Father Grahams retreat

Hail Satan

This retreat will be built in two stages.

The first stage will be small but very effective. This first stage will be ready late 2021 to be ready for international guests.

Boarder to New Zealand will be open at the end of 2021





  • Personal time with Father Graham.
  • Father Graham will teach and meditate with you.
  • Learn of a new Satanic experience.
  • Learn about Satan on a much higher level.
  • workshops in learning about the supernatural.
  • Gay men.
  • All must be in an open relationship.
  • All bedrooms are shared. 

At ths purpose-built retreat, clothing is not an option.

At this early stage This is a small retreat for Gay men.

This will be a small retreat but just as effective as the larger one at a later stage.


All bedrooms will be communal with king beds and there will be no privacy.


Enhance your Satanic experience with Father Graham to teach you and experience his supernatural gifts personally. 

This venue is for new Satanists to help them go deeper to Satan as well as established Satanists that need more indepth training on a higher plane than just sex.

This is not a venue for extreme pain*** or BDSM or **sex. Its to get people inducted to Satan and help give them a good base to work from with solid teaching.

The expected time of opening is late 2021, on the west coast of New Zealand. 

** Sex. But there will be alot of sex in worshiping Satan.

*** What this venue is not and basic rules 




  • Breakfast, and accommodation. 
  • A relaxed and safe place to generate a relaxed state of mind and learn about the satanic lifestyle.
  • Satanic church for inductions and worship. 
  • luxury outdoor spa./jacuzzi.
  • Inductions with Father Graham.
  • Bathroom with a large spacious shower room for communal showering.
  • Transfers from the airport and the Tranz Alpine train. 

Optional extras

  • The Ultimate satanic experience to sleep with Father Graham in his learning center.
  • Eat the same home-cooked food as Father Graham and Brother Mike on a daily basis and eat with them.
  • A health program that includes all meals and a designed fitness program to lose weight.

Retreat for adults only 

The purpose of this retreat. The church will start being constructed in November 2021.


If you hunger for a deeper relationship with Satan that grows more and more, come experience this with Father Graham. To experience this ultimate venue. Start a savings plan now to be here in late 2021 when international quarantine-free flights will return.

International border to New Zealand is now expected at the end of 2021.



this retreat will be constructed in two stages


 The first stage will be ready by late 2021.

The first stage will be powerfull..  You will sleep with Father Graham and experience meditation and Satanic worship with him. 

Donations to build The church



Church concept

With dungeon underneath

Interior of church

With Dungeon under the altar


Mike and Father Graham are investing all their money into this venue, and we need some help physically and financially.”


Father Grahams purpose built

retreat for adult Satanists

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This retreat is to be built in 2022 in beautiful New Zealand and will offer benefits unseen in any retreat/resort.

It is not a luxury resort. Its more than luxury. 

Expected to be ready for guests in early  2022 on the west coast of New Zealands South island, near Hokitika and Greymouth.






Help. Do something for Satan and receive his


We Need volunteers. 

I am aged 74, and to construct this retreat I need someone to help Mike with construction.


Give your annual vacation to Satan and come and build this amazing retreat.

Fly to Hokitika, New Zealand


We will supply airport transfers, accommodation, and food. And teaching about the Satanic lifestyle.
  Most buildings are flat pack and easy to construct as well as two steel-framed buildings.

         The dungeon and the church will require some minor landscaping in its construction.

We cannot afford an architect or have it built by professional builders. 

Learn More


Basic rules ***

Advance Bookings are now available. We have our first booking from a guy from Palm Springs.

Bookings are now being taken, the basic is $895.00  for up to 10 days

The extras which include personal one on one with Father Graham and the weight loss program, and a food option that will incur extra charges.

Naked posters will be used in all locations and a gallery in the learning center to get you in the mood.

Most areas within the venue will be fully air/conditioned for summer cooling

and winter heating, including the dungeon. 

When new guests arrive they will be shown the sleeping quarters and strip off. Then be expected to meet the other guests in our meeting bedroom. A bedroom with one huge bed 16m2 ( 160ft2) and all guests will join in. This is ideal for people that are shy or not used to sharing of themselves with others. Satan will provide the lusts needed.

This retreat is not suitable for couples that get jealous of their partner or want to sleep privately.

Start a savings plan for you to attend.

If you pay your money, you also agree with what’s included *x* and what’s not included and rule conditions.


The introductory base cost $895

Base retreat


All Meals $290


Healthy and weight loss




 included and options

Inclusions, Bedrooms and bathrooms

We only book rooms for a shared experience for others exploring the world of Satan.
While some teach that Satanism requires a solitary journey, and that may be true back home, here, we express to each other all that Satan has to offer, lust, love, encouragement and togetherness in His name.
 Therefore, no one sleeps alone to enhance our time together.  

The bathrooms will also be communal. There will be no privacy or glass screens, except the WC but even they will have a door but no latch. All doors will have a glory hole and in between each cubical.

Some bathroom walls will have crude graffiti drawings as we see often in public toilets, and guests will be invited to add their own crude writings.

The large shower will have 5 shower heads in one large space for communal showers of discovery. 

Every bedroom will have an adjoining lounge and a large smart voice-activated  TV 55″ or larger on the wall, and using modern technology.

Each bedroom will hold 3 – 4 king beds.



Relax and play trains with Father Graham 

Play with his model railroad, N scale American and British in both DCC and DC. Bring your own with you. 


A welcome pack includes a banner,  a satanically charged cock ring, a pendant, a T-shirt and one printed hard copy book.

The standard stay is for a maximum 10 days.  

A hearty British but New Zealand breakfast will be healthy with low fat and cooked on-site by our chef.

The dining room will have large tables for 8-10 people at the table. 

Automatic Coffee machines for Cappuccino, latte, espresso and exclusive coffees.

You can cook your own meals in your own kitchenette.

A fitness center adjoining a luxury outdoor spa/jacuzzi. 

A Satanic church with a *dungeon built under the church.

The dungeon will be unique and like no other with new inventions. It might have a trough. 

BIG smart voice-activated TVs in bedrooms and lounges.

An art gallery unlike any you have seen.

Airport / Train transfers. 

Inductions with Father Graham.

*Dungeon is only for committed Satanists. 



Inclusions, Satanic church

Access to our Satanic church for special worship.

This purposely designed church will be unique.

It will also have a dungeon built on a lower level complete with new designed fuck benches ( no old-fashioned slings ) that’s hung from the bottom of the church floor to receive Satans power.

High-quality lube ( made in Germany ) is supplied in the dungeon. 

*The dungeon is only available for committed Satanists

Inductions by Father Graham

Personal inductions by Father Graham wearing a red robe, in a specifically designed Church with Satanic altar. The altar will be divided with a narrow mattress at the back to be used in the induction.

If you want a memorable Induction, Father Graham will tailor the ritual just for you. Such as candles, subdued lighting, Black lighting, background, incense,  music.

You might want it recorded.

Your induction will be a very special event and it might last for hours with the Dungeon under the church. 

Included in an induction will be at least one night ( probably more ) in Father Graham’s learning center, for teaching how to meditate and pray to our lord Satan.



Induction description

Optional extras 


With Father Graham in his learning center day and night, including meditation.

Those that select this option will have access to sleep with Father Graham and have visitation at least twice a week.

This experience is available to only for 2-3 men per night so you might have 3 nights with him during your stay with us.

You might experience his supernatural gifts and with meditation and visits from Satan and Demons. You might experience visions, Satanic orbs of energy, real-life Demons that gently play with you, you might feel their body weight on you and you might even see them. And you might even hear Satan’s voice or you might experience Levitation. You might even see Satan in real. Last week I felt a Demons skin and I felt several of them fighting for my attention by my bed. Father Graham saw Satan last night and spoke to him and he can have a conversation with him. Read editorial no 32 https://fathergrahamsatanicministries.com/editorials-no-29-32/

  All of this stated above plus more happens in Father Graham’s bedroom often.

Father Grahams bedroom is never boring.

You will also be taught how to meditate and entice Satan’s demons in bed by using poppers. You will also be taught how to worship Satan during the night and day at the Satanic altar. 

And Fantastic Satanic sex that might last all night long and into the next day, as well as find new feelings, lusts and energies that you hadn’t experienced before.

Father Graham’s bedroom is completely dark 24/7 by having black walls, ceiling, floor, and blackened out windows so absolutely no light enters.  

The floor has a huge Satanic star embedded into it. He also has glow in the dark satanic stars on the ceiling above the bed that might pulse like a heart beat and his bedroom is very satanic 24 hours a day.  There also is subdued red or black lighting if requested.

The ambiance in there is electrified with Fantastic supernatural experiences.

At any time of the day, if Father Graham feels the Satanic call, you might be invited to join him to meditate, and that can be a really powerful experience as his supernatural experiences happen 24/7.

If you are the only person that has chosen this option you can sleep with Father Graham everynight.  

Around $295





Health and well being

  This will be a special program to achieve weight loss.

For the ultimate weight loss this option will be for a 10-20 night stay.

All your meals including Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snacks in-between, you will eat with the other guests but might have different food.

You will have access to our gym for self-motivation fitness, but have a suggested program by a fitness off-site instructor. 

It is easily achievable to lose 6 kilos  (14lbs) and probably more in 20 days.

If you select this option coupled with Father Graham’s bedroom you will go back home rejuvenated in Body and soul.

With this option you will share more time with Father Graham as he is on this program.




Health & weight loss

Food option, extra cost $295

All meals and snacks.

All meals will be the same as Father Graham and Brother Mike will be eating.

Basic meals such as home cooked butter chicken on rice, spaghetti bolognese, stir fry, meat pie or pasties and veges, fish and chips or maybe a sandwich and chips****, and every Thursday we go out to a nice restaurant. 

Father Graham makes great slices, biscuits*, and cakes.  All his cooking is healthy with low carbs, fat and sugar. 

**Cappuccino, hot chocolate and flavored teas.






All meals


This will be a special event for those that dont have any family to be with, or are rejected because theyre Gay.

Come and have Xmas with us, but with much greater benefits that you wouldn’t have with your family or siblings. The Xmas meal will be specially prepared by our in-house Chef. 

Xmas is in middle of summer here, so there will be no turkey here. The Xmas meal is different in the southern hemisphere.


Future plans


In a conference for Ex-Christian preachers now turned Satanic.





*Not American biscuits. As all my text is British English, all my grammar is also British so forget American biscuits here.   

*x* If you change your mind there will be no refund according to the Laws of New Zealand.

**No brewed or instant coffee is available. 

**** British chips

*** What this retreat is not.

  • No illegal drugs, including Marijuana. ***** 
  • No Blood or scatt play
  • No extreme pain
  • No Animals or pets
  • No Sacrifice
  • No private bedrooms.
  • No small dining tables with 4 seats.
  • No clicky small groups.
  • No instant or brewed coffee.
  • This is a no smoking venue. In New Zealand, smoking is illegal in a public place, indoors and outdoors. If you smoke, leave the property and smoke somewhere else 

***** A few years ago An American couple came to Australia for a 10 day vacation. At the border control, there were traces of  Marijuana. The couple thought it was hilariously funny that it was only Marijuana that’s legal in CA.

When the girlfriend saw her boyfriend handcuffed then escorted by the police and taken away it was not so funny.  She never saw him again.

She had a 10 day vacation alone and her Boyfriend is still there and when hes let go back to the USA, he will be deported and NEVER be allowed into Australia.

Having been in an Australian Jail for the importation of illegal drugs, you might not be allowed in many countries worldwide.

It is a way of being fed and housed by the Australian taxpayer, but the ramifications might destroy your freedom.

*@*  Minimum cost is $895 for 7 -10  with the price based on 10 days.  

Also if you agree with the conditions and pay your money and dont intend to keep to them when you visit, you will be ejected from the venue. And in a foreign country thats not a desirable option as you might get deported.