Satan has something big planned for this decade, for that we have to have Robes made, pendants bought, three books printed in soft cover for that event.

You might question why the number 5?

I have no answer for that as Satan told me it must be 5, so I dont quesion him.


, nations dictate the level of mentoring you want as it is physicly impossable to do that for free,  so I ask for a donation to cover my time.


Help this ministry

Satan is asking for me to have the facility for you to donate to this amazing cause.

Also to help towards building a new retreat in New Zealand

Please ask for Satan’s guidance for your gift.



Donation No 1. $55.00



Donation no 2. $250.00



DonationNo 3.  $500



Donation No 4. $5,000


Donation no 5.  $50,000



Donation $5M