No 21. Misguided Christians


A pamphlet was going around campus last week about how gays are child-molesting monsters, who want to infect the world with aids and need Jesus to purge them of the gay… That’s wasn’t great and the professors were all ok with it. Satanas!!

Christians are so quick to target Gays and forget the wider comunity.

A few years ago when Mike and I did know a Christian Lady ( she is divorced and single ). She said to us that she found is difficulty dealing with Mike and I and her Gay brother. So I said to her. The Bible clearly states that only Married males and females having sex are not committing a sin, and all male and female and same-sex couples that have sex are equal and committing sin and will go to hell.

She said I am right and I said I know I am right because that’s what the Bible says. So I said to her. I know you have a boyfriend and if you have sex you are equal to your Gay brother ( if he has sex ) . She was confronted with truth and didn’t like it, yet said that yes I am right. The thing is Christians are so quick to target Gays then forget about themselves.

According to the Bible, if any unmarried person has sex with another person they will not go to heaven. But most Christians take from the Bible what suits them and forget what they don’t want to read. Also, the thing is this. Who of those Christians that you have to associate with can guarantee they will go to heaven by implying such evil propaganda at that statement. They’re committing untruths and evil and intentionally sin themselves and when we Satanists meet them in Hell its payback time.



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No 22. Family and Satan.

Parents bring your children up in open surroundings. At home its naked for everyone. Take all the doors off the house so there is no hiding anything. If you have visitors its the same thing for them. If your kids see you fuck them they see. It’s better they see it at home in a loving environment.

Also, have Satanic pendulum stars everywhere and dedicate them to Satan. Even under the beds and seats. 


Teach your children to be open in life to what fantasies them.

Teach them to love their bodies.

Teach them to love the bodies of the family.

Teach them to sleep with who they want and go to bed naked.

Teach them to show their love openly.

Teach them to play with body parts of others as they want.

When they are of legal age teach them to fuck with who they want and when they want.

Teach them to call out Satans name often and recognise Satan during normal conversation.

By the legal age they will be used to seeing the older ones fuck and that they always include Satan.

Have big high fences around the back garden to be naked out there.

Be proud of their body and to enjoy other bodies. No secrets 



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No 23. It is Not Ok to target Gays

This is why it’s not OK to target Gays and same-sex couples


The Bible clearly states that if one has sex with someone else out of marriage they ware committing a sin and will not be allowed into Heaven

This means that anyone and even practicing Christians out of a marriage will not be allowed entry. The Westboro Baptist Church is an example. They target Gays, but they don’t target their own children who are having sex out of marriage. Or single people who have sex with someone else. They are equal to gays but society doesn’t want to admit that.
A few years ago Mike and I knew a Christian female. She said she had issues with her brother that’s gay. I said, put it this way the bible says that anyone outside marriage has sex they are committing a sin against God and they will not be allowed into heaven, and she agreed.
So I then said, if you and your boyfriend have sex you are equal to your brother. She was annoyed and upset, then when she calmed down she said I am right. I replied its not me its what the bible says but Christians miss out parts to suit themselves.
Then in a chat site someone saw my profile and said to me that I am going to hell,  so I replied and said with your profile and the disgusting stuff your into one thing I know is your not going to go to heaven so I will meet you in hell and that I am a satanist on earth I will severely punish you when you arrive.
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No 24. Poppers  – Amyl


In this editorial, I will use the term Amyl

Generally amyl is for sexual stimulation.

I mainly use amyl for mental stimulation.


I sleep alone naked. several reasons for being alone is that Mike has big balls and I play with them so much no one gets a good sleep. But the advantage of being alone is that during the night I can worship Satan in prayer. 

Also, I use amyl to pray to our lord Satan. I also sniff it and ask Satan to give me dreams and visions. The visions can vary from light to heavy. But they’re always wonderful. Today the images he gave me weren’t sexual at all, they were pieces of art that weren’t humanly made. they were studded with Diamonds and precious jewels, then in the mix was a person looking at me wanking my cock. But there was a time when satan was there talking to on in a one on one basis. Satan uses this opportunity to express his rewards ina special way. I often have several different bottles enhancements depending if I want strong or light sensation.

As far as the amyl, this is what my supplier suggests. Since rules changed, its illegal to import the German product, the Canadian manufactured product is less potent than the German, but it’s safer and the side issue is that it lasts less time.

Buy the 10ml bottles and not the 30mls. The 30mls don’t last that long, so buy the 10ml bottles. Use one 10ml bottle a few times then throw it out and don’t put it in the fridge. He agreed that the 30ml bottle will evaporate quickly and the aroma doesn’t last very long because of the safer chemicals.



Hail Satan

her Graham 

y in the past.





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