This new book is for sale now


A new book in our first hard copy

This valued page is being written by our Satanic priest scriptwriter Father Graham.

Written in English and German.



Freedom by Graham Hatch



Book thats going to change the world

This book WILL be best seller as it has supernatural backing, from inspiration to funding.

Book for everyone


As with all my books, I get inspired by Satan and this book is for all genders,

and its not one of the other books redesigned.

Not available as an EBook.

Written in English and German


Books for sale now

Send in the testimony of your conversion to Satan, before, during and after.

Also, this book is for helping and guiding people, to enrich their lives to be free of Religious brainwashing to be free for a great lifestyle.

This is a rare opportunity to do something for Satan.

Father Graham

Send submissions to or the form below. If you want your photo and email attached G rated images only send to the email address. Also, do you want your real name and location attached
* the gift will be at the discretion of Father Graham

** some submissions from my other books will be included