Cock rings and pendants



No 65. poppers.  (amyl) natural with no side effects


July 10th
Last month I was running low on poppers, so I ordered a new supply. When I ran out, I told Satan many times that I have no amyl to worship him and open my mind to him and his supernatural forces with visits from demons. Many times as I prayed to him, I felt a demon lay on my legs and feet. Many times on cold nights, I felt demons heating up my feet to help me go to sleep. I also told Satan that with a lot of use of amyl that I developed that Bad cough and that’s not good for my health. As my use of amyl gets so intense some nights that I can’t stop getting a fresher bottle, then I use them up too fast, so I have asked Mike to take them and told him to only allow me one bottle a week. Yesterday the new supply of amyl arrived.

When I went to bed I thought maybe I can have my first bottle, then Satan said no, not tonight. So I went to sleep.
At about 2am I noticed that the smell in my nose was changing. The intensity and smell was different to what I normally smell for covid19 and the flue immunity. I took a few heavy deep breaths to smell it and the more I breathed heavy the more it smellt like amyl and i said to Satan thats what it smelt like and it smelt wonderful and exciting. Then several demons came to me. My penis got super hard as they wrestled with me. I called out to Satan and my recognition of his intervention to this amazing experience. It lasted for maybe 5 minutes of 30 minutes or longer as I had no comprehension of time.
Then I slept for hours till 6am.
With running out of amyl and I still communicated with Satan proved that even without amyl I didn’t stop trying to communicate with him. Maybe I proved that even without amyl I didn’t give up. Then he supplied me with his form of amyl with no side effects or cost. His form of amyl is Safe, free and not addictive.

But isn’t this fucking amazing that Satan gave me amyl as he feels I need it and without that cough. Think about this. Satan changed my noise smell to smell and have the effects of Amyl so I could worship him. 



 No 66. Drugs, Yes/No



Legal medicines * for parties. Isopentyl amyl acetate (poppers) *.
It is safe** and organic. It is used in the food and medical industries. I suggest you ask your doctor for his approval.
My doctor approved it to me and I have  medical certificate.
It is not addictive or really expensive.

I use amyl to worship and pray to Satan.

Satan loves us to worship him as best we can.

Satan wants me to be healthy, alert, and sober.
Most drugs are illegal.
Illegal means that in many countries you will go to prison. Do you want to go to prison for many years?
Are you ready to go to prison with all these years taken from your life?
Most party drugs are very addictive, and all you think about is getting more drugs, and you will do anything to get more and destroy your life and finances and the people around you.
The next story on the following page is an account of a guy who wishes he had never used drugs.
Is friendship worth destroying?
Is it worth doing something for more drugs?
When you’re a Satanist, you don’t need drugs for great sex. This is a report unedited from a follower of this site and a man that i mentored.

Father Graham,
Please keep praying for me and share this story with everyone.
Not having income for 17 years in prison was beyond anything I could imagine. What a waste of time. I’m so out of touch in 2019 after a drug rampage 17 years ago. With excessive use of drugs  allowed me to murder someone. What waste of time from my life all to have a quick fix for great sex one night that ended up controlling my life. The only good thing about being in prison, was it got me off the addictive and expensive drugs 

Now, back in society, away from prison, I am trying to catch up in the real world. Fortunately, my rehab includes retraining my profession, Tell your followers to NEVER do illegal drugs.

Father Graham

* In some countries, it is illegal.
**Only safe is it is used in moderation. From excessive use it can cause you to develop an uncontrolled cough.





No 67.  Father Grahams conversion.


[ Photo ]
When I was unsatisfied with Christianity I researched Satan, there was virtually nothing except the Satanic Bible with gave me nothing. So i put together my own plan. I knew I would have to actually commit to Satan formally. So I went to our home theater and set up an Altar. I got an only cabinet and covered it with black fabric and got a harness and some chain. Then I got an old picture and covered it with black polythene, then I placed blue masking tape to form the a Star inside the circle. Then I found some blue glow in the dark paint that I had bought for another project. Then painted the circle and star, and I painted Hail Satan and the 666. Then I got the room as dark as possible and I felt the stage was set. I waited to be alone then wrote my comital prayer so then I was ready. i got naked and decided to wear my favorite leather harness. I knelt at the altar, slowly said my prayer. As I said my prayer my heart rate sped up, so halfway through I stopped to get my breath back and in that time I felt Satans presence.  I continued the prayer, in the prayer I said.


“Lord Satan, I havent had much help with this preparation, so Lord Satan I want to help other men, Christian men and especially Christian preachers to come and commit to you.

“When it was over I had the urge to watch some porn. So I went to my office and blocked out the window to make the room dark. I was watching porn and the more I watched it, the more my internal feelings grew stronger. As I masturbated, I got feelings that I had never experienced. During this time I kept repeating. “Satan, I love you. Lord Satan, this is amazing. Hail Satan.”  Then I ejaculated, and it was extreme, I produced more cum than I have ever experienced before. Then I felt dizzy and had to grab the arms on the seat in fear of falling off the chair. I felt like I was in a hypnotic state, yet I was fully conscious and in control of my self, but in aura of what had just happened that I got such an erect without Viagra.

Then I started to mentor men. I was talking to a Christian man in Boston, and I shared my experience with him. He said he had tried to commit to Satan many times and had no success. So I emailed him what I did. He followed my instructions and did exactly what i did and he emailed me a few days later.

Father Graham. I followed your plan exactly and I did everything you did and even read the words in your committal prayer. After I commited to Satan I also found the same thing as you, I wanted to watch porn and as I did, my internal lusts grew strong and the more I masturbated and called out his name I got harder. Then I ejaculated like never before and I also had to grab the chair in fear of falling off, then I was gasping for air as my breathing was so heavy. He then stated that he hadnt ejaculated for 10 years.

Then I was talking to a man in London, England and he said similar to the guy from Boston. So I told him about my plan and I emailed it to him/ he did just what I did and the night was set. He followed my plan exactly. Then he committed to Satan, he said that night was amazing and he was so filled with Satans tremendous power and he went to sleep. He was woken at 6am with a phone call to say his mother died.

Suddenly his world was shattered. ( but he or i didnt know it was all part of Satans plan for a fellow servant )

I emailed him a few days later and he said that night was fantastic, but at 6am he had a phone call to say his mother died. Now he was plunged into having to go to the morgue and see him dead mother. He then had to organize the church and pick out coffin. Then he said he felt so heavy with grief that he couldn’t stop sobbing. Then we were on skype and he said Father Graham. Please pray for me and I said ok. Then I went to the altar and got naked and knelt at the altar. I thought how the fuck do I pray to Satan when hes only known for doing bad things

I didnt even think a prayer to Satan to do good would even work let alone have any effect on this man that I had never met. I thought well I have to do what I have to do. I Said. “Lord Satan be with brother Jeff in London, his mother has died and he is heavy with grief, please lift the weight off his shoulders. Take the heaviness from him and replace it with happiness and have after the funeral wake to be fantastic as he met his relatives”.

Then the next day he sent me an email. ” Father Graham , I would never have believed that the power of prayer to Satan would be so fast and immediate. He said “just after you spoke to me I felt a dark cloud come over me, I felt the cloud suck the bad energy from my body and replace it with good energy. I started to make jokes and laugh as I was instantly replaced with happiness. I thought this is my mothers funeral I shouldnt be happy but I couldnt help it. Then after the funeral was the wake. Fuck what an amazing celebration that was and it lasted for hours and hours it was fantastic and I have met relatives I didnt know I even had and its formed friendships that i didnt have before. Hail Satan

What Satan did when I committed to him was given me the correct plan and words. He also gave me the tools to help men to commit to him, he gave me the power of prayer.

 No 68. Father Grahams piss is Satans.


Satan wrote me us a message on skype

Something extraordinary has happend today, i was online here briefly today. i wrote this about a feature of the Satanic retreat.

“I came up with an idea for the retreat. ajoiing the dungeon will be sliding door into a cave. it will be dark and dingy and have an old bath. Anyone can lay in the bath and drink piss direct from cock. Mike didnt used to think its a good idea but now he does and we will both participate. I will be one of the first to try it out and drink mens fresh warm piss down in my inner body in honuour of Satan.
Then i turned off the computer, Ten minutes later from my keyboard someone wrote this”

“anything to have more attraction to come to the retreat. no need for a urinal. just Satans mouths to drink it. lay in the bath and bathe in it
Neither Mike or i wrote it, the computer was turned off. we dont say our gramme that way. Satan saw what i wrote and he wrote it as message to me and you. Satan dioes not want a urinal at the retreat, “

Neither Mike or i wrote it, the computer was turned off. We dont say our grammer that way that text is written.

Satan saw what I wrote and he wrote it as message to me and you. Satan does not want a urinal at the retreat, Satan wants a bath so guests here at the retreat receive the benefits that Satan will give.

Men can bathe in it and drink Father Grahams fresh piss. Satan has since said, he will generate my piss with tremendous power that who drinks it or bathes in it will receive his energy infused in my piss.