Hail Satan

            TRUST SATAN,

           HE WILL LOOK

               AFTER YOU 


Look in to THIS STORY and see how Satan protected us from the virus in Los Angeles, New York City and New Orleans in February March 2020.  

        sATAN REIGNS

          THE WORLD

This is an account of Father Graham and Brother Mikes’s experiences of their ministry in the USA before and during the Covid-16 outbreak in February 2020.

Let Us Help

Satan visited Father Graham and sat on his bed and the voice was in the Australian accent and Said. “Father Graham, there will be a spectacular event coming soon“.  

Then the Covid-19 was only still in China and life around the world was normal with really no threat to the world. 

Satan has a plan and this virus is no co-incidence, here are some of our supernatural experiences that happened during our 5 weeks search for our father graham ministries new members in the United States of America in March. 2020 …………………………………………………………………………………………………
Los Angeles
We met Eric, a retired Movie and documentary maker in Hollywood.   
                                      As Father Graham has a medical issue with breathable air, Satan paved the way for us to have dinner with Eric in a restaurant outside the courtyard away from other guests, which kept at that time unknowingly kept us safe from the virus..It cant be explained in human terms ,this happened many times over our period in the USA. ………………………………………………………………………………
Las Vegas. 
Even there in Las Vegas Satan helped to not mix with groups of people even at places where we dined and at this stage the Convid-19 still was no threat to the USA but Satan still protected us from exposure
Sacramento ;
We met the 2nd member of our ministry team, Kelvin, although Kelvin wasn’t a committed satanist, he was already seeing visions of stars in the night sky while he was meditating. The reason we came to Sacramento was to meet Kelvin to induct him to Satan and see if he is suitable for the ministry and he passed the tests . After Kelvin committed to Satan we meditated on the bed naked and Father Graham had a vision and  that he was standing on a podium preaching to hundreds of thousands of people . The image he says was with a lot of trees around him, a lot like central park with the New York skyline in the background
We came purposely to Chicago to meet Kelley. Another potential member for the ministry. He picked us up from the train station on time at 3 pm took us to our hotel , and said he would be back in a hour or 2, at 7.10 pm came around and still no sign of Mark so we had dinner on our own and he said he will be there soon..
During our conversation over prior months Mark was given a task to have material to make a few satanic pentagrams on canvas with glow in the dark tape. He never bought the material as he said he would do until the day we arrived. He was out purchasing the products instead of being with us. In conclusion, he eventually parked his car at 9pm and sat in his car on the phone and got out of his car at 9.25 pm and turned up at our hotel room at 9.30 pm. Then he was standing at our door. At that time Father Graham said ” you will not be inducted tonight as your 6 and a half hours late and Satan can trust unreliable people in our ministry, go away” ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………  
New York.
Coming into New York it was late evening , we got off the train to go to our hotel .We went to a restaurant that was almost full at that time, Father Graham couldn’t breathe inside . I went to see one of the waiters inside to see if we could sit outdoors he said it was only used in the summer months. As we walked away the manager came out to give his approval for us to sit outside. Satan told the manager to let us sit outside. Had we sat inside the crowded restaurant we could have been exposed to the Virus. One of our experiences we as humans cant explain.
The next night 2 we met a guy called Mathew, we have been chatting two online that was promoting our Satanic ministry for us. We arranged to meet up for dinner with him, we then went to several places by foot. That was not suitable for Father Graham to be in. Eventually got to a place that was a fine dining restaurant. He couldn’t breathe inside, but they had various tables outside stacked with chairs. .the manager came out .and let us have a table outside. We wanted to talk about Satan’s ministry …Satan’s presence was there to make sure we could talk freely without anyone else around. Had we sat in crowded restaurants we could have been exposed to the Coranavirus Two days later we were going to see the concert of Celene Dion, the day before Father Graham got the flue with a bad cough which stopped us from going to the concert. We could see that Satan stopped us from going to the concert. At this stage the Covid-19 was no threat to NYC
St Petersburg Florida
 We stayed with a friend and his partner in St. Petersburg. One night we went out to a Mexican restaurant with them. Hoping to sit out side there were no seats, going inside there was no one sitting there at all. Again something supernatural was present for us to have the whole restaurant to ourselves and avoiding the potential of being close to the virus on other diners.
Resting on our bed in our B&B both fully clothed. Suddenly Father Graham smelt a strong odor. He said ” Mike what was that smell”. He said there is no smell, then Father Graham went to the bathroom to wash his nose but it was still there. He said it smells like KFC but sweeter spices and cinnamon.
That night Satan spoke to him and said. “Father Graham. That odor you can smell is put there by me, so it is protection for the virus”.
Then Father Graham asked that Mike have immunity also and since then Mike had smelt it several times.
( what we have found that when we are in a place of many people the odor is stronger and when we are at home its is less )   
Then Father Graham was on the bed resting with his eyes closed and he had a vision. Mike was making a hot drink and he described to him what He saw. He saw blue sky and clouds were crashing into each other then they formed a circle with the blue sky in the middle of the circle. Then we were to go out to dinner so i got up and he couldn’t sit upright. His whole body felt like jelly. He went to the bathroom to have a piss and couldn’t stand straight. Then he told Mike that his whole body felt like Jelly.  Mike called 911 and cut long story short he was cleared of the virus to be told he had the flue and was advised to not fly back to Australia in 2 days time to 7 -10 days time as the doctor didn’t want him to get another flue on top of what he already had, so we changed our flights
When Father Graham’s body went like Jelly he felt different. He felt like his body was transformed and felt like he was 20 years younger and since then he still feels not his age of 73
Then Satan told him that he will live a long life
By this time the coronavirus got worse in the USA .   In St Petersburg, we had an email stating that we couldn’t get the cruise ship from Miami to go to Barcelona so we had to change our plans.
 We decided to leave St Petersburg and head for Los Angeles to be hosted by Eric till we could fly out. The day before we had message from Eric in Los Angeles and he said he had the Coronavirus, then instantly Father Graham had a childhood anxiety attack.  Mike searched and found its now controllable with Chamomile tea rather than Valium. Mike then found the tea at a Walgreens and they only had one packet left. ( Satan reserved that last packet for us)
Satan stopped us from going to Los Angeles so as Houston which is the closest airport where Air New Zealand flew from as the Australian Government said for all Australians to fly home ASAP. As we had tickets for the 28th of March .We decided to bring it forward a week.
We planned to leave St Petersburg on a Tuesday night but Satan said leave Sunday night and to only depart by Greyhound < he didnt want us to fly… 
Before we left the B&B we asked Satan to have the bus driver to allow us to have the front disabled seats,
have the bus half empty and friendly drivers.
Overnight we had 3 transfers.  We got on the first bus and took one disabled seat and the bus driver gave us both disabled seats and the bus only had 10 people in it . He then started to talk to us as he was driving, showed us deer by the side of the road. then at the first rest stop he told funny jokes. Then he showed us how Greyhound buses are computer-controlled. The next driver was friendly and allowed us to have both front seats and the bus was half full. the third driver was friendly and helped me down the steps and that bus also was only half full. Greyhound drivers are never friendly as they have  to deal with many people. We praise Satan for his help that night.
New Orleans
From our hotel window, we saw clouds form a circle with no clouds in the circle and clear blue sky and we took photos of them. Then another circle formed but now as perfect as the first. It seemed that nature was practicing for a big event.
Also as we walked the streets to buy food we felt Satans presence like an invisible shield
about 3 feet from our bodies to protect us.  
 Satan told Father Graham that he allows us to return to Australia
At our hotel in Houston we phoned Air New Zealand and as the airline had thousands of Australians and New Zealanders wanting to fly home they said we had to wait 72 hours for return call.   
We didnt like to wait 72 hours so decided to go to the airport ticketing counter.
So we went to the airport ticketing counter, But we left our luggage behind as that flight said was full, however, the ticketing counter said there were seats to fly out that night which we didn’t expect and the hotel which was a mile away. Having phoned the hotel shuttle to pick us up but waiting around it never showed up, secondly, we rang a share ride ,1st time it got lost,same happened with a second call to them. Went to the airport atm. It failed 3 times with 3 different credit cards. Then we found a taxi to our motel, packed up everything in 5 minutes and headed to the airport. Once there we tried to rebook our flight via a cell phone all attempts failed, the staff at the counter did all they could to override the ticket system to get us on our flight that evening. Father Graham told Satan if we are that important to him that he would get us on the flight that night
 Our theory was there were forces there to try to stop us from leaving the USA. But Satan is stronger all attempts for the forces to have us stay there were defeated by Satan. Which allowed us to fly out that evening. In conclusion, Satan didn’t want us to be in the USA anymore and allowed us to return home to Australia.
I told you all this for you to see that Satan allowed us to go to the USA to test Mike and Me. he wanted to test us to see how much relied on him in a crisis and saw how we praised him and if we gave him the glory.
Last night I had a vision. I saw the circle of clouds with the blue sky and Satan was hovering in that circle. Then he said in the language of the country where the circle appeared and said “Father Graham is my Earthly Representative”
In a voice Satan said to me recently, that this spectacular event is allowed by Jesus Christ as hes sick of the many religions that say there the one like. Mormon, Islam, Jehovers Witness, Hindu, Catholic etc
Then hes sick of the many Christians that say theyre the correct ones such as Baptist. Presbyterian, Brethren, Episcopalians, Anglican, AOG, Faith,  and many breakaway groups. Then of the true Christians hes going to really test them to see if they sucomb to Satans call.
Also in a  voice Satan told me that my Grandson who is brought up unknowingly in a Satanic household will carry my Genes into the 22nd century and that he will live a long life. My only G son looks like me has the same temperament. He isnt my child 
(  sometimes I wish he was ) but its so bizarre as hes so much like me in many ways.
Then Satan is also sick of people that call themselves Satanists such as the Church of Satan, 
Temple of Satan. Wiccan’s, LaVeyan. Luciferianism. Temple of Set  etc etc etc.
There is a more serious and powerful Virus on the horizon that there will be no survivors unless they commit to Satan and acknowledge he is ruler of the world and are given immunity to the virus . 
The world population in 1800 was 1B. 100 years later it was 1.7B now 120 years later its 7.7B, humans are killing the planet and cant substantiate it anymore. The population has to be changed . I have seen the future and it looks bright. 
Hail Satan
Father Graham