Father Grahams retreat


No 29. Boring sex


Gay sex without Satan is now boring.

As Satanists, we don’t need to pray for great sex, but we pray for the freedom of sexuality which can be many things and many things of great power and enjoyment. When we commit to Satan he’s in us and we become part of him for his service.  

What Mike and I have found is that as Satanists that Satan does give us tremendously satisfying sex and on the scale of 10 its usually 8 -10.

Recently we had a visitor who isn’t a Satanist, we had sex but it was just sex with no excitement like a big part of it was missing

I usually invoke Satan to our guests but this time I didn’t as Satan said no don’t.

It was sex and the guy said it was good, but we are so used to sex with Satan included that it was an act of no enjoyment or satisfaction and on the scale of 10, I said 2 and Mike said 3-4.

Then we both acknowledged that Satan included is the way to go for fun and satisfaction. For me the sex was so boring that I would have had more sexual fun worshiping Satan alone.   

When we have sex I call out to Satan and often shout out to him, I dont hold back to try to be quiet. I really shout out his name and use the work “Fuck “a lot. Satan loves that word as there is no other word thats used in many contexts with different meanings.


Hail Satan
Father Graham


Commit with Father Graham


 No 30.  If you cant get randy or feel lust

You can Still worship Satan with powerful worship.

AQt times I don’t get hard so what I do is this.

I get lube and poppers. I rub my cock on my balls. I sniff poppers and shout out to Satan very loud. I call out his name and rub my cock on my balls in a lustful rage. 

Satan will recognize that you are making an effort for him . He will respond with swelling your balls and cock or your vagina as you rub them together, he wants you to have fun. Every time I have done it Satan responds and at the time I prefer it in worship to a hard cock and the sensations can be way more powerful.

Satan has got my soft cock huge ( about double the normal size ) and swelled my balls to almost 300% bigger and the sensations were extreme and tremendously powerful

The thing is this, you are trying, Satan can see you are making an effort even though you can’t get that cock hard or lustfull feelings , and Satan will help you to get more from the experience because you worship him more.

Father Graham 

Father Graham



Commit to Satan


No 31. Summoning demons to your bed


Summon demons to visit you in your bed. 


Recently I looked at a satanic web site and read how they suggested to get demons into your bed and play with you. The advice was extensive and a huge amount of effort with very little reward.

I do it a completely different way and mine is way shorter, powerfull and tremendously exciting.

Page 24 ïn the book ” Path on the left “I describe in detail how to get your perfect Demon.

Yo get demons into your bed with you there are two options. leave it to Satan to send them to you or you do it.

This is what I do.

I sniff amyl and get high,  calling out Satans name many times. I call out to Satan and ask him to send me my demon. 80% of the time he sends them. Today at 9am I went to bed and my bedroom was very dark. I felt his presence in my bedroom then my demon touched my bed and the weight of his body I felt him get onto the mattress and he lay behind me. I felt his breathing and body movements.  I told him how wonderful he felt there and praised Satan for sending him to me, He lay there and I asked him to put his hand on my chest but he didn’t. Then as the higher on amyl I got I felt more movements in the bedroom. As I was fully awake I saw movements in my bedroom and some light came through the window but the light was moving away from me, and at the time I thought they moved me from the light. Then I asked him to lay on top of me so he moved and lay on my abdomen and legs and it felt like his chest and I was pinned down enjoying the attention and I kept telling him that I loved it so much and how much I love Satan. Then about an hour of this attention, he left me to recover.

Everytime he visits me it is different. Sometimes he kisses me on the lips and once he lifted my hand to feel his huge cock and it was about one foot long and very thick. So I get the bedroom as dark as possible and the darker it is the better service I get from him

Hail Satan

Father Graham




 No 32.

Satanic lights in Father Grahams bed


A witness saw these spectacular lights 

A guest from Orlando FL witnessed Brother Mike’s commitment to Satan.

Right after we completed the commitment ceremony to Satan with Brother Mike, Father Graham, Brother Mike, and I returned to prayer alter/room upstairs that also serves as Father Graham’s bedroom.  We were in the bed facing the alter in a totally dark room. Brother Malthorpe (me) continued to see the altar cloth with the Pentagram in the center of the wall as opposed to the left as soon where it is located as soon as the lights are out. It is not understood why but it is now the third night happening.

Father Graham began with a prayer for Brother Mike and his new commitment to Satan and for revelation about the ministry and for Satan to reveal His plan verbally in the same way He has done for Father Graham. Father Graham was clearly emotionally moved as Brother Mike is his life partner.  After this, Ameryol poppers were used to become more attuned to the Astral Plane…behind the veil.

Brother Malthorpe began seeing yellow orbs projecting from the northeastern point of the Cardinal Compass or the area reserved for Satan. The yellow orbs came into the room rapidly and slammed against the black headboard and dissipated. Three or so made their way in this manner before brother Malthorpe, who has shown some basic skill in energy transference began to catch the orbs and physically place them into brother Mike as a new worshipper of Satan. Correctly or incorrectly so, brother Malthorpe interpreted it as new energy to add to the new brother’s body and belief…the beginning of brother Mike’s Gnosis aka instruction from Satan. At the same time the room, to include the ceiling is painted completely black, brother Malthorpe has now twice seen stars like the opening of the heavens.

This continued on for approximately 25 yellow orb balls coming in the room. As happening the temperature in the room began to heat-up, (all noticed this and commented) and the orbs fired at a regular interval making brother Malthorpe’s action towards brother Mike almost rhythmic in nature. This, however, began to take a lot of energy out of brother Malthorpe and he began to shake violently. He also felt a force, presence of a demon directing his actions.  Brother Malthorpe reloaded on Poppers. At this point, the room became completely still and the stars on the ceiling disappeared. There was no spirit presence at that point and the orbs disappeared. Brother Malthorpe called out to Father Graham, “Rex, the room is completely still. Do you feel it?” To which Father Graham replied, “ yes I do.”

Father Graham then prayed again and Brother Malthorpe began to reload on poppers. Brother Mike appeared anxious as to what was going on as Father Graham had levitated about two inches off the bed and announced it. The room appearing dark became active again and the stars reappeared on the ceiling.

This time, instead of yellow orbs, first red orbs appeared and then green orbs as Brother Malthorpe again directed the energy but this time to Father Graham assuming the different colors meant something but he felt also spirit directed to do so. He grabbed Father Graham’s shoulders at the time similar to the way he had directed the yellow orbs into Brother Mike’s body. He called out the colors as he saw them

Eventually a large blue orb, but of a different shape, headed in the direction of Father Graham without being directed to do so by Brother Malthorpe.  The blue orb goes directly to Father Graham and lays on his head and becomes almost halo like and immediately disappears.

Brother Malthorpe has been spirit led to believe that Father Graham is being anointed for something but can not see if it is in this world or the next. Brother Malthorpe appears to be gaining some skill in future knowledge projection and this has included multiple episodes this year, two dozen or so, where a vision or perception of something has come to pass. After this, brother Malthorpe again had the violent shakes and appeared to be grunting towards the end. He was aware of this himself but could not control it nor did he originate it.

Brother Malthorpe became emotional upon seeing the second anointing (twice in three days) of Father Graham he had tears. He asked Satan if this was something that revealed an anointing in this world or in a world to come. There was no answer. Brother Malthorpe tried to reason with the spirit world that we were followers and came to learn and nothing else. There was no reaction but around this point, the Pentagram came to motion and three-fifths of it was blocked with a yellowish covering of unknown origin.

Also, across the room in the darkness appeared a veil covering parts of Father Graham and Brother Mike almost like looking through vines in which there were shadowed spirits moving. This is the third time I have seen this most vividly on the first evening here.

I deliver this report with little ability to interpret or to question what I saw. That said I affirm that these things happened as I have described, that I was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and that as a Satanist, I understand the penalty of lying about Satan, His demons or to Father Graham. In stating this, however, I am remembering the highly charged and emotional events of this night to the best of my human ability which is flawed. This is recorded less than three hours after the events concluded so as to create a permanent record for Father Graham.

Hail Satan!
Brother Malthorpe

Father Graham



Commit to satan with Father graham