No 17. Satanist s must support Satanists


To Recieve Satans blessings we Satanists must support Satanic Businesses where there is that option.

eg. I joined a Satanic Chat site and I offered to promote their business with reciprocal business to promote ours.

This was their response.

We do not support or promote you or any other Business.
Then I was Banned.
So I rejoined with a different IP address.
Every time I went to that chat site, they have plastered over the chat site that they need financial support.
Then in February, I had an email from them requesting that I pay a full paid membership.
So I think what are they in it for?, are they there to take advantage of Satan and the Satanists and get as much money they want. Now they have collapsed and arent online.

Satan sees that in all of us and blesses us accordingly, Satan is no fuckwit that we can outrun him.
For Satan, we should all help each other, Satanic business, Satanic customers all supporting each other.

Purchase from a Satanic business.
Why do so many Satanists go to a Satanic business and not by something?
So many Satanic people go to a Satanic business and go somewhere else to make their purchase. 
Then they say, they aren’t getting blessings from Satan or they say, my Satanic experience is not much at all.

For fuck’s sake, why will Satan bless you when you look at products at a Satanic site, then go to another non-Satanic place and buy from them.

It’s all logical isnt it.

Father Graham


Father Grahams dungeon


 No 18. Christians are so fucking cruel 


Christians are so wrong to deny the pleasures of the penis.
Men are made with such wonderful feelings, yet since Christianity arrived all sensible rules disappeared with good meaning people who destroyed the way people live, Before Christianity arrived it was thousands of years of good living. Now we are stuck with so many rules we are afraid to touch a person on the arm or even look at them in fear of persecution.
Enjoy Satan with revelation and freedom.

Get some lube and use it for your pleasure.
Sniff some amyl and feel the swelling as the excitement grows.
Slowly stroke with a firm grip. Call out to Satan and feel the lust increase and the pleasure it brings to you.
Close your eyes and give thanks to Satan for such wonderful pleasure. Feel his presence as Satan never leaves you.
Feel the glory of the penis and the lust Satan gives. Call out loud. “Hail Satan God of penis, Hail Satan for lust, Hail Satan for freedom”.
Call that over a few times repeatedly. Never stop praising Satan for what he has given you. Invite Satan into your cock. Allow him to take charge as your penis and scrotum grow bigger.
Taste the nectar of what you offered Satan. Focus only on Satan, Feel his power and glory, tell Satan that every moan is to his glory. Slowly masturbate as him the creator of lust,
Moaning for Satan is music to him, in that he knows you are enjoying such pleasure as you have such pleasure of God dedicated cock as if its Satans himself.
He alone is the only one that can give you such feelings and lust without guilt.
Hail penis. Hail lust,
Fill me with such pleasure and take charge of what I think as Satan you are way more powerful than any means.
Hail Satan, take control of our minds and may lust grow forever stronger.
Continue to stroke for Satan and his power.
As you come to finally shout out his name. “Hail Satan”
Father Graham



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No 19.  Is Satanism Dangerous

being a 

A guy said,” is being a Satanist dangerous”.

Most things are dangerous if its abused or mismanaged.

Food, Alcohol, driving on a freeway, knives, prescription drugs, clothes, cruise ships, sky diving, video games, eating fatty foods, and so on and on.  

Satan, is like car, we drive the car sensibly is great having a car and driving a car can be a lot of pleasure and we can be proud of our car with it being washed and clean. But if we abuse the car, never clean it, badly treat it and drive like a mad man it will be our enemy and it has the potential to seriously injure us, put us in prison for many years or kill us or other people.

Keep it all in perspective rather than picking on Satanism and forgetting everything else.

Satan is just the same except Christians and Society paint Satan as all evil and Bad and that is not the case and that’s why I will send a book for you to read as it has about forty testimonials from guys that are now converted to Satan. Also, this is why its being translated to Spanish so guys like you can see the other untold story.

Treat Sataism kindly, respectively and you can have a fantastic lifestyle. 




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 No 20.  I am sick in hospital.


My doctor gave me the options.

I am sick in a hospital because my relationship with my partner/husband has no sex and we have drifted apart, and I am ready for Divorce or Suicide and my doctor gave me five options.

  1. Stay in hospital and lay there and not get treated.
  2. Divorce the man that I loved or kill myself.
  3. Spend $12.99 and have the opportunity to get improvement.
  4. Spend $99 and get great help with permanent great sex and lifestyle.
  5. Spend $1799 and have a life-changing experience.

98% of Gaymen choose option no 1 or no 2

I chose option no 5 because its small money for such lifechanging results that I get so excited how different my fantastic sex and attitude to my Marriage with the man that I love. Now we have been together for 18 years and our sex is restored and bringing a beautiful relationship to be perfect. 

Why would 98% of Gay men choose to not be with Satan?