No 1. Father Grahams commitment to Satan

Father Graham

Hi Graham

Trust you are well

We have spoken briefly before, and how does one start on this journey into 666. I have hit a brick wall everything it is mentioned, and I have had no help from anyone.

Robin.  Texas USA


This message took me back a few years to 2015 after Mike and I left going to the Alocal AOG church .

Bendigo Australia.

I noticed in the profile of a Gay man I had comucated with and it included 666. I knew what 666 meant but I didn’t know why he had it in hIs profile, so I asked him and he told me that he’s now a Satanist. He told me that his relationship with his partner had improved and now that he is also a Satanist. He talked about it for a while and told me exciting things and the more he told me the more I wanted to know.

As a gay man in a gay relationship, I know that no matter how hard I tried to be a Gay Christian I would not be allowed into Heaven, and the more that my friend told me the more I wanted to go to Hell and that hell is not just as the bible states . He advised me what to do and where to go to find out more. And he said there is a right way and a wrong way to actually commit it to Satan so he advised me.

From then I researched into Satanism and got ideas from a chat site “Gaysatanicbrotherhood”  from many guys, but I didn’t get really good continuous help.. Even my friend who I had known for a long time and introduced me to 666 didn’t reply to my questions, and most of the guys I chatted to only gave their point of view then when I had questions they had disappeared. I was desperately wanting help of which most only had opinions and no facts.

After I researched for many months, I worked out my way to commit to Satan and hopefully do it right the first time.

Then I went to our home theater where it is dark and I prayed to Satan. I asked him to direct and guide me to commit to him. Then I wanted to make a pendulum star, so I got a wall mounted poster and covered it with old black polythene, I found some blue masking tape and made a star within a circle. I found some glow in the dark paint I had for a project that I didn’t make. I painted the star and the circle. I could see its not perfect, but I knew Satan could see I did my best that I could do.  

Then after a lot of research I wrote my commitment prayer. I read it and checked it till i felt it was correct.

Our home theater is alwys dark and I knew thats the room to perform my commitment to Satan. I waited till I was home alone and I could concentrate on Satan with no distractions. I turned off the phone an locke all the doors.

I went into the home theater with the room really dark and my star shone really bright so I was able to concentrate on the star. I got naked and choset to wear leather harness, and knelt in front of the star I prayed to Satan and made my commitment to him. In that prayer of commitment I included ” Lord Satan, I want to ask you to help me do is this.   I want to help as many men that I can to love you and commit to you,. I want to not only help them but I want to guide them and help them after they commit. I specifically want to be a mentor to help Christians who desperately want to be Satanists”. As I said my prayer of commitment I saw that star pulse like heart beat, my breathing got really heavy witnessing this extraordiany event. My instant reaction was that Satan is so powerfull that he made my simply made star of plastic, masking tappe and paint pulsate and i was in awe of Satans power. 

Then I felt this urge to Masturbate.  For the last 20 years, I have had to have one and a half viagra to get a hardon but this time was different. So I came into the office and watched my favorite porn and I found that the lust was way stronger than it ever was, then I felt  a strong urge to ejaculate and it as so overwhelming and I had feelings beyond anything I have ever had. I exploded and it was so strong that I had to grab the seat armrests for fear of falling off. The after feelings were in wonder of what just happened and I found such relief and contentment. So I tried it a day later and it was just the same and that’s physically impossible at my age with Viagra.  So I shared my plan by email with a few guys that all tried my plan and each of them also found tremendous results. 

Then i helped one one man commit to Satan and i contacted him 2 days later . he said that night was fantastic but at 6am he had a phone call that his mother died overnight, and he asked me to pray for him to relieve his burden of what’s involved.

I thought how the fuck does I ask Satan to be nice, all my years I have been taught that Satan is evil and does dreadful things to people. So I asked Satan to lift his burden off his shoulders and help give him relief. A few days later he said to me. Father Graham, I have never believed the power of prayer. After we chatted, it was as if Satan lifted the burden of organizing my mother’s funeral. I instantly felt the burden lift off my shoulders, and I started to be happy and laugh and make jokes. I would never ever have thought it’s possible to have such immediate results from one prayer. 

Over the next few months, I set time aside and went to the home theater and lay on the floor. I mediated and most times i fell asleep, but other times Satan visited me and inspired me. What i can now see eight years later was that Satan was preparing me for a ministry that at that time i didn know of. 


This is when I found that Satan had given me extraordinary powers of prayer. 

I can’t say this will happen to you, but he did for me. Satan chooses who he gives gifts to and who not. So far of all the hundreds of men that are Satanists, there is only one that’s been given extraordinary gifts. But even his aren’t as powerful as mine.   But this editorial is not about gifts it’s about my experiences and the next step. 

My Books are there as a valuable resource. Information men are hungry for and need. My books have already helped men that considered Suicide and divorce and castration.  If you choose to not read them you are the one missing out. 


Father Graham



No 2. Satan in the 21st century


Recently I had an astonishing experience
A guy in Dubai ( 7200miles away ) wanted me to pray for him on Skype.
As I prayed to Satan for him his light went off and I couldn’t see him. He took over the prayer to Satan with a soft gentle voice.
He made tremendously powerful commitments to Satan, to show his determination to serve Father Graham and worship him.
Then his light came on and he was surprised I was still there, so I told him he had been praying to Satan. He said, “how could I because I fell asleep”.  So I shared with him his prayer of dedication and commitment to me and Satan.

This is what happened.

This is what happened.
Satan used the internet and skype and used me as a witness to hear his Sub-Conscious talk to Satan to show his love and dedication to him.
Satan uses me to help you guys be who you want to be and all I suggest is that you buy a book and read for yourself and 
about many men that Satan has used me to help them.
I can help you as I have with them. I am between you and Satan, use this amazing source.
Father Graham




Father Grahams dungeon


No 3. I want a Demon to visit me  

Father Graham,

I have read how demons visit guys, why don’t they visit me?



When one is a committed Satanist we have control. 
There is a guy thats is not yet committed and wanted demons to visit him. so I prayed for that to happen, and this is his unedited report.
Father Graham
I like sex with men, but I need to have sex with demons. Last night I had a vision that I was getting fucked by a huge demon. He was completely dark skin and had scales in his skin, just like a snake. I saw his feet and were like male goat feet. His dick was huge and beautiful. I remember his semen was just like lava inside me, and then he told me that he love me too.
I had a guy come to me and ask for proof that satan is real or not. So I asked Satan to send demons to him. The next day he described some of what they did to him and for four nights they visited him. Some of the things they did to him were scary but exciting too. After four nights he asked me to call them off so he could get some sleep. So I did as he asked and the demons stopped instantly.
  • As he was not committed to Satan he had no control over the Demons.
  • If he is a Satanist he has control over the Demons.
  • As a Satanist, this is what I did

Acting upon good advice I prayed to Satan and in that prayer, I told him what I wanted for my perfect Demon. I asked Satan to assign one to me.

So I described my request in great detail. I was very specific. I wanted big man. 7 feet tall, Hairy, big hands and big cock and balls. Soft gentle hands, loving, kind, and just nice to be with. 

We all have different requests. I didn’t want to be fucked relentlessly 

Satan sends me exactly what I have asked for. He has visited me many many times and each time it is different experience. He usually lifts me out of bed and has me in an elevated position about 1 metre above the bed facing down and he makes wonderful loving gestures to me, while I tell him how much appreciation of having and how much I enjoy him. The last few times he kisses me on the lips and he puts my hand on his cock.
It has never been scary and each time it has been a beautiful experience.
One night I was on the edge of my bed and iIreached out and felt him . He had scales in his skin, just like a snake. I saw his feet and were like male goat feet. His dick was huge and beautiful. 
all the demons i have experienced physicaly and in spirit are in human form and they a re very strong/ i weigh 125kilos and they stiffen my body, they join ( like glue) my legs and levitate me above the bed ina horozontal position. Im quite sure that Satan would change them for various requirements.
They type messages on twitter and skype. Satan does appoint a specific demon as requested. My demon is exactly what i asked Satan to asign to me. Seversal times Satan has allowed me to see in a total darkness like a cat sees. Ive seen two demons on my bed fucking each other. I’ve seen demons many timers i my bedroom, they have body weight like human as they get into bed with me. Satan also gets into my bed, not often but he does. I’ve seen his eyes so close that i see the hairs and eye lashes as he blinks. sometimes men in my bed can hear them or see movement. two weeks ago at around midnight i thought Mike came in to my room as the door closed. He didn’t. one night i reached out to hopefully feel them and i touched one of them and it felt like skin of a snake.

I had a guy come to me and ask for proof that Satan is real or not. So I asked Satan to send demons to him. The next day my prayers were acknowledged, happy that Satan was there with me. Then I Fell asleep.


Father Graham


Commit to Satan


 No 4. If Satan told you to do

something very much out of

your comfort zone would you do it?


Could you do what he told and inspired you to do if,

  • You were criticized for your grammar
  • Your spelling
  • The layout 
  • The colours
  • The presentation
  • Bad Photoshoping and image presentation?

Could you carry on doing with what Satan told you to do and rise above human criticism?

Usually, the ones that are good at criticism are the ones that never do anything

Last question and more important than the others.

If Satan told you to something extraordinary and way out of your comfort zone to do something you have never done in your life that you were passionate about, would you do it?

Fortunately, I have a following of supporters that help to keep me from concentrating on the negative input  


Father Grahams dungeon