Cristian shame


The bible does say to give your 10%. However, it says a lot of other things that Christians don’t do as its not what they want to hear. 



When Mike and I went to church they often had a special giving weekend, then a few months after we saw how the preacher went on a 10,000km vacation to Disneyland with his wife and kids. 

The Bible says to give 10% of income , including the poor and pensioners, yet these preachers its all for themselves, and how much do they give towards the poor and those caught up with  Covid19 and losing their employment to be forced onto the streets. 

Personally I don’t have a problem with earning a wage, but excessive pay and with no consideration on their congregations to give 10%, and more just to give them an unrealistic lifestyle yes I do have problem with this.

If Satan allows me, I can bring these people down to earth I will and they will pay the price of excessive wealth.

Christian shame

  • Joyce Meyer 


  • Included her $10 million jet and several million-dollar homes, as well as a $107,000 silver Mercedes. 
  • Net worth $8 million

  • T.D.Jakes

  • Personalty income not disclosed, what lies and secrets is he hiding
  • Net Worth $18 million

  • Franklin Graham

  • Son of Billy Graham
  • Personal assets not disclosed.
  • What lies and deceit is he hiding
  • Net worth $25 million

  • Pat Robertson 

  • Not disclosed . Its private because he’s ashamed at having such wealth

  • Net Worth $100 million

  • Kenneth Copeland

  • Kenneth Copeland Ministries is located on a 1,500-acre campus near Fort Worth, Texas. The grounds include a church as well as a private airstrip and hangar for a $17.5 million jet and other aircraft. Copeland reportedly lives in a $6.3 lakefront mansion funded by his church.
  • Net worth $300 million but unofficial reports it as $750 million.

  • Jentezen Franklin


    His income is under review and has attracted criticism. 

  • Net worth $100 million

  • Creflo Dollar

  • Has $69 million in cash ,  two Rolls-Royce cars, a private jet, and million-dollar homes in Atlanta and Manhattan

  • Net Worth $27 million

  • Benny Hinn

  • Hinn’s personal use of church-owned luxury goods has attracted criticism. 
  • Net worth $60 million