No 25. The Satanic lifestyle

The satanic lifestyle is a lifestyle

Living the satanic lifestyle is not just about sex. It is a lifestyle of freedom to be who you want to be and what your heart wants to be.

Pray for great sex, but also pray for the freedom of sexuality which can lead to way more than man sex.

The sex is a major part of it as with great sex all in any relationship other paramoters fall into place.


Father Graham


 No 26. Which poppers for visions


The best brands for great worship

I have found that the brand Jungle Juice is the best brand for Satanic visions.

This is what I do for great worship times. I keep all Amyl in a small fridge in my bedroom. 

Many times I have accidentally dropped a bottle of Amyl on the floor and lost its contents so this is what I now do.

I get a small plastic cup or top from my shaving cream canister. I put some facial tissues in it then get an eyedropper to place about 5 drops on the tissues. Then I close al curtains to make the room as dark as possible. I then get into bed naked. Then I take a few big sniff the poppers, then call out to Satan.

“Hail Satan, Hail Satan, Hail Satan”. then usually he gives me the vision to see, then some demons usually visit me, I feel the demon getting onto the mattress next to me as the mattress moves. I often feel one touch my feet or bedding.  I continue to Say Hail “Satan, lord Satan I love you and what you do for me”. I often tell what I love about the vision he gives me and how wondrous it is.

One time he said to me “Father Graham, take your hand off your cock as its too much of a distraction for what I need to tell you”, then he said “I know you are colour blind but can you see that red image” I said yes and he talked me through the process. Then he said just takë small sniffs of the amyl and watch that image and concentrate on that image”“.

The interesting thing was Satan and I were talking to each other like I talk to Mike.

Now its 10pm and I am going to bed to be with Satan.

Satan is amazing

Father Graham 





No 27.


Its a lot better and more satisfying to give than receive

The world we live in, most people do everything for their own self-gratification. Its all about me. Generally, no matter what financial status we are in its what I can do with the money I have to spend on my self. Generally, people have lost their direction for self-happiness For me personally, I have found that being a Satanist I give my time and energy to Satan and working for him and what I have found from that the pleasure of giving is way more satisfying than receiving. Many guys that are new Satanists and many that want to be a satanist want Satan to give them their desires. And that’s normal but when one becomes a satanist it’s like our eyes have had the sun shades taken away and now we see the world differently For me, the satanic lifestyle is about giving and not receiving. On average I give of my time 50 hours a week to Satan. I do it tire’sly.

Being retired I have the time, but helping people improve their lives and give them something to look forward to is tremendously satisfying. And a lot more useful than sitting on the front porch watching the traffic go by. or going to a men’s group to meet once a week, When my mother was aged 100 I asked her why she thought she got that far ( she went to 102 ) and she said keep your mind active. A friend of mine said that the day his dad retired his brain died too, Fuck my head is well alert and active working for Satan.

When I became retired I thought I would look after my garden, play trains and take up painting and patchwork quilting, but satan had a different plan. When I committed to Satan I said to him that I wanted to help other men and especially Christian men to not only commit to him but help them continue on to get more from him. Its a bit like moving into a new house or buying a new car there is excitement before we get it then for the next few weeks we love our new house or car but after a while that novelty passes and its part of life and its tedious to clean and maintain and there is less motivation Satan gave me the gifts to do what i wanted to achieve and at that time i didn’t know it.

As a new Satanist, I presumed everyone was given Satanic gifts. Then after 12 months, I started to ask other Satanists if they had been given supernatural gifts and found that none of them had., the odd one had a small gift abut nothing like what satan gave me. the first time i found that i had a gift was when a guy in London England I helped to commit to Satan. i contacted him a few days later and he said Fathe graham that night was fantastic and my ejaculation was extreme and i didn’t expect that. but in the morning i had a phone call and it was from the hospital to say my mum died. now I am organizing a coffin, funeral, and wake and I am so heavy with grief, so please Father Graham pray for me. then i thought how the fuck am I going to pray to Satan when he is labeled as evil and anything in this world that happens its Satans fault, So i thought, well I have to pray for this guy, So I said “Hail Satan, Lord Satan please be with Geoff in London England., Be with him, comfort him and left the burden of his moithers death and funeral. help him to look forward to the wake to enjoy the comp, many of his mother’s friends” Three days later D\Geoof contacted me, he said. “Father Graham, I have never believed the power of prayer, but just after I told you about my mother death it was weird. I felt the load off my shoulder lift up and iI started to laugh, i thought what the fuck but the weight of the funereal turned into joy and happiness, now i really do love Satan for that as he made it a happy occasion instead of being sad The key points here are. I gave my time to this man. Satan worked through me.

Satan my first sermon must hit people right on. get them thinking that satanic life is the best option. Get hundreds of people to come forward to commit to Satan, give the news media to take notice. give Christians a wake-up call that’s it’s not OK to target Gay same-sex couples. Christians rather than looking inside the square but to look outside the square and at their own lives and give them something to go back home thinking about. to get people to come forward to commit to Satan. This first sermon will be gut-wrencher to get people to wake up that there is more to life that using ur money for our own pleasure, but I help others and being a satanist it’s about giving of one’s time and energy to help others.  

Father Graham


Father Graham


 No 28. Relentless coughing


I had the flue as most of us get 

Over the last two weeks, it got worse and even though I stuffed my mouth with cough syrup and lozenges. Then Mike got the flu and started to cough, but his cold wasn’t as heavy as mine was. Yesterday it got more intense and I coughed so hard that I lost breath and nearly passed out and my body was sore. At 9 pm Mike and I went to bed exhausted, then Mike went to his bed as in mine he wasn’t going to get to sleep for my intense coughing.

At 10.30 I said to Satan, “This is ridiculous, Lord Satan I have asked you to do some amazing things for guys and many have had amazing results, now it’s my turn. 

Lord Satan, stop this fucking cough, get into my throat and so something with it to give me relief right now, as I am I cant worship or pray to you and I cant work on my sermon which is all to your glory”.

Instantly my coughing stopped. laying there in awe of Satan’s power and in relief, then he told me to suck a lozenge and just relax and suck on the lozenge. I was waiting for my throat to go back to coughing but it didn’t happen. Then I said to Satan, now get me to go to sleep. At 2 am I woke again and coughing but not as intense as before, so I said: “Satan get working on my throat and stop the coughing completely and have me go back to sleep”.

Then I woke up at 4.30 when Mike visited me, so I shared what had happened and he as well is in awe of Satan’s power and love and concern. For the full day, that bad cough hasn’t come back and slowly my energy is coming back to normal. 

Now ten days later my cough persisted so I said to Satan. “Satan I cannot worship and work for you so stop this persistent cough, two days later its gone. 

Hail Satan
Father Graham