No 57. Yet I scream for help


I am not an intellectual scholar. I have had no training of any sort. But Satan chose me to represent him even with the lack of skills to write.

I know my spelling, grammar, placement of words and words missing from text and I call out to my followers for help, but many fail as theyre not really committed to Satan like they say they are. Many guys offer to help me but they start then I never hear from them again.

After Joe Biden’s inaugural speech I used his as a guide and changed the context to suit me and i was proud of what I wrote, so I sent it to a Christian ( now Satanic ) preacher I am mentoring and this is his reply.

1. Spelling and grammar needs work, in some parts I think I understand what you’re saying, but the way it’s worded, or missing words, spelling errors make it seem jumbled and in places hard to follow.
2. Lastly, again this is not a criticism but just some observations. In places it seems very disjointed, does not make complete sense.
3. It is saw this written somewhere on the internet I would not take it seriously,  They will think you’re a madman.   
In life we all have choices. The best people to criticize are the ones that never do anything. They think they know it all and are quick at criticizing the ones that do, they sit on the couch watching TV while others are writing a book or constructing web pages, or waling across the USA from coast to Coast pushing a shopping trolley.
I scream for help as I know my failures, yet I get stupid destructive criticism. People like this know-how to try to destroy to make them feel superior. 
Satan chose me. 
Father Graham 




Commit with Father Graham


 No 58. Cure for covid19

We all know there is no medication for Covid19 and the flue that will kill the virus within a few hours.

Last year Satan told me that he gave me immunity to the Virus and that story is in my book “The Journey”.
I have since told Satan that I would love proof of the immunity to covid19,  but I didnt want to purposely expose myself to Covid19 .
I recently had all the symptoms of the flue, watery eyes, sneezing, sore throat. I felt listless, so I went to bed early. Before I got into bed I asked Satan to give me restful sleep. When I was getting sleepy I noticed the odor in my nose changed slightly. 
Overnight I had a good solid sleep. The next morning, I woke up and felt great. I felt so renewed, like I had new lease of life. Then I realized that the flue had gone.
Overnight, Satan removed the flue virus from my body, and he replaced it with renewed energy.
Think about this. There is no medication that can rid the body from the flue, yet Satan used an odor in my nose that removed the flue cells from my body in a few hours.
After this happening I went to my doctor over another issue, and asked him if there is any medication invented that can rid the body of the common flue and he acknowledged there as nothing invented. I told him of this happening  to me and he was speechless. 
This has occurred twice since. In April 2021 An international boarder is open to New Zealand without restrictions or quarantine. Mike and I booked our international flights. Three days before departure at 10pm I had a sore throat and watery eyes. I fell asleep and woke up at 1.30am and I told Satan the implications if I get tested that we couldn’t fly 3 days later. Then I said to Satan that my flue most stop immediately. 
Instantly, the odor in my nose changed to a less pleasant smell. I went to sleep instantly. I woke up at 6.30am and the flue disappeared. For the whole day I felt strange but no flue. 
Considering that my body had an adjustment against nature, it had to reset itself.
If Satan can do this for me, think what he can do for you and humanity. 
Satan is in control of this planet.
Satan knew of Covid19 in 2010.Satan planed for covid19 many years before 2010

Only Satan can remove covid19.

Satans plan is perfect, and he has lot more in store for our planet and the way we live in our modern world.   
Satan has a virus thats way more powerfull than Covd19.  Satans virus is 10-20 times more contagious, and all who get it will not survive, unless they commit to him. Everyone gets only opportunity to accept him as lord of earth or if they get that virus they will die. And they that rejected Satans call will not get a second opportunity to  accept his invitation.  



Father Grahams dungeon


No 59. Satans protection


Satan is protecting us from harm.

I was driving the car. A car was turning left and a car was at the stop sign, and I was behind the turning car the car at the stop sign didnt see me.  Most drivers pass the turning car but Satan had me hold back from passing the turning car.  The car at the stop sign pulled out on the road, Had I passed the turning car which was a legal pass I would have struck the turning car on the drivers side at full force. It wouldnt have been my fault but it would have been a serious crash and seriously hurt or killed the driver of the other car

On a dark night I was driving our car. While I was driving Mike was looking at the phone. A car in the opposite direction came onto my side of the road. I missed the oncoming car by millimeters. I didnt crash into a house. a person or a tree. Satan had me be altert, also I was driving at the speed limit of a slow 50kph, But a head on colision wouldnt end well and Satan wanted us both to safe and he protected us from harm.

Mike and I visited the Blue mountains in NSW. The viewing platform is very high with deep ravines below the platform, there are two levels. The lower level is only 2 feet from the edge with one platform extending out from the rock face. Mike and I were on the higher level and I thought we might go to the lower level,  and a voice said  “Dont go to the lower level”. The view was mesmerizing, but Satan wanted us protected from the possibility of falling 

Driving in the country on a wet winters day. A car from the opposite direction lost control and skidded torwards us at speed. Then it veered off the road and down an embankment, flipped over several times and ended up in the farmers paddock with the occupants seriously injured.   Satan guided the crashing car from our direction to the other side of the road. It was as if his hand moved the car to the other side of the road and moved it away from our vehicle and an impending head on crash,    







No 60. Hard pillow

I was on a train and they had hard pillows. I was in bed to go to sleep and the pillow was too hard. It was so hard that i couldn’t go to sleep. So i told Satan that I Desperatly needed to go to sleep  but the pillow was too hard. Instantly the pillow went soft and i felt my head surrounded by softness. I felt that my head was resting on clouds and I fell into a restfull sleep. Father Graham.