Father Grahams bedroom is dedicated to Satan,and Satanic Experiences.

Sleeping with Father Graham is never boring.

And its on offer at his retreat.  


Extraordinary experinces in Father grahams bedroom

LAst night at 11pm and I was masturbating and watching porn and praying and my legs got glued together which that happens every week . Then i took a rest for 20 minutes.

Then I did the same. I fondled my balls and cock then watched incest porn, then I took 3 really deep breaths in amyl in each nostril. 

Then I felt wave of energy cover my body, then my legs got glued together.  The deeper I sniffed, the more Demons arrived and I masturbated my cock really slow.

I saw Satan and he said “You deserve something special” Then the Demons picked me up and levitated my body. I concentrated on Satan and his eyes and I saw orbs and images that i didnt know what they were.

I kept masturbating my cock tip and the feelings were extreme and my cock stayed stiff. I had to groan and i wasn’t in control and my cock tip was alive and my hand slowly rubbed my tip on and on and on and I kept calling to Satan.  My balls then swelled 300%* bigger and my cock swelled longer.  

*they were huge.

Satan gives gifts to those that serve him to the very best they can. Serve Satan  well and you also might be rewarded.

Now its the next day and  I am still in Aura of Satans power and gifts. 

Paul Boone

This lasted a good 20 minutes but I lost all sense of time. My brain and mind were in another world that i didnt recognize, and there were bright colours in every hue .

The experience kept on going as demons were moving my body I called out to a Demon called Brain to fuck me but he didnt arrive. My concentration was overpowered and in aura of the experience that just kept going then it slowly subsided and I felt so relaxed and having experienced a beautiful gift from Satan. Then I lay there in aura of the experience but I was greedy and I wanted it again, so I tried but it didnt happen. Then I did go to sleep. Now its the next day and I feel so relaxed and on a high, that Satan thinks this much of me. He has shown hes happy with the work that I do. I didnt cum as I felt thaat would spoil the experience.