Satan has something big planned for this decade, for that we have to have Robes made, pendants bought, three books printed in soft cover for that event.

You might question why the number 5?

I have no answer for that as Satan told me it must be 5, so I dont question him.


Donations dictate the level of mentoring you want as it is physically impossible to do that for everyone that wants help,  so I ask for a donation to cover my time and prioritize you in the que and eliminate time wasters.



Brother Mike Speaks

This message is from Mike. Father Graham has perfect health. But he is 75 and that must be protected at all costs.

He is spending so much time helping men, that he cant even drink coffee or eat a meal without messages coming in. He replies to messages 24 hours  a day, because people arent aware that he is sleeping at 2am, then wakes up to reply to message or email and many never acknowledged and some even block him. 

This will stop immediately

From now there are 4 options for communication with Father Graham

  1. Use the websites , and read the editorials, free.
  2. Donate option no 1 for basic occasional messaging
  3. Donate option no 2 for messaging on a platform of his choice
  4. Donation no 3 for personal mentoring on Skype messaging and occasional video  




Donation no 1. $75





Donation No 1a. $110



Donation No 2. $320. 

Minimum for skype



Donation No 3.  $1000




Donation No 4. $5000