Satan is freedom. 






No 41. Should I fear Satan? 


From a follower. I fear eternal damnation.  Is that real if I submit and if so is it something to fear, or is it eternal pleasure? Also is Hell really real?

The Bible is good at making you fear Satan and Hell. But that’s only their side and they don’t know the other side of the equation. 


If you are not a Satanist, should you fear Damnation, Yes.

If on earth you have ejected Satan means you have rejected Him., so when you die and go to hell its payback time for him and his Demons will punish you. And the punishment will be extreme and nothing like anything a human can imagine. Can you imagine being thrown into a dungeon with spiders four feet across?

If you are a Satanist on earth, No.

When you become a Satanist on earth you become a servant of Satan.

On earth you worship him, you bow down to him, you do what he asks of you.

When you die that worship continues, but for your Devotion of him on earth will continue in Hell but as a different manner and your rewards will continue.

Satan loves you and wants you to be who you want to be and not as you are told to be which is typical of most religions.

Is Hell real? There was a Television program in the 1990s and it was called  “Beyond 2000” and it was mainly for informing us of the future with technology and the way we will live in the 2000s 

  They put 3 men to work and started drilling a hole down. They drilled down kilometers (miles). Then they heard peoples screaming, the further they went down the screaming got louder, then they filled the hole with Concrete. One of the men committed suicide, the other went into a recluse and the other went mental. That’s when the monthly reports of this event wasn’t televised and I read it in “Readers Digest “about three years later


Father Grahams Dungeon




No 42. Is Father Graham and brother Mike married?

Father Graham

When Same sex marriages became legal in Australia, Mike said to me he would love to be married to me. I replied that I also would like to be married to him, but we must both be of equal mind, that is we must both be Satanists. In late 2018 I was going to propose to Mike formally but Satan stepped in and stopped it from happening. Since then Satan is guiding us. Satan has a date planned and when it happens it till be spectacular and humanly beyond belief.

Mike has now become a Satanist. 

We are planning for it to be in late 2021, So from that Satan will work with us, and he will guide us if and where he wants it to happen.

But we plan for it and he will make it work when he wants it.

If you  want to read how Satan stopped it its all in my both of my EBooks and the new hard copy book. 





Read book “For Gay Satanists”to find out






No 43. Meditation

Meditation is an essential part of the Satanic lifestyle, if you neglect meditation you have less likely chance of getting more from Satan.

It is a way to have no distractions and be ready for him.

Mike and I have found it to be the most important and exciting part of the day and more important than anything else. 

There is no set way to meditate. Some guys can’t do it at home so they go into the woods where they are alone, some go to their hobby room or a garden shed.  

This is what I do matter what time of the day. And I have found the darker it is the better. Recenty we had a power failure at 9am and I thought, what can I do, i went to m bedroom to meditate. It was as if Satan was waiting for me. Fuck it was ahot meditation exerience that i windered if Satan made the power failure.    

Get naked with a black and red cock ring on and kneel at my satanic altar and pray in dedication of the meditation, then I get on my  bed and lie flat. I wank my cock and I sniff poppers then I pray to Satan.

Many times I just fall asleep. One time I went in there and started to use poppers and it was as if Satans demons were waiting for me. The first sniff and i called to Satan and demons came to visit. Whether Demons visit, or Satan gives you visions, or Satan gives you dreams, or Satan gives you nothing, the thing is that you are with Satan and it gives him the opportunity to speak to you. It also gives you the opportunity to relax or wank in Satan’s name and offer your body and cum to him.

It also is a time for you to clear your mind, time to really relax. Try to do this once a week and you will get closer to Satan. The more you do it the more Satan will bless you as he can see you are serious and devoted to him.

We personally do this about 5 times a week and often do it every night as its a highlight of the day

Hail Satan

I go to very dark room with windows darkened. I  you go to decor you will see my very satanic bedroom and it is impossible to see in

Father Graham



Commit to Satan



No 44. Ways to do a DIY induction yourself.  

When I committed to Satan nearly 5 years ago, I had no idea how satisfying and such a  wonderful lifestyle it is. i thought it was just about great sex and what we see on websites. But its way more than any of those things. Our recent vacation in the USA proved that it is a lifestyle and how much Satan looked after us with the impending Covid19 dram looming in New York City.
It’s so different from what we are fed by Christianity and all other Religions. Mind you I also realize Satan changes his tactics to get new recruits but what he did for us in the USA was extraordinary. With you, I do suggest that you read my EBooks as they are full of reports of what men experienced and lots of good solid editorials that I wrote of real life experiences. With any induction its what you want as its your experience. Here in our home, I  induct, Satan guides me and often during the induction. With Mike Satan and i have been working ion him for 5 years and when Mike decided to be a Satanist, Satan told me to get his to read the commitment prayer. Then he said, “Get Mike to suck on your cock, so I can enter his body through your cock” That was a powerful commitment.

If you want to kneel at your altar, do it. If you want to cut yourself and use Blood, do it. If you want to dedicate your own warm piss, do it., if you want to piss then drink it from a  goblet, do it, It’s your experience not mine If you want to sniff poppers as you pray, do it. You do what you feel is right for you. We had a  guy come here, and he went into the city and bought a new leather harness as he wanted to do his best for Satan. When Satan sees you do anything that’s different to my script, he sees dedicating, he sees you willing for more.

I had a man that wanted to commit, but he couldn’t do it at home, so as he went for walk every day he chose to use that as his way to be alone. He walked into the woods and found a quiet private place and made a pendulum star from tree branches. Then he went home and asked me to pray with him as a precise time. Then he was on his computer at home and said give me 5 minutes, then he went into the woods where he previously made pendulum star and knelt in the middle of his star made of tree branches . He got naked and prayed. He later said he felt my presence in the woods and felt leaves on trees move when there was no wind, he knew Father Graham and Satan were with him. His commitment was really special and unique. Another guy from a poor African country did similarly, but he drew the star in the soil, Satan sees his determination. That’s the key.

Father Graham.

Central Victoria, Australia.




Father Grahams dungeon