key.

Do your very best and Satan will see that. He wants you to do your best, living the Satanic lifestyle is not just all about having a great sex life its the whole lifestyle. I know a guy thats been a Satanist for years, but in his profiles, he tells no one in case of backlash. I get backlash, but I get more good stuff than the bad stuff and I would rather have quality than quantity messages.
Commitment means totally committed. Not starting a project and giving up or if something better comes along to take that. I start a project and keep going nothing gets on my way.

Sure if your favorite TV program comes along we need a break but commitment is to put things aside to work to the end and at the end is another project. Satisfaction comes from giving not receiving.
I would never ever thought I would do what he is doing here, And its all because of Satan.

I have a guy in North Carolina, hes an ex Christian preacher and has had a stroke and has to have full-time carer and he said he wanted to do something fort Satan but couldn’t, so I said can you the text, he said yes. ok so I suggested he try to write Bible stories but as Satanic. so right bow he is inspired to write Bible stories into porn and replacing Jesus for Satan. so here is a guy crippled. all his text is like this . HISSTORIERSAREGREATSTORIESANDALLTHETEXTISJOINEDANDHEHASTOHAVEALLCAPSLOCKEDTOSEETHEMBUTHEISWRITINGABOOKFORSATAN. That’s a commitment to do something for satan with his limited capabilities and he is writing a book. 

I can’t say it will happen to you as it has with me , but what I am saying if with me why not you. But its more than that, in that I work for Satan on average of 60 hours a week. Being retired I do have the time, but then again we all have the same 168 hours a week and what you do with our time is over to us, I work tirelessly for Satan and he rewards me.

Do you want great rewards? If you do, Fuckin do SOMETHING 


Father Graham


No 6. Patience, please


My typical two days


Mike goes to work at 5.20am four days a  week and I start my day going to my Satanic altar to pray to Satan.

Then I get a coffee and go to the office and I start work and this is the last two days. Turn the computer on and pick up messages and emails. That usually takes four hours. then I start on a project.

Right now I am translating one book to Italian. Also adding new editorials to this web site. All the time getting messages from guys asking for help and guidance. I offer various options for mentoring. The more support I get the more I give you. If you get the video pack you at the top of priority for help and the lower down you go in support the less support you get from me.

Last week I had an email from a guy that has tried to commit suicide three times and he’s after my guidance to commit to Satan and have a life back. This man has made a commitment for mentor pack as he sees it as great value, so he gets top priority.

Then Mike comes home at 3.35pm and we go out for coffee then we come home make dinner then in the evening I come back into the office for about two hours.

Today, As I am translating one book to Italian I had to make a cover for it and as I have had a request for another language and Spanish I did them too and that took 3 hours. Then I  continued to finish the translation and four hours later I went to see my emails and messages.

I had one that asked me why I wasn’t picking up his messages.

Fuck, I am one person working for Satan and at any given time I mentor 10 men and often more and there is no way I can do what I do and attend to them that haven’t made any financial commitment to me.

You support me I support you, Simple. So if you want free help your at the bottom of the priority queue.

This year Satan appointed two men to physically help me on the office but they both declined mentor so many I can’t remember all the details with so many in the past.


Satan chose me to do something and even with low Sales, my books will be a best seller and you have a unique opportunity to be part of this.





No 7. 

Why should you read my Books?

Why do I charge for my Books?


Here are some thought-provoking questions for you.

  • Would you like to get to know about Satan?
  • Would you like to be part of Father Graham’s ministry?
  • Do you want to get closer to Satan?
  • Do you want to learn of Satanic supernatural powers?

If you answer any of those questions as a yes, and if you wish to not buy a book who is missing here?

Why do you have to pay for a book?

  • When you go to work. Do you do it for free?
  • If you took three months off work and worked for someone one would you expect payment?

Which do you value the most?

  • When you pay money for something?
  • or When its given to you as a gift?

When you actually pay with your precious money, which do you value the most? The purchased thing or a free gift?

Last question and more important than the others.

If Satan told you to something extraordinary and way out of your comfort zone to do something you have never done in your life that you were passionate about, would you do it and expect payment?

Recently I had an astonishing experience

Father Graham 


Father Graham


No 8. Give it a go with your limited 

Infernal Greetings, Father Graham,

Its often attitude.

I repeatedly get told ” but I am handicapped, or I have no money or poor or low education, I can’t do anything for Satan.


Satan will work with you if you ask him for guidance.

I had a guy that said he loves Satan and the Satanic way of life, also that he was a Christian preacher a few years ago, he has also serious health issues and needs a full-time carer. But after prayer, this guy has now been inspired to write a book. His text all needs to be rewritten and edited, but he now has a purpose and has something to do every day and Satan will bless him.  I gave him a challenge and now he is succeeding.

Give it a go. I am no scholar or intellectual guy. I have been criticized for my poor grammar, my poor spelling ( even with spell check ), my poor book layout, my poor editorials, poor photo presentation. And all of those items I agree totally and some of it was constructive good criticism. 

Satan is happy with me with my limited capabilities. But Satan chose me. Its attitude to do something, fall and pick oneself up and keep moving forward no matter what.


Fuck Christ,