Demons come in human form.


My assigned Demon visits me most nights. In bed, he usually lies on my legs and feels like a heavy pillow. In winter, he warms my cold feet. Often he lays next to me, I know here there as he comforts me. During the day hes next to me to protect me from harm.

Occasionally when I am in the office, he touches my leg or knee to remind me that hes next to me constantly. I have tried to touch him but he wont allow that. I have spoken to him many times but he never speaks to me directly but he occasionally speaks to another Demon. He has never tries to have sex with me, even though I have asked him to.  I feel his protective presence constantly. In New Orleans in March 2020, Mike and I felt his protective barrier like invisible screen about 1 meter surrounding our bodies as we walked to get supplies at the early stage of Covid19. He saves parking scapes for us in full carparks. He Saves the last item in shops, he pushes us ahead of the que.   He helps me find things that i loose. 


One night Satan allowed me to see in the total darkness like a cat can. I don’t know if my eyes changed or my body glowed. 

I saw three demons arrive. My personal Demon walked around my bed watching and protected me.  Two other demons got on my bed and one fucked the other for about 30 minutes. They were about 500mm from me and I felt the bed moving.  They did speak, but I don’t know what they were saying. 

Another night that Satan allowed me to see in total darkness. My Demon was kneeling and kissing my feet.

In my bed, I never have to ask My Demon to visit me. He just comes to me. Sometimes when I pray. Always when I sniff amyl.   There have been times when Mike was in bed with me and I have said to him. My demon has come to me and hes laying on my leg. Mike could not feel him.

One night, when I was asleep, I woke up. Kneeling bu the bed Next to me was a Demon about .500mm from my face. He was just looking at me, and he smiled and I recognized his face. At the time, I don’t know if his body or mine glowed in the darkness. I said “Hello It’s good to see you” then about one minute later he disappeared into the bedhead.  Three months later I was communicating with a man, and he mentioned a name and I said to him that I’ve not seen him online for a long time, and he said he had died.  Then I recognized the demon as this man.  

But Demons can be destructive. Be Aware , Be Cautious what you ask for as you might not get what you want. Tell Satan what you want but again be cautious what you ask for. I have had sex with Satan twice and it was surreal and wonderful, powerful, extraordinary. But Satan and Demons can be relentless and rough

Father Graham



A few years ago a man told me he will believe that Satan is true, if I asked Satan to send home some Demons. So I did that and asked Satan to send this man Demons. I didn’t hear from him for four days and his email was this.

Father Graham. Since I asked you about Satan and Demons,  I’ve have had fantastic nights. Each night as soon as I went to bed and turned off the light they visited me. There are 4 of them. They’ve played with me, cuddled me, kissed me had constant sex with me. BUT please call them off because I really NEED Sleep. I immediately went to my altar and ased Satan to stop the demons visiting him. The next day he said that from then the demons didn’t come back.

So when I helped him to commit to Satan we included his personal demon.