Father Grahams retreat

Hail Satan

This retreat will be built in two stages.

 This first stage will be ready early 2022 to be ready for international guests.

Boarder to New Zealand will be open at the early 2022






  • Personal time with Father Graham.
  • Father Graham will teach and meditate with you.
  • Learn of a new Satanic experience.
  • Learn about Satan on a much higher level.
  • workshops in learning about the supernatural.
  • Gay men.
  • All must be in an open relationship.
  • All bedrooms are shared. 


At this early stage This is a small retreat for Gay men.

This will be a small retreat but just as effective as the larger one at a later stage.


All bedrooms will be communal with king beds and there will be no privacy.


Enhance your Satanic experience with Father Graham to teach you and experience his supernatural gifts personally. 

This venue is for new Satanists to help them go deeper to Satan as well as established Satanists that need more indepth training on a higher plane than just sex.

This is not a venue for extreme pain*** or BDSM or **sex. Its to get people inducted to Satan and help give them a good base to work from with solid teaching.

** Sex. But there will be alot of sex in worshiping Satan.

*** What this venue is not and basic rules 




  • Breakfast, and accommodation. 
  • A relaxed and safe place to generate a relaxed state of mind and learn about the satanic lifestyle.
  • Satanic church for inductions and worship. 
  • luxury outdoor and indoor spa./jacuzzi.
  • Inductions with Father Graham.
  • Bathroom with a large spacious shower room for communal showering.
  • Transfers from the airport and the Tranz Alpine train. 

Optional extras

  • The Ultimate satanic experience to sleep with Father Graham in his learning center.
  • Eat the same home-cooked food as Father Graham and Brother Mike on a daily basis and eat with them.
  • A health program that includes all meals and a designed fitness program to lose weight.

Retreat for adults only 

The land has been bought and construction will start in December 2021.


If you hunger for a deeper relationship with Satan that grows more and more, come experience this with Father Graham. To experience this ultimate venue. Start a savings plan now to be here in early 2022 when international quarantine-free flights will return.

International border to New Zealand is now expected at the early 2022.



More details about the retreat 



Donations to build The church



Church concept

With dungeon underneath

Interior of church

With Dungeon under the altar


We Need volunteers. 

I am aged 74, and to construct this retreat I need someone to help Mike with construction.


Give your annual vacation to Satan and come and build this amazing retreat.

Fly to Hokitika, New Zealand


We will supply airport transfers, accommodation, and food. And teaching about the Satanic lifestyle.
  Most buildings are flat pack and easy to construct as well as two steel-framed buildings.

         The dungeon and the church will require some minor landscaping in its construction.

We cannot afford an architect or have it built by professional builders. 

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Basic rules ***