Father Grahams Retreat


No 73. Father Graham’s observations

Father Graham’s effects on people.

When I do live videochatt, people say that as I speak to them that they’re
Transfixed, Hypnotised, Spellbound, Mesmerized, couldn’t look away, couldn’t move.
In daytime and fully awake, Father Graham has been seen wearing a blue crown on his head.
People that Father Graham has talked to can feel an energy radiating from my body.
When Father Graham is in chatt, you most likely will feel the satanic energy with his text on your screen.
Father Graham as a power that he can hypnotise you and put you into a trance for as long as he wishes just by his words on the screen that your reading. 
One person actually saw a halo on his head. 
Another saw a green energy radiating out from his body
In 2020  we were talking to man on an Amtrak Train and he stopped and said “I cant talk to you anymore” and he actually ran out of
the dining car. 
Another man has already said “Are you the antichrist”? and he said “don’t talk to me anymore”.
I was in a restaurant and the people that I was talking to that were engrosed with my ministry (who are Christians) actually took photos with me.
I had one person, in a Restaurant, that took my autograph as a souvenir.
As we travel, we know Satan places people next to us that we can witness to.
last year on a bus in Australia we talked to a couple for 4 hours as they were thirsty to know more.
At a local restaurant we go to often people start talking to me and end up hours later as they are transfixed with my message.
Satan places people next to us and want to talk to me.
Strangers speak to me often.
On 2020 on an Amtrak we met a famous American author whos sold millions of books, we talked for hours and said my mission is extraordinary. She also stated that Christians have a lot to answer for. 
On an Aircraft, a flight stewardess was so interested in my mission.
 On another Amtrak, our car attended and couldn’t stop being enthusiastic.
This is an exact report from a witness to Satan’s power through my communication with him.
Casper from Brussels, Belgium. Casper, 9:24 AM
The power of Satan is so amazing and strong that when I read the texts from Father Graham. I can feel the strong satanic power. So amazing.
At times, I think “is this really happening” but I know it is such an honour what Satan have given me.
Think as you travel how many strangers you talk to, virtually none but people sense that I’m my someone different, 



 No 74. Satan heals mental health

Seb from Seville, Spain


Seb (aged 29) from Spain was having personal problems with his family. Satan has appointed Seb a demon ( called Brian) for protection and guidance.

Seb already had confirmed that he had Satans full protection during his difficult times he had to experience. Seb and I (Father Graham ) often communicated, as I encouraged him with Satans power. 

Recently he went to a wedding at a Catholic Church. During the service there was time of prayer, at that time Seb asked God to protect him.

The next week he had blackout and collapsed and when to hospital and had a heart attack. He was there 3 days and was released as perfectly healthy. He and I still communicated daily. A few days later he had another blackout. Back to hospital for checks and released as perfectly healthy. Then he had another. Then Satan allowed Sebs Demon to communicate with me on Twitter. Then I had the Catholic Demon contact me on Sebs Skype. She said that they will do everything to protect Seb from talking to me as they don’t want Seb to become a Satanist and they’re watching me dy and night.

Satans power of mental healing is paramount. Before Seb had his last blackout, every time we communicated, he had a blackout. Then when we didnt communicate for 10 days he didnt have one.

Brian told me that Satan had a plan to remove the Catholic demon.

Brian told me 3 days before this next event that Seb will have another blackout, but this will be the worst hes yet had, and that he will die for a few seconds and that during that time, Satan would remove the Demon from his brain and body. I was informed to not communicate with Seb for 3 days, then communicate with every day and take care of him.

Seb was released from Hospital as perfectly healthy.

Seb has now gone for over 8 weeks and no blackout, so this means that Satan did remove the Catholic demon. The doctors cant explain why he suddenly started having blackouts then they suddenly stopped. 





No 75.  Celestial plane.

Recently, during my satanic worship.

From my beginning of committing to Satan, and his working through me and watching how I use my Satanic gifts,  Satan has been watching me in my daily life over many years.

Recently during my Worship to Satan he said. “Father Graham, you are now ready for “The Celestial plane”. I replied and said “What’s a Celestial plane”. There was no further explanation.

To understand what this meant was research. One online resources stated this.

Celestial plane


Beyond material and sensual realms, one begins to comprehend the nature of his own identity and look to immortality of the ego in a heaven of infinite pleasure beyond pain and suffering, the goal of all religion. He issues challenges and asserts himself. This is the domain of Indra, where organs of sense and activity are mastered, the home of saints and devotees. Things still exist on the physical plane but in harmony, without lower desires, attachments or greed.

The celestial plane is the “uppermost” prime plane in the system, and one of the two immortal realms. The celestial plane is the realm of the gods and other celestial beings; those deities whose domains are positive and commonly generalized as “good”. However, the celestial plane is, in essence, simply another plane: it contains its own multiverse, which contains all possible celestial locations. Ethereal magic is very powerful in the celestial plane; conversely, the astral plane has little to no influence here, and celestial beings wishing to tap into astral arcana must have a direct connection to the astral plane.
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 No 76. Father Grahams retirement.

Approaching retirement, I thought I would stay at home every day and attend to my biggest passion, and that’s for a beautiful flower garden.  Horticulture was my trade and ive made a good living from doing what I love to do, but being retired meant I had everyday to do it. 

 My hobby that I have enjoyed since I was 10 was a model railway. I have never had the time to devote to this wonderful creative and time-consuming and costly hobby. Ive always had a layout as I moved around the country. What I found was that although I loved both activities, it wasn’t enough.

When my mother was 100, I asked her about being retired and her long life. She said, “Graham, keep your brain active or it will go to sleep. My best friend did just that, she watched TV and did nothing, and as you know she died twenty years ago. As you know, I did cross word and jigsaw puzzles till they weren’t a challenge any more, so I went further and did harder things. They made me think deeper. Do something that you have to think deeper”. 

I had basic education, wasn’t good at reading or writing. My grammar is basic. I knew my communication skills were ok’ but not to even public speaking from of my daughter’s wedding of only 30 people. But I found that I inherited my Father’s gift of good communication skills.

But Satan had different ideas. Then I committed to Satan. In that commitment, I told Satan that I wanted to help other men find Satan and the way of life they wanted to live, as I found virtually nothing online to help me. As I mentored mainly Gay men I found new opportunities, then I found that Satan gave me the gift of prayer and I was able to help men anywhere on the planet. 

Then Satan told me I had to build a website. That website took 8 months to build. I had no help from anyone, and it costed me way too much money because I didn’t know the shortcuts and dangers. But this kept my brain very active and gave me a reason to live. Now I can build a website in a week.

Then Satan had me write an EBook. That first book took about 12 months to construct. I now have five websites and three e-books. There are another three EBooks to be constructed.

On my main website https://fathergrahamsatanicministries.com/ I started to write an editorial, then a few more. Then I passed ten and was heading to twenty, and even then thought that would be my maximum. I am now on my 78th.  All these editorials will soon be an EBook.

Life as a retired person for me has been way more fun and beneficial, and useful for thousands of people around the world. Satan has changed my meagre efforts to be of use to tens of thousands of people in every country* on the planet. This ministry is because I committed my life to Satan. Often I don’t have enough hours in the day and it’s more satisfying than playing golf or watching TV. 

Im now 75 and I have so much to do for the world, I need to live to at least 100 to get Satan’s message out there to help you all.

*soon this website will be fully written in Spanish, then I can reach out to one of the world’s most used languages.