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No 33.  Photo seen in 1999 of Father Graham

I saw a photo before it was taken.

Back in 1999 I saw a photo of me. The photo showed me sitting on a throne-like a Queen or King would use and I was in my mid 70s and I was wearing a leather jacket, pants and hat.

At the time I thought someone photoshopped me into the photo, but now I see how it is.

That photo will be taken in 2020 – 2025

Father Graham


No 34. FGSM dismisses the following two churches statements


“The Church of Satan” and “The Temple of Satan” 

I recently read these two amazing statements

The Church of Satan, founded in the mid-1960s,  Anton LaVey — the founder of the Church of Satan said “Prayer to Satan is a waste of time”.  “Satan to us is a symbol of pride, liberty and individualism, and it serves as an external metaphorical projection of our highest personal potential. We do not believe in Satan as a being or person.”  ..

The Satanic Temple doesn’t believe in a literal Satan, or in anything supernatural.


I have met Satan personally during the day, and recently I spoke to him one on one in conversation. That conversation was quite surreal and considering what he said its going to happen again soon, as what we were discussing isn’t yet finished. Both times I was fully awake. Not on drugs or drunk. 

A Demon of Satan took my hand and put it on his cock. Satans Demon has kissed me. I saw Demons next to my bed 3 weeks ago and I spoke to them, but they didn’t speak back. Satanic Demons are a spirit, yet they have bodyweight and one time I felt his skin and it felt like leather and when he gets in bed with me I feel the bodyweight push on the mattress.
Satan has appointed me to tell the world that Satan is NOT all about evil, and that’s why my Books will be a top seller soon as Satan wants it that way.

Most single people men and women and especially same-sex couples are hungry for a greater meaning to a relationship. Satan knows this and is soon to have the world told of his love, caring, soft and gentle love for his devoted servants.

Here at FGSM we know Satan is real and as a person. He has a face with two ears, two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. He wears a cloak of many colours. As he is supernatural he still has human features, but he is not human. When he visited me he did NOT have horns. I talk about him as a male as I saw him as a male however under his cloak he might have a vagina and a penis. Also, as I communicated with him in a conversation he had a male voice in my accent of Australian. He is Satan a spirit, and I am sure he would speak in any language and accent.  



Father Grahams dungeon


No 35. Australian Fires

Watching on the TV the dreadful images of bush fires and houses burnt down, many families have been put in sports auditoriums and tent cities. 

Then as the fires continued on TV it was mentioned that what they needed was rain, but as its the middle of summer thats highly unlikely.

Mike said. “Graham, let’s pray for rain”, so he and I went to our Satanic altar naked to pray to Satan for rain

Mike 36 hours later a huge band of rain covered the whole state of Victoria and part of New South Wales. Light rain was everywhere. 

Then Premier of New South Wales stated on TV that the rain was welcome, but they needed lot more to put the fires out ” She said the only thing that will put the fires out is heavy rains and flooding but as its middle of summer there is none forecast and that no rain is expected the fires will go on till March to April and well into Autumn”. The premier stated that to put the fires out they needed 200mls ( 2inches ) of rain not 20 mls ( half an inch )

Mike and I again went to Satan’s altar and asked for heavy rain, but we asked for 300mls of rain and enough rain that it would cause flooding to make sure the fires were put out

The very next day the NSW Premier stated that there was heavy rain forecast with the possibility of flooding.

4 days later the premier stated on TV that they had an unusual 300 mls of rain and flooding was everywhere and even the drought-stricken farmers were getting rain after 9 years of drought.

Hail Satan. So can we have an effect on global weather changes?  Yes.

Two committed Satanists praying for such a big event did what humans couldn’t achieve.

Hail SatanT

Father Graham



No 36. What is Hell like?


Some men have said to me that they know there is no Hell. Satan has shown me an insight to Hell. 
in the last 1990 there was a TV program in Australia called Toward 2000. It was a regular report of new products and technology that was gearing up for the time beyond 2000. A team of three men. A Scientist, a historian and a driller. They got a drilling rig and started to drill down into the earth.  The Television reported on the drilling and then there were no reports. There was no explanation. 
Three years later I read in the “Reader’s Digest” what happened.
These three men drilled and drilled and drilled many kilometers down. Then they heard something and the further down they drilled the noise got louder till they heard screams. They listened and it was very clear as human screams. The hole was filled with concrete. One of the men went into recluse, the other went crazy the other committed suicide.    
The following report is from experience and what Satan has shown me in a vision and first-hand info, plus Satan has visited me personally several times.

Hell for the Satanist on earth is a relief and a reward when they die, as they are a servant of Satan on earth and are prepared for Hell.

I am a Satanist, when I die I will be taken to Hell by Satan. He or his servants fucks me and transforms me into a demon.  Then as a demon in Hell, I work for Satan just as I worked for Satan on earth but with a different role.
All people that reject Satan on earth, and that’s all people all religions, many so-called Christians, atheists, agnostics and Christians who heart loves to sin, same-sex couples Gay and Lesbians, they will all be subjected to Satans demons in hell and be tortured and thrown into the fire because of its payback time for Satan for being rejected on earth.
Also, Hell is divided into two parts.
One for Satans servants and the other for the unbelievers.
When Satanists go to hell they are transformed into demons. Demons serve Satan in Hell and on earth.
Those that didn’t recognize Satan on earth will be punished. You might be thrown into a cell with spiders 4 feet across. Or eaten my maggots six inches long, you might be fucked relentlessly by demons that never stop as they will have unending strength. They will fuck and cum and keep on fucking and cumming till they are ready to stop.
Hell for the Satanist will be a tremendous pleasure. Also, a pleasure to work for Satan to torture those unbelievers on earth.  
What I don’t yet know is that in Hell does Satan give his devoted servants different roles in hell. It makes sense if he does. 
On Earth Demons arrive as a spirit and mainly visit during the night, I have experienced demons in my bedroom so many times I have lost count. Last night they came to visit me then just stood there looking at me while I talked to them and praised Satan for their visit. 
If you choose to not recognize Satan on earth you will be severely punished in Hell. My 
This is the crux of my decision to be a satanist. I have tried to be a Christian for 60 years and deep in my heart I love cock and being Gay. I know Christ would reject me at heavens door and get thrown to Hell so isn’t it better to be prepared for Hell?????
Satan has been extraordinary good to me and my place in hell will be a superior position to many Satanists.
Have I seen Satan yes, have I spoken to Satan yes and I wouldn’t want to go to Hell as a nonbeliever and get tortured with spiders 4 feet wide and creatures not seen by humans? 
Unfortunately, on earth humans see Hell as Hollywood movies see it and imaginative artists, and they portray Hell to sell moves and books and make money,  and they give us the wrong perspective of Satan, and Hell and Hollywood movies have to make Hell looks dramatic to sell the movie.
Hell for the Satanist is time to live as we want with no enemies, and we are the ones in domination.
Satan has given me the gifts to help you to save you from the wrath of punishment when you die and go to hell, Satan wants me to save you the torture on you but that’s your choice.  
Hail Satan
Hail Satan

Father Graham______________________________________________________


no 33