Satanic retreat

No 37. Seeing in total darkness.

It is humanly impossible of seeing in total dark..


At night when I am in bed and I enjoy poppers and demons often visit me and play with me as I pray to Satan.

My bedroom is totally dark any time of the day for this purpose to worship Satan anytime. I have painted the glass windows black and sealed the window joints so its totally black, so much so that its impossible to see anything.

As I enjoy poppers and demons visit me, I have felt this unusual feeling that I can see in the darkness.

Last night I moved to my other side of the bed from where the demons were. I tested out this phenomenon and yes I could see my hands, the other side of my bedroom and furniture. I have seen the Demons walking around my bedroom and lying on me in my bed.

It lasted a while, then I fell asleep. When I woke up I couldn’t see anything and it was total blackness and I couldn’t even see my fingers.

Apart from it being a supernatural gift from Satan, I have no explanation.

I wonder if its Satans way so I can see my Demons playing with me.

But that’s whats happened to me.

Father Graham





 No 38. Do it for Satan

Tempt men to sin

The majority of men dont take advantage of their assets to tempt other men to sin and temp to want sexual gratification.

On a cruise 3 years ago I wore a heavy thick cock ring and bright pink with yellow trim speedos. I showed them to a few Gay men and they said they would never wear them on a st8 cruise.

But I did and I got attention as my bulge tightly wrapped in those speedos got attention. If those people watching me were Christian they’re being tempted as Christians it’s a sin to give in and take that second look. 

As Satanic Gay men (ex Christians), we must do what we can to get other Christian men to sin. We have that advantage to wear legal tight bathers and get attention. my new bathers are not only speedos but I have sewen the red Satanic star on the side to add the Satanic attraction. So if it’s at the beach or nice bugle at the shopping center we should parade our assets for satan.

If we choose to not wear tight bathers and choose baggy ones who misses out on satans rewards

Hail satan






No 39. What are my inductions?



This is what happens at my inductions.

The most important thing is I will test to see if you are mentally ready to be a Satanist and if I feel it’s not right I will not do it.

For you I request that you present yourself to Satan. Maybe leather harness, vest or similar.During the induction Satan might guide me to change the format.

You will be naked. I usually supply a specially Satanicly infused black cock ring and fit that at the time the leather or decoration gets put on you.

Then at your request we have ultraviolet light, or candles, or complete darkness.

Then will be you me and Mike and any other guests naked, we all will wear something like leather harness., Then while your cock is soft i will place a Satanicly infused cock ring on you then you will kneel at my Satanic altar. i will stand behind you with my cock on your shoulder. The altar will have a black candle., i will guide you in your commitment. as you say the words you will feel most likely this inner power buildup and breathing get heavy. Then i will place a Satanic pendant around your neck and a finger ring on your finger that matches the cock ring during the ritual Satan will guide me as hes watching it. After you’ve made your commitment to Satan you will instantly feel an inner power build up. Then you most likely will have a desire of newly found luist. i will then stand between you and the altar with my back to the altar, i will tell you to suck my cock, Then i will ask Satan to send his power through me onto you through my stiff hard cock and that might be a power that will energise your inner lusts beyond anything you have ever experienced . Then you will most likely feel an instant power. then i will ask you to lay on the Satanic altar. Then I (Father Graham) will fuck you, I will be your first Satanic fuck, then any witnesses will fuck* you, then we go to my bedroom for an all out Satanic orgy. everyone fucks who they want. That will last for a long as you want to stop. Satan will make our cocks and balls swell bigger. i will do a lot of praying for Satan for his extra power and energy in our bodies. this might last 2 hours or all night off and on. you might find that once you cum that first time that your lust keeps going. Satan regenerates lust very quickly. *if your not a bottom, Satan will change that instantly. Satan changes the way we think and he brings inner feeling s that you don’t know about.




 No 40. Choose between Jesus Christ or Satan

Im considering it. I have to choose between Jesus and Satan. 


I had to make the same decision that you are thinking about.

This is why I made this decision to follow Satan in 2015. 

Mike and i went to an AOG Christian church for nearly 4 years for the social aspect. but we slowly got pushed out. Over the next few months I searched Satan. 
As a man trying so hard to be a Christian, repenting hundreds of times, yet I loved the Gay lifestyle i know that when I die that deep in my heart I loved cock and fucking with men. With that being the case I would not be allowed into heaven , then

I would be sent to hell. I have spent 60 years of my life tormenting myself trying so hard to not like the Gay lifestyle
In hell, all people that rejected Satan on earth wil be punished and I didn’t like that idea. So be being a satanist on earth means that when I die I go to hell and get transformed into a Demon and serve Satan as his servant.

The bible clearly states that man and women that has sex as a married couple or a man or a woman that abstained from sex are Christians will go to heaven, Anyone that’s not married that has sex will not be allowed into heaven. It took about six months of searching, of which there was nothing of any use. But i communicated with a few men and gathered information. Then I made a plan, and put it into gear. I got an old wall poster that was mounted on a frame. I got some old black polythene and  covered the poster, then found  some blue masking take and made a Satanic star. Then I bought good quality Glow in the dark paint. I could see that it wasn’t perfect, but I did the best for Satan that I could. The I was ready.

That day, i blocked out all light into the room. The star glowed  bright