Satan is Freedom





 No 48.

Satan persisted in telling me


Do what Satan tells you and dont even question as he knows us better than we do.


One really cold winter night at 2 am Satan gave me a vision and explained it. Then he told me some important information and I thought I must write that down when I get out of bed at 7am. Then I was so horny that I wanted to ejaculate so i could then go to sleep. I tried and tried but I couldn’t ejaculate. Then Satan told me to write it down, and I said: “its a cold night I will do it at 7 when I get up”. Satan said again “Go write it down”. So I put some clothes and went to my office. I Saw Mark was online and sent him what had just happened and write it all to him.

I said it’s now 2.30 am and its cold in the office so I am going back to my warm bed.    Mark said maybe Satan has more for you. I then went to bed and I was facing the wall with my eyes fully open.

I could see a blue sky and puffy white clouds. Then I lay on my back and I saw the blue sky and puffy clouds that I couldn’t see the ceiling or the walls of my bedroom. Then a blanket of lace-like table cloth between me and the clouds. ( there is more to that story ).

Then when I got out of bed at 7 am,  I wrote to another friend telling him what I saw, and that he did show me more but i forgot what had happened before. 

Two weeks ago Satan told me to write everything down from 25 years ago till now and I completely forgot what happened that night till I looked back and found what I write to Mark. That night when Satan showed me two spectacular events he knew I would forget and persisted that I go write it down as he knew there was more he had to show me that night.    

Father Graham