Cherish Each Moment for Satan

Sin with Satan and receive more than you ask for, Be encouraged to learn these twisted Bible verses.

Father Graham



  • If you are a Christian preacher. Go to the Church office before the church service.  Call out to Satan as you ejaculate and leave the cum to dry on your hands. So every person that greets you by shaking hands has your satanic sperm as a gift. I know a preacher who did this and put the hymn books back in the pews. Then he had parishioners come to him and stated that some pages seemed to be stuck together. He lied and said he didn’t know why or how. Then he went to his office and praised Satan while he ejaculated on even more books.
  • Use your Bible as a toilet. As you piss on it,  call out Satan’s name.
  • Print Satanic pendulum stars and place them in a church in concealed places like under carpets and under seats / pews. 
  • Scribble graffiti in your bible.
  • To blaspheme can be liberating. 

Ideas to blaspheme

Open the Bible to the pages that you most want to desecrate. Then call out to Satan for his blessings then ejaculate or on them, then close the bible. Then as your cum dries the pages get stuck together. If you have access to someone else’s Bible like a fellow Christian friend ask him to loan it and do the same in his bible to get a bible from the church and replace the bible with your Satanically dedicated sperm. 



The photo below is Father Grahams Brand new Bible, that he did crude graffitti then pissed on it for a week “

Unforgiveable sin

Matthew 12:31-32 

If you are a Christian and you go back to living like you aren’t a Christian, or if you curse Jesus, or deny that you ever knew Him, then this is the unforgivable sin.







            Pastor Steave is a devoted follower of

FGSM and Satan. 

He is a talented Active Christian preacher of a large Christian church in Europe.

He loves his work as a preacher who loves Satan more. This is his release from the strict rules of Christianity to do what he loves to do most, and that’s to blaspheme in the way he feels is right for Satan.  


        sATAN REIGNS

          THE WORLD

These Bible verses are from the Bible and some are twisted for the glory of Satan using the platform of the Bible

pastor steaves Bible verses 

Steves verses