No 69. 
Puzzle of Father Grahams only Grand child solved 


I became a Satanist in 2016. 

I have identical twin daughters and one had tried for years to have a baby, and the other didnt. So my ex wife asked me to pray for the one daughter that had tried to have a baby. One of my Daughters and husband love “Iron Miaden” music and the  even have “Iron Maiden” posters on the walls. 

Many times I have asked Satan to have her visit Mike and I for a short holiday.  Then we get her drunk and horny, so Mike and I could fuck her and give her our baby. Often when I worshiped Satan I told Satan to have my daughter allow me to fuck her. ( she lives 6500 kilometeres away ), so she didn’t visit. 

Then there was news that the other daughter was pregnant ( the one with the  “Iron Maiden” influence) . A boy was born. The baby had the exact face of me (Father Graham). I got a baby photo of me when I was a baby and he was the exact image as me. As the child in groing up, the parents and specifically the grand parents from the husband’s side of the family could see that there seemed to be no resemblance of the Dutch side of the family. 

As the child grows up, it is more apparent that there is NOTHING that’s obvious of his fathers character, looks, or genes and nothing whatsoever. My only grandchild has my blonde hair, facial appearances, manner, attitude, height. big feet, and big hand, and big C**k and scrotum.  

In 2020 Satan said to me. “Father Graham, your only Grandson has only been born, so as to carry your genes into the 22nd century as youve my chosen on as my human Representative”.   At that time i thought that my Grandchild somehow had my Genes imbedded into my daughter

The child is now aged 8. Its has been noted that this child looks like me, acts like me, same character as me. Same hair colour, Same hobby interests as me. I have suggested to my daughter one could think that it’s my baby and that I fucked her. She agreed but as that didnt happen its been dismissed, She lives 6300kilometres away on the other side of Australia. They have said that hes a miracle child because he was their first try and no children since.

Now 5 years later.

A follower of Father Grahams Satanic ministry, who I have never meat and lives in Perth, Australia, said to me.

“Father Graham,  I know things about you that i don’t think you know.  You have a son that you didn’t know you had. You cheated on your wife for years”. But even though he was correct that I did cheat on my wife for many years,  I dismissed it as I had never had sex with any Female except my wife. Yes I cheated on my wife but only with men. Then I looked back at certain senerios. Such as when Satan gave me immunity to Covid19, that was instant and i did not feel him touch me. That was Satan at work and humanly impossible. That fact occurred doing the day in daylight. So as he did that he’s done something else extraordinary. 

After much thought, this is what happened.

Unkown to me, the daughter with “Iron Maiden” posters decided they would try for a baby.

One night 8 years ago, I was masturbating and telling Satan that my sperm needed to be in my Daughter to give her a baby. 

My daughter and her husband  6300kms away, decided to have a baby. So as it was their first time to try they have a romantic dinner followed with wine.  At the precise time of my prayer, my daughter and son in law were fucking to try for a baby. As I ejaculated,  Satan took my sperm and planted it in my son in laws scrotum and he ejaculated into my daughter.

This is proof of Satans power. My daughter who lives 6300kms away and Satan wanted my seed planted into her, so he found a way to achieve that for his purpose.

My daughter and son in law are still gobsmacked that with only one try they hit the jackpot and got a baby first time they tried.

I thanked Satan but didnt understand till now.I

When my son is aged 16 i will ask him to get a DNA test. I cant imagine how my daughters and exwife will react when they see none the fathers DNA there. I have yet to tell my daughter why her sons looks and ats so much like me.

I am yet to try to tell my Ex wife what really happened






 No 70.

Satan uses Skype and Twitter to comunicate

This extraordinary report shows how Satan now communicated with me

Within this report are actually conversations on Skype and Twitter. The highligted text in Yellow is Satan s text

Hey guys,. Something extraordinary has happened today, I was online here briefly today. I wrote this
I came up with an idea for the retreat. Adjoining the dungeon will be sliding door into a cave. It will be dark and dingy and have an old bath. Anyone can lay in the bath and drink piss direct from cock. Mike didnt used to think its a good idea but now he does and we will participate. i will be one of the first to try it out. Drink mens fresh warm piss down in my inner body in honor of Satan.
Then i turned off the computer, a few minutes later from my keyboard someone wrote this.
Anything to have more attraction to come to the retreat. no need for a urinal. just Satans mouths to drink it. lay in the bath and bathe in it. 
Neither Mike or I wrote it, the computer was turned off. We dont say our grammar that way. Satan saw what I wrote and he wrote it as message to me and you. Satan does not want a urinal at the retreat, Satan wants a bath so guests here, men can bathe in it and drink Father Grahams fresh piss. Satan has since told me that when I piss and I ask for Satan to bless it, he will infuse it with his energy so when men drink it they will feel it burn as it goes deep into their body and crave for more.

————————————————————————————————————————————–June 5th 2022-

Back in 2020 I had lost contact with a Christian preacher in Houston, Texas. He invented a new nickname and i didn’t not know it. Recently I had a message from him. However. It appeared to have been written by me, but as i didnt know his new nickname I was unable to contact him. This is the message. 

Please make contact. I would like to help you go deeper and get closer to our lord Satan and .this retreat is for men like you to go deeper amd closer to Satan and be with fellow satanists in worshiping satan in a safe place and satanicly infused orgies We’ve also satsnic weddings booked with many husbands. Love you to join us. Hail Satan.

Satan found my message copy and pasted it in this preacher new Twitter account. 

Notice the spelling mistakes.   


And we will distriy all those who will be against us

woooow someone just typed that and It wasn’t me

.   amazing9:10 PM
which wasnt your text

casper, 9:10 PM
Satan was typing

9:10 PM
which one

casper, 9:10 PM
and we will distroy ….

9:10 PM
i wondered that when i saw it’

casper, 9:11 PM
amazing Father someone took over

9:11 PM
look at the time, there cant be two texts at the same time
unless you type really fast

casper, 9:11 PM

9:11 PM
i didnt write it

casper, 9:11 PM
it wasn’t me Father

m breathing heavy

casper, 9:13 PM
be carefull Father

same here

9:13 PM
hes done that to me twice recently but not as i was typing
My breathing is heavy yes but satan is here with us

casper, 9:14 PM
yes I’m here

9:15 PM
i just told Mike and i will save that, but to  know Satan is here with us and he wanted me to read that

casper, 9:16 PM
Yes and I can see Mike clear

9:16 PM
i just read it again with the spelling mistake, “We will destroy all those who will be against us. ” i knew this last year but not as those words said it
he made a spelling mistake

casper, 9:17 PM
Father I will send a demon to Casper

9:17 PM
Satan has done this to me two times so far but not as we were comunicating
WOW, Satan i love youj
please send Casper a demon, Satan your good but you made a spelling mistake
WOW. Fuck Satan your good. i always said your of the 21st century
Caper needs t have his own demon

casper, 9:19 PM
I’m here with Casper and I’m telling u this trew Casper. He will send u his visions

Satan please send them tonight, i need them

casper, 9:21 PM
He is doing gret and he will be perfect.

9:21 PM
that last message os that from Satan or casper?

casper, 9:22 PM
Still here

9:22 PM
yes you are bit did you wriote all that or was that Satan and you sitting watching

casper, 9:23 PM
Casper here I didn’t wrote this Father

9:23 PM
it wasnt you typing was it casper can you see it?

casper, 9:24 PM
yes just reading it


HE is near I can feel it it’s a strong sign

7:35 PM
i know he wants the retreat, but no one is able to come and help us with money to get it ready
yes we get thinge at a low price and its as if its been saved for us and not been sold to someone else

casper, 7:36 PM
fuck I can see growing roses ad I see u <father near water

casper, 7:37 PM
HE is near Father

casper, 7:38 PM
FAther I’m here

My fingers are stiff now and I cant type one the keyboard

he is here now

7:40 PM
did yo type this (FAther I’m here) ?
becasue i know your there

casper, 7:41 PM

7:41 PM
Satan, Hai, Satan
Lord Satan, what can i say

casper, 7:42 PM
I’m here now

he is here h

7:42 PM
Lord satan , you told me to keep working on the retreat but wee dont even have one paidbooking
im so dispondent
Mike is aslo itys seems that not matter how hard we work were not achieveing anything

casper, 7:43 PM
itwill be

u will gett some help

7:44 PM
but we keeop moving forweard becasue we know you want the retreat.
men say tghey will come say they will make a payement and dont
so many have proimised m oney and nothing arrives and he work with our small amount and all my pension is gone

casper, 7:45 PM
u will get a amount of money 

7:45 PM
i tust you a n d always opne to anyone that says they w ill but most dont but i keep moving forward
its bizzare that so far its only been christians that help us

casper, 7:47 PM
they gave too you

For a while I couldnt type as Satan made my fngers go stiff

7:50 PM
did you type this ( u will get a amount of money ) 

casper, 7:50 PM

7:51 PM
or was that Satan.
Satan your amazing

casper, 7:51 PM
Satan was he Here in my office and i felt him





No 71.  Is Father Graham chosen by Satan? You decide.

As I speak to a person I often unintentionally hypnotize them. 
On skype face to face some men have seen a halo around my head.
Most said that they felt mesmerized, hypnotized. spellbound, transfixed, couldn’t look way as they watched and listened to me talking about Satan.
Some believers that I have spoken to face to face, felt an electrical energy or undescribable energy they coudnt explain.
On an Amtrak Train in 2020 a man was talking to us in the dining carriage and he said ” I cant talk to you anymore” and he literally ran away to another carriage.
A few weeks  we were talking to a couple at a restraunt and one guest even took photos of me with them.
Another person wanted business card with my signature as a souvenir.
A man in Maritious in chatt said he must stop talking to me as he felt i was such a super power and asked me if i am the “Antichrist” as it started in the bible.
On the Queen Elizabth cruise ship in early 2020 a lady couldn’t stop talking to me about the ministry.
An author on another Amtrak Train in 2020 .” she said she don’t know me but she felt that i was in position of great power and importance and we sat there for an hour.
So this might give you some idea that i am not just another gay man and your in a privilgead location to meet me and who knows might be part of this ministry that you have yet to learn about

 No 72. Satan and sex

Satanic sex is inconcevably overwelming.

For uncommitted to have sex is sometimes great and on the scale of 10 its poor or great from 3-7.

But when one is a satanist the scale goes up 5-7.

When two or more sataniats are having sex it has the potential of 7-9 Satanic sex is inconceveably overleming.

When two or more satanists have satanic sex and before the sex kneel at a Satanic altar and dedicate the sex to Satan and during the sex they acknowledge Satan the sex often is 7-10 plus.

Here are some good examples. 

no 1.

After Mike became a Satanst, he was fucking a man who was a retreat guest, he was interested in Satanism but not committed. Mike was fucking this man while he sucked my cock. Then as Mike fucked him, I stopped and asked the guest to keep sucking my cock. I knelt on the bed and raised my hand and called out to Satan. I asked Satan to give our guest a temporary gift of Lust, and every time Mike ramed his cock in to suck on Mikes cock to get it in deeper and harder. Suddenly, Mkes cock rammed this guy harder with way more energy. As Mike fucked him the energy dramatically increased. Then Mike started to laugh uncontrolled and fucked with way more force for much longer then he ejaculated in him and he call out Hail Satan and collapsed on the bed. His cock had swelled way bigger. I sucked it with a massive lust and his cock and balls eswelled about 50% bigger and he tel me suck for a good 10 minutes and ejaclated a second time. Normal when Mike fucks and after hes pulled out NO one can suck it.

no 2.

Mike and I had a sex party at our house. There were about 8 men and only one was a Satanist. One man was besotted with my cock and during the night he suked on it a few times had i didnt cum. Then the Satanist sucked. Immediatly he sucked my ccok got really hard and the more he sucked the more ravenus he was.  He sucked full force for a good 30 minutes as I called out Satans name.  Then I exploded and passed out on the floor as the feelings were extreme . After it was over he said to me that he tried to pull off to have  rest from my thick cock, but it was like my cock was a magnet and electrified and he couldn’t pull off.
He realised that Satan did a it and the harder he sucked the more he wanted. He said he felt Satan stretched his jaw wide to accomidate my thick cock easily and it was all pleasure.  Im 8×6

no 3.

Mike and I went to a Gay sauna. During the time there I enjoyed watching Mike fuck a lot of men. But each time I didn’t get close to fuck. Then I sucked a hard cock and he ejaculated and after he said that’s the best ejacualtion hes ever had so I told him  that’s because I’m have Satan in me. He didnt say anything. Then all the men slowly left the dark room, so I then went to private room and challenged Satan. I knelt on the floor and said. “Lord Satan so far Mikes had all the fun and I’ve only sucked one cock. Now its my turn for something extraordinary as well as I want to show the men that I have the power of you in me”. Then I went back to that dark room and no one was there. Then two men came in, then Mike and few others. Mike fucked a man and then I fucked him as I love to fuck a hole Mike was in and to enjoy Mikes cum on my cock. Then something that Mike Never does, and that he wanted to be fucked. One man fucked him the it was my turn.  Considering im going to fuck the man that I really love,  Satan made my cock super hard and swell a lot bigger and my balls increased in size with way more cum.  I went in and fucked him hard. Then Satan set a bolt of electricity through my body and my cock and into Mike. I shouted out really loud “Hail Satan” and exoloded into Mike. Everyone in the whole Sauna would have heard my shout as it was really loud and out of my control. I suddenly went faint and collapsed on the bed,. Then I staggered out to a private room and it took about 30 minutes to regain my normal breathing and time to thank Satan  for his power and my witness to him.


 I inducted a man called Colin at our Satanic Altar. That night we had another guest. I inducted Colin and then the 4 of us celebrated his induction. After it was over he said to me that he was dissapointed that he didn’t experience anything extraordinary and didn’t ejaculate. I said to him the night isint yet over, ( at that time we didn’t know Satan had something special for him later ). At bedtime I took him to my bed, We knelt at Satans altar then we went to bed. For some strange reason we left the lights on. We started talking about Satan and sex and his love for Satan and that he hadn’t ejaculated or have hard cock for 10 years. As we talked, his cock got harder and harder and then I called out to satan to bless Colin. Then I went down and sucked on his hard cock and the harder I sucked the most intence it got. Then his body became super strong and I felt his cock swell even larger. Then he exploded and collapsed and breathing really deep and hard.  After it was over we talked about the experience and he said that as I started to suck on his cock, that he felt his soul leave his body and it was looking down at me sucking his cock, he said as he looked down the experience was sureal that it was duffuiclut to describe and that ejacukaton was the first time in 10 years and that before that he had to have injections.

no 5.

My bedroom has a Satanic altar and a Satanic star above my bed on the ceiling and on the wall behind the bed.

I went to be bed and knelt at my altar and I usually pray for men that I comunicate with or a special requests,  plus I always ask Satan to bless me and guide me tonight. I watched some porn and masturbated and sniffed Amuyl and Satan came to my bed then I told him that i have to cum for him as I really need sleep. So I was ready to ejaculate then he said prayed to Satan and he  said .” Father Graham cum on the banner”. Then I knelt on the bed and sniffed Amyl. Then my cocks and balls swelled bigger as I masturbated on the banner calling out his name, and my head went light and I felt Satans power in my cock and exploded on then banner. Then the power of lust was so extreme that I passed out on the bed and was panting and regaining my breathing.

no. 6

My bedroom is always black during the day. Most afternoons I go to bed to have a rest. Sometimes i sniff amyl and Satan comes to my bed. Demons always visit me . Demons usually play with me and lay at my feet. When I masturbate I always have tremendous supernatural feelings and I often don’t ejaculate but instead leave it to anther day so I’m always horny for Satanmic worship. And nknelling at hos altar is always a fulfilling experience for him and me.  

All this plus more sexual experiences some are beyond description, Why are you missing out on something that’s free.  


Commit to satan today.

Everday you have sex without Satan whos missing out?

Not Father Graham that’s for sure.  


Commit to Satan with Father Grahams easy and fun do-it-yourself program